December 30, 2005

SDSU Graduate Student’s House Burns

SPRING VALLEY – Anabele Cor-nejo a current graduate student at SDSU’s new Trans-border Public Administration and Governance Master’s Degree program and a federal employee of the United States Department of Agriculture house burned on December 17, 2005 causing an estimated damage of $200,000 and killing her 73 year old grandmother.

Her paralyzed mother, from a previous stroke, is in critical condition.

This comes at a terrible time since Cornejo was completing her thesis and gearing up for the long awaited break to spend time with family and friends.

A fund at Washington Mutual has been set up for Cornejo who is the oldest sibling and has been looking after her mother, grandmother and younger siblings since her mom became ill and father passed away years ago.

Cornejo is in desperate need of help and needs all the community support she can get. She is an up-and-coming Latina with great intentions to work in public service and improve the quality of life of San Diego residents.

For more information, please contact Yvette Huerta at 619-977-8303 or call Bertha Hernandez at 619-370-9588.

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