December 31, 1998

New Non-Credit Bilingual Short Classes Begin January 15 at Southwestern College San Ysidro Center

By Elizabeth Posadas

Southwestern College will introduce several new short training courses that are free for adults who want to return to school and continue their academic career in a technical skill. These classes are targeted toward those individuals in the military wanting a new technical skill, people on public assistance who want to become more independent, and anyone wanting to enhance their skills.

These new non-credit bilingual classes are designed to improve skills in keyboarding, clerical, and business areas. These 11-week and five-week courses will begin next semester January 15 and are all offered Fridays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in room 5608 at SWC extension site in San Ysidro. Applications are now being accepted for the spring semester.

Classes in keyboarding include keyboarding speed and accuracy (NC 61) is a course that teaches students how to type using touch control of letter keys, develop correct typing techniques, and build speed and control. Ten-key by touch (NC 62) help students develop speed and accuracy using the ten-key touch method on the electronic calculator or numeric keypad on a computer keyboard and learn to solve efficiently and skillfully various types of business mathematical problems.

Business non-credit courses include business English II (NC 64) that teaches English used in modern business communications. This class reviews spelling, parts of speech, punctuation, letter mechanics, effective sentence writing, proofreading, and development of vocabulary. Employment training and interviewing skills (NC 71) is a course designed to teach students to evaluate employment opportunities and to prepare properly for a job interview. The work experience (NC 72) course is a class which required students to be employed. The student must a weekly one-hour coordinating class. Student's field performance will be evaluated by his/her employer and by the instructor. Machine Transcription (NC 73) assists the students in learning how to transcribe machine dictation from English and Spanish business letters, memos, short reports and type corresponding envelopes.

Clerical courses consist of telephone and receptionist skills class (NC 67) that teaches development of professional attitude and image in a multicultural office. Emphasis is on bilingual telephone and receptionist activities and mail processing. Office Skills (NC 68) is a course that emphasizes human relations, ethics in a multicultural work setting, time and stress management, and sexual harassment and assertiveness training.

Prerequisites for theses classes are, the ability to speak Spanish, and read, write, and speak English at the ESL 40 level or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment.

For more information on these new non-credit courses or registration call Admissions at (619) 482-6550 on the main campus or (619) 690-6083 at the Education Center at San Ysidro. The Southwestern College website is also available for more information at

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