December 30, 2004


Adios Año 2004 ~ Welcome Year 2005

The Year 2004, in many ways has been a year that has been most disappointing, and disheartening. Year 2004 has done more to alter our perceptions as to just what kind of society we Americans are.

We have been made aware of how little we are respected in the world. We are hated and despised, by the nations of the world, who in the past saw our Nation as one to emulate. Our political leadership, at the highest levels of government, is seen as being untrustworthy, power hungry, and no better than the leadership of the most brutal nations in the world.

Nazi Germany, the Communist regimes of Russia or China, no longer need to make excuses for their brutal regimes of the past that terrorized their own people, as well as half the world with brutal impunity. America has lost what ever rights it had to lay claim that it was, and still is, a just and sincere nation that never forgets its moral, and ethical values.

The Year 2004 will be remembered as the year that America lost its heart and soul. We shall remember 2004 as the year when our top leaders in the business and political elements of our nation sold their integrity and souls for the almighty dollar. In the process they betrayed the American people. Eighty percent of the American people have struggled to support their families, only to be sacrificed upon the alter of obscene profits. In 2004, we learned how Corporate America abused the undeveloped countries of the world to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains. With impunity, Corporate America used and abused the American working Americans as they did the peoples of the undeveloped nations.

We learned in 2004 how Corporate America, and a Soul-less Government willingly sacrificed the men and women of our armed forces, on the far-flung battlegrounds of Iraq and the Middle Eastern countries, for profits! Our soldiers were sacrificed and made expandable as long as there was a profit to be made.

Let us pray and hope that in year 2005, America regains it soul and morale compass, and finds the way back to becoming a Nation where Freedom, Dignity, & Self Respect are shared symbols that define our country. Our Nation has been imprisoned, far too long, by the sins of greed, money, and lust for power.

La Prensa San Diego will join with our citizens, in a prayerful petition, to seek the way to bring to our country peace, tranquility, and happiness. We need to join with the peoples of the world in a partnership to bring back PRIDE, DIGNITY, and RESPECT for each other. We have the means to once again lead the peoples of the world to a better life. All we lack is the will and the proper leadership.

May the Year 2005 Be the Year of Salvation!

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