December 30, 2004


District 4: Special Election January 4, 2005

On January 4 the residents of District 4, which include the communities of: Oak Park, Webster, Encanto, Mount Hope, Chollas View, Emerald Hills, North and South Encanto, Jamacha, Lomita Village, Mountain View, Lincoln Park, Valencia Park, Broadway Heights, O’Farrell Park, Knox, Paradise Hills, Alta Vista, Greater Skyline Hills, Skyline Hills, North and South Bay and Ridgeway will go to the polls to elect a representative to serve the remaining two years of Charles Lewis’ term, who passed away last August.

Following a special Primary election in November 2, 2004, George Stevens emerged with the most votes. Tony Young, Chief of Staff for former City Councilman Charles Lewis, received enough votes to beat out Dwayne Crenshaw by 204 votes, to face Stevens in this special January 4th election.

For Stevens it took a court order to allow him this opportunity to run for an office that he was termed out of. Stevens served the residents of District 4 for eleven years. While not technically skirting the law, he certainly is flouting the intent of the term limits.

The question is: Why, after eleven years as city councilman, and two failed attempts for higher political office, is Stevens seeking this seat? Why not, as an elderly statesman for the Black community, is he not filling the role of mentor and advisor to younger and, up and coming politicians? The only reason that we can surmise is that for Stevens this is about ego and a desperate attempt to hang on to power.

The bigger issues at stake is that the City of San Diego is on the verge of bankruptcy, is in the midst of a major Pension Funding fiasco, and the general cultural of deceit and corruption fostered on the present city council, all transpired under Stevens watch during his eleven years. Leadership was lacking from Stevens when it is now apparent leadership was sorely needed. It is clear that we need a break from the past and an opportunity for the future to transpire.

Tony Young, 38, represents the future of the 4th District. He is a lifelong resident of the 4th District; he was the Chief of Staff to Charles Lewis, the former city councilman. His work to resolve the many issues revolving around the problems associated with the prevalence of Gangs in the District makes him a valuable City Councilman to deal with those issues. As a Gang counselor, with the Urban League, and as a Middle School Teacher dealing with local youth, positions him to be the most capable City Councilman to focus the district’s resources on youth alternatives to gangs. He desires to invest into the future of the District by reinstituting summer job programs, increase internship and mentor opportunities, an expanded SAT and College-Prep programs and focus on community development block grant programs on youth related services.

District 4 is rapidly changing and developing and Young will focus on the programs that former Councilman Lewis started, such as redevelopment along Imperial Avenue into a “Gaslamp East”, a mixed-use development, and continue the positive track that the district has been on.

It is for these reasons that the Board of Editors of La Prensa San Diego recommends that all District 4 residents Vote for Tony Young as their representative!



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