February 04, 2000

UCSD Millennium Lecture Series Presents Historian David Gutierrez "Diversity, Demography and California's Future: Reflections of the New Century"

Renowned historian, David Gutierrez, presents a free public lecture at 7 p.m. on Feb. 10th, 2000 entitled, "Diversity, Demography and California's Future: Reflections on the New Century." As part of the UCSD Millennium Lecture Series, Gutierrez's presentation will be held at the Institute of the Americas Auditorium on the UCSD campus.

Gutierrez will explore the future implications of the tremendous changes California has experienced over the past quarter century as a result of mass migration and economic integration. Gutierrez will explain how society's view of the assimilation of immigrants' economic, social, political and cultural behaviors is more suited to the beginning of the 20th Century rather than the 21st century. He will suggest the possible reasons our society lacks an understanding of effective assimilation, and how we might best ensure optimal modes of integration in the future.

Gutierrez is professor of History at UCSD where he has been instrumental in establishing a Cross-Cultural Center on campus and integrating "Diversity" into the required "Dimensions of Culture" courses. In 1998, Gutierrez was awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr.-Cesar Chavez-Rosa Parks Visiting Professorship at the University of Michigan. He also received a UCSD Faculty Senate Research Grant for his book project, Immigration, Ethnic Activism and The Nation: The Debate Over Citizenship in Recent American History and the 1997 Western History Association's W. Turrentine Jackson Prize for his book entitled, Walls and Mirrors: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the Politics of Ethnicity in the American Southwest. In addition, Gutierrez was awarded the 1995 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award based on his "exemplary teaching record linked with a commitment to mentorship, campuswide program building, community-tied leadership projects, and the pioneering of new strategies of instruction."

The UCSD Millennium Lecture Series, running October 1999 through June 2000, features internationally renowned UCSD Faculty members discussing important new ideas shaping the next millennium. Drawing upon the most recent research in their fields, speakers will focus on the implications of these developments for our shared future as San Diegans. The next speaker is Sociologist Bennetta Jules-Rosette on March 7th and others to be announced.

"David Gutierrez is an acclaimed California historian and part of what promises to be an extraordinary faculty line-up for this exciting new series. Focusing on their areas of research that may have important implications for our new millennium, a unique perspective will be delivered to San Diego audiences," said Marsha Chandler, UCSD's Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The UCSD Millennium Lecture Series is presented by UCSD Academic Affairs and Divisions of Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Public Programs. Admission is free and parking at the Institute of the Americas Auditorium is $3. For more information, please call (858) 822-0510 or email:emunk@ucsd.edu.

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