Volume XXII Number 52 ~ December 31, 1998

Feliz Año Nuevo — New Year Greetings

Nineteen Ninety-Eight is fast giving way to Nineteen Ninety-Nine. Perhaps it is time that we reflect on the year that is now passing into eternity. It is right and just that each one of us look back and review our personal lives and look into our souls and ask ourselves …Has my being here on this planet been a positive force for good? Have I made a positive difference in people's lives? Have I brought happiness and made the world a better place to pass our lives in? Have I stood up for what is right and just in the face of adversity or have I lacked the righteousness and strength to fight the forces of evil? Has my being on this earth been a force for good or evil? Have I been a force for hope, love, and understanding?

Each one of us has been brought into this earth for a purpose that only the Creator can divine. We can only attempt to discern that purpose and pray for understanding and the will to carry out what we feel is our divine reasons for having been born into this life.

If in the main you feel that you lived your life in 1998 in what you feel is theDivine way of the Creator then you can look back at the past year and say It Was Good! If on the other hand you discover an emptiness and sorrow in your Soul then kneel down and ask the Good Lord to help you live 1999 in his way and be worthy of his gift of life.

May 1999 bring you happiness & Love!

Cuba Marking 40 Years Under Castro's Revolution
By John Rice

Diaz-Balart Lamenta Profundamente Muerte
de Rivas Porta

Times Are Tough In Striking Mexican Copper Town

"Refugio de Amor"
Un asilo para los enfermos mentales en Mexicali

Por Miguel Vásquez

5-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Has a Merry Christmas With the Help of a Caring
Port District Harbor Police Sergeant

Noticias de Mexico


For Hispanics, A Prescription For A Healthier Life
By Dr. Elena Rios

Otay Water Board Recognized Rescue Team

Por Javier Sierra
Una Historia de Amor de Corazón


New Non-Credit Bilingual Short Classes Begin January 15 at Southwestern
College San Ysidro Center
By Elizabeth Posadas

Palomar College Hosts "Education Expo" at North County Fair January 8-10

$10,000 scholarship competition for California high school seniors

Individual Sought For Appointment to Public Art Committee

Make Financial Planning Work For You
By Avoiding Common Mistakes
by Bob Goss, J.D., Ph.D., CFP

Surge In Immigrants Buying Homes Offers Realtors New Challenges And


"Mexico Stumbles Into A New Year"
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

The Trouble With The Messiah Complex

By Joe Loya

New Initiatives Launched to Expand Telecommunications Access

for all Californians
By Dave Nichols

Tezozomoc Speaks

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Crossing: Illegals Suffocate to Death
By Daniel Munoz

At The Movies: "A Civil Action"
By Hillel Italie

El Conteo Regresivo Para la 110ava Edición del Desfile de las Rosas Empieza


KWHY Canal 22 el Primero que Transmite en Vivo el Desfile de las Rosas

NFL Playoffs Begin With Wild Card Weekend

Chargers Defenders: Get Us A Veteran QB
By Bernie Wilson

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