December 29, 2000

Tezozomoc speaks

Feliz Año Nuevo, Gente! Another year another peso. Muchas memorias, lots of fun, worries, and buenos tiempos. La Prensa San Diego has been happy to have been able to bring you all the news as seen through our special prisms of our CULTURE, focused by our BROWN EYES, and through our EXPERIENCES and HISTORICITY.

El Nuevo Año is usually a time when we talk about those things that brought humiliation to our city in the year 2000. La Directiva at La Prensa San Diego put their collective heads together and here they are:

Year 2000: listed in order of importance:

1. We are so happy that Mayor Susan Golding won't be coming back. One more year of her namby-pamby, incompetent rule and I think I'd be ready to cross the border the other way (South). Anything would be better than to hear her speak one more time.

2. Thank God for term limits! The city got rid of a lot of deadwood. Unfortunately the voters in their eagerness to get rid of them sent two of them to the State level: How the voters could vote to send Juan Vargas and Christian Kehoe, two of the "felony stupid " members of the City Council to higher office is beyond our understanding..

3. The turning of "America's Finest City into a vast cesspool is unforgiving. Our pristine beaches were turned into vast holding tanks for all the raw sewage that flows unabated into our beaches. The most visible signs along our beaches were the PELIGRO! WARNING! DON'T ENTER THE OCEAN HEAVILY POLLUTED!!!

Gracias City Council, Supervisors, Port District.

4. We might still like San Diego except that we now can't get in-to-it or out-of-it! Going 5 miles an hour on our completely overloaded roadways is not an invitation to live or visit here. Ask Angelinos about the joys of freeway road rage. No, never mind just read the daily papers! Who ever convinced our citizens that having millions of bodies & cars, invading our city was a desired goal?

5. The Chamber of Commerce mentality, that has become the mantra of our city, has led to covering the city buses with hideous colored advertising. City Hall has bidding wars to see whether we will drink Cokes or Pepsi Colas in City Hall. Large pieces of public lands are covered with massive advertising... where does it end? Are we ready for having City Council or Supervors meetings sponsored by a Panty Hose maker???

6. How in the name of all that is sacred could we have voted for Democrats or Republicans that were so STUPID AS TO VOTE TO DEREGULATE PUBLIC UTILITIES! Shall we next allow the selling of the air we breath! Talk about felony stupid!

7. Do rich folks own all our politicians? Who represents us THE PEOPLE?

8.Were in the City Charter does it ay that we have to entertain the people with football and baseball stadiums, Gas Lamp Districts, Operas, Theaters, etc, etc..If they are such good ideas, than the private sector should pay for them and make a profit. (There is a message here)

9 & 10; Just want to end and close out the year 2000, by thanking all those citizens who found it within their hearts to do what was right for our city, its people, our state and country. What makes it tolerable is in meeting and knowing so many of you. America is blessed by having so many of you. Something is wrong with a political system that continually ignores the best in our communities. Our country is too important to leave it in the hands of corrupted politicians.

Adios see you in 2001!

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