December 30, 2005


Feliz Año Nuevo

2006 is here and as look back it is hard to believe that 2005 is over. It went by so quickly.

We wish we could say that 2005 will be remembered fondly, but we can’t! It was a difficult year from the beginning to end. We questioned the rational for the war as it became clear the reasoning for the war was based on lies and misinformation. The body count from the Iraq war crossed the 2000 dead threshold. And Cindy Sheehan camped on the outskirts of President Bush’s home as he vacationed to ask a simple question of ‘what did my son die for?’ She never did get to ask her question, but she galvanized the anti-war sentiment.

In the name of terrorism our civil and constitutional rights were whittled away via the Patriot Act.

The price of gas went through the roof as did the cost of housing and just about everything else, in the meantime jobs were going overseas and factories continued to close.

California governor, Arnold Schwarzenneger plunged the state into a vicious political battle costing the State millions only to have all his propositions go down in defeat.

And of course locally, politically speaking it was a disaster. The pension deficit disaster continued, a mayor stepping down admist scandal, city council members having to give up their seats, and a congressman quitting in disgrace.

No, 2005 will not be looked upon fondly. The sooner we can get this year behind us the better.

Now we look forward to 2006 with much anticipation. The problems and issues are before us and we look toward working these problems and issues out. The answers lie in our hands; it is just a matter of taking control and dealing with them. We have the power to do so as was demonstrated in the last election in National City, defeating the sales tax and the impact that the community had in Chula Vista with their General Plan Update. We were able to elect an honest hard working City Attorney in Mike Aguirre who is working diligently, and we have seen the election of Lori Saldaña both of whom represent a new breed of Hispanic politician.

And so with this we say goodbye to 2005 and look forward to 2006, a new year and a new attitude.

Happy New Year
Daniel H. Muñoz

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