February 04, 2000


Buzzzzzz del barrio, a little pajarito, buzzzing around the leadership conference at Southwestern College, dropped the chisme that Maria (a.k.a. Mary) Salas, City Council woman from "La Chula Vista" got an `unwelcome welcome' from the new leaders. Seems local Hommies not too happy with Maria's efforts to make an icky-tacky city out of their Chulita Vista or going around endorsing young Jerry Rindone for City Council against another Latino! Hijole Galleones, you should get a clue where she is at once she changed from MARIA to Mary.


Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante comes all the way to San Diego to kick off the Census drive. Local Yokel treats him like any old farmer from Fresno and fails to introduce him to the people in attendance at the Community Health Center. Come on Arce, un poco de respeto. Demos scraping bottom of barrel when they come to our neck of the woods, Looks like they don't have a clue who the Biggies are. In case you youngsters have forgotten Gabriel Arce was hauled into court for writing big checks to Governor Pete Wilson from health care funds that were to go to the San Ysidro Health Clinic.


Marco Polo Cortés, former chair of the San Diego Hispanic Chamber Commerce, and now wanna-be City Councilman of Chula Vista, is butt of jokes among insiders. Markito was a total looser as a leader of the Chamber. Insiders say he was responsible for the Hispanic Chamber National Conference, recently held in San Diego, being a big BUST! Wags asking: Do we really need another non-leader in Chula Vista??? We already have Maria, (oops I mean, Mary) Salas.


What goes around comes around... Remember Maria Alice Acevedo (R), who tried to unseat Big Bob Filner (D)? One of her big contributors to her campaign was Benjamin Acevedo, (her husband), who happened to be one of the owners of Cal-State Lumber Sales, based in Chula Vista. Mary Acevedo hyped herself as being a businesswoman who helped build Cal-State Lumber, supported NAFTA etc etc… Messieurs Benjamin, Manuel, and Victor Ace-vedo, former principals in Cal-State Lumber Sales, have pleaded guilty to defrauding the Federal Government and have just been sentenced by Chief United States District Judge Marilyn L. Huff to various prison terms and ordered to repay all Federal Income Taxes defrauded.


Gracias Councilperson George Stevens… Your Mama taught you better than that! 650,000 Chicanos are uptight with your efforts to feed their gente to the dogs! Immigration problems started way back in the 1500's when the white boys from Europe began importing Black Slaves! Your trying to placate the "Good old boys of San Diego" has torn asunder your positions on the Rainbow Coalition and that we are all brothers and people of color! No election is worth that Bro!


Orale, Mr. Dwayne Cren-shaw, who wants to represent thousands of us in the 79th Assembly District… Your silence on the George Stevens racist stance against Mexican folks speaks volumes. Tell us why we should trust Black politicians?????? How do you feel about Cesar Chavez??? (for those that are color blind Mr. Crenshaw is a black politician.)


Pos este Indio sees the footprints in the sand… Parece that el Señor George W. Bush is not going to make it without the Chicano vote de Califas! New Hampshire a very rude awakening for his Presidential hopes. Hey Republicans in the Senate, tell us one more time why we should vote for Republican Bush?


Boriquas de Puerto Rico lost the fight over the Vieques Islands. Navy will continue to use the island for gunnery practice. The governador caved in to pressure. Anything to placate the U.S. Governmental gente prior to the next plebiscite.

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