Volume XXIV Number 52 December 29, 2000

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LULAC Brings Tidings of Good Cheer To South Bay Residents

South Pole U.S.A.
December 23, 2000

It was early the morning of December 23rd when Tio and Tia Santa Claus set off on their errand of good cheer. Surrounded by boxes of goodies from toys to candies and tasty foods for the families of the South Bay. Santa and Maria Christmas knew if they didn't make their appointed rounds there would be some tiny tots and anxious parents that would not have the joy of Christmas in their homes. Santa Claus and Maria Christmas with their load of Christmas cheer would visit Two Hundred and fifty homes before the night set in.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, San Diego Council 2842 had spent many a night collecting and sorting goods that came from the hearts of good souls from the surrounding communities who wanted to share with the beautiful families and children of the South Bay. The Elves from Council 2842 devoted their time and their personal resources to assist Santa Claus and Maria Christmas. They too remembered in the distant past when they dreamed of Santa Claus just might come to their home. Only to wake up in the early morning to find their tree barren and empty of gifts. "We were lucky if Mama could whip up a bowl of soup to feed us with.

December 2000 would be different! Escorted and assisted by the members of the National City National Guard Armory, the Christmas sled tool off and made their appointed rounds. "It was worth it all" said Maria Christmas. " To see their happy faces as they received their baskets of foods, candies, and toys gaily decorated made it a Very, Merry Christmas for one and all"!

(LULAC President Beatrice Estrada thanks all the people, organizations, and business that helped LULAC bring Christmas joy to the families of the South Bay.)

Judge upholds use of Race as a factor in University of Michigan admissions
By Lisa Koivu and Jaimie Winkler
-- A federal judge Thursday (12/13/00) upheld the University of Michigan's use of race as a factor in undergraduate admissions.

Junked Workers Give NAFTA Its Final Test
By David Bacon
- Plant managers called them the "jonkeados" — the junked ones. They were workers who got so sick, so chronically disabled, that they were given special jobs. But they weren't put on "light duty," to tide them over until they could go back to the line. Instead, these workers were put under even greater pressure, harassed and assigned tasks so unpleasant "that we knew they were just waiting for us to quit and leave," according to Joaquin Gonzalez.

UC Will Extend Eligibility to Applicants From `Top 4 Percent' Whose Transcripts
Were Not Submitted
The University of California, in an effort to put students' interests first, announced today (Dec. 22) that it will offer eligibility for fall 2001 admission to students who applied to UC and met the requirements of UC's new "Eligibility in the Local Context," or "4 percent," program but whose schools did not forward the transcripts necessary to include them in the program.

Noticias de México...
Tratan de evitar tragedias en Año Nuevo
Reforzarán vigilancia
Radiografía del cráneo del niño Vicente Sedano, que muestra como la bala quedó alojada en la parte frontal derecha, a unos milímetros del nervio óptico.


Por Alfredo Ortega-Trillo
Enero es la promesa que empieza oliendo a pólvora quemada. A la inconformidad con lo que somos le llega su revancha. Lo mediocre, lo equivocado que fuimos es cosa del pasado.

`Un Complejo Sacro'
Catedral de Tijuana Para el Tercer Milenio
Por Alfredo Ortega Trillo
Tijuana inicia enero del 2001 con los brazos arremangados, para levantar al cielo la obra monumental más portentosa que se haya erigido en esta esquina del país.

San Diego Residents Receive Grant From The California Folk & Traditional Arts
Apprenticeship Program

Fresno — The Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) has awarded grants of $2,500 each to 15 pairs of master traditional artists and dedicated apprentices representing some of the wealth of California's cultural landscape. These grants of the California Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program support a period of intensive learning for individuals who have shown a commitment to, and talent for, a specific artistic tradition. The program is a pilot project of ACTA and is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council. It is managed by the Fresno Arts Council.

First Person
The Pigeon
By Hazel Tesoro
While waiting for the 14 Muni bus at the Embarcadero and Mission, I saw a pigeon with gum stuck to the bottom of its right claw. It struggled to remove it. First it tried to shake the gum off, then it hopped around, hoping it would fall off. Then it tried to take off into flight, but every time it rose three feet, it bounced back to the ground as if some invisible chain prevented it from escaping.

Una Escuela Que Salió de la Basura
Por Colin Crawford
Un profesor retirado de educación especial de Nueva York ha trabajado durante 20 años para cambiar las vidas de algunos de los pobres más pobres de Tijuana. David Lynch llegó a Tijuana en el verano de 1980 para trabajar con los hijos de los pepenadores que se ganan la vida colectando basura de aluminio y vidrio en el basurero municipal de la ciudad. "Yo quería", explica el profesor retirado, "que ese trabajo de verano fuera mi buena acción por el género humano", pero al terminar la experiencia, lo confiesa, decidió no volver a hacerlo. La verdad es que el neoyorquino descubrió que detestaba el calor y las nubes de humo que surgían de la basura quemada. "Y cuando no había humo" añade, "el humo lo hacían de moscas, una plaga de dar miedo".

New California Health Survey Makes History By Reaching Out to All Ethnic
The largest health survey ever conducted in California officially launched last week in an effort to determine the health status of the state's diverse and emerging populations. The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), which will seek information from more than 55,000 households statewide, was developed as a collaborative undertaking of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, California Department of Health Services, and the Public Health Institute.

San Diego Job Corps Center's Culinary Event Preps Student for Real World
Culinary Jobs
Imperial Beach — Juan Garcia of Logan Heights decided that for his senior culinary project he would demonstrate the cooking of Latin America. Garcia, a San Diego Job Corps Culinary Arts Student, is one of 28 students being trained at the San Diego Job Corps for Culinary skills. Many of these students like Juan will go on to advanced culinary schools or land jobs in local restaurants or in hotels like the Hilton or the Marriott. The demonstration project is a requirement for students completing the program.

Prepara Estudiantes Para El Mundo Culinario
El joven Juan García, de Logan Heights, presentó como proyecto de graduación La Cocina de América Latina. Juan y sus 28 compañeros, todos estudiantes de San Diego Job Corps y el Departamento de Trabajo en la ciudad de Imperial Beach, Ca. En esta escuela preparan jóvenes para trabajar en Restaurantes y Hoteles como Hilton, Marriot del área de San Diego.

Quepasa.com Board Approves Liquidation Plan
Quepasa.com's Board of Directors have approved a plan to liquidate and sell the Com-pany's assets with the proceeds to be distributed to the shareholders. The company's principal assets for sale include the following: the quepasa.com website business, its three wholly-owned subsidiaries - RealEstateEspanol.com, Etrato.com and Credito.com, and all other furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Energy Savings Add Up When You Take These Simple Steps
Many San Diego residents gained an education in a new subject this year - Energy 101. Limited energy supplies and increased demand have resulted in higher prices, which have in turn heightened interest in energy conservation. By taking a few simple steps, you can help keep your winter energy costs under control. The following tips will help you see where you're already saving energy, and where you could be saving even more.

Eastin Announces Ninth Annual Spanish Literary Contest
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin has announced the ninth annual "Escribo en Español" writing contest for California students studying Spanish. Sponsored by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Education office of the Embassy of Spain, the contest is for students in grades three through 12 who are in Spanish/English Dual Immersion Programs or studying Spanish as a foreign language.

The Food Page:
Football Fiesta
Let's face it. Even though the finale of the football season is the perfect excuse to throw a party, it's the food that's often the best part of watching the big game. With this in mind, we've devised a simple, yet flavorful menu with a Mexican flair. Since the whole nine yards can be prepared easily in about an hour-you won't miss a minute of the action.


Welcome to Year Y3k1!
At the stroke of midnight, on December 31, 2000, we end the last year of the Second Millennium A.D. (Anno Domini). The Gregorian calendar, that all Christendom uses to mark the passage of time, began on the year 1. This is the accepted date when Jesus Christ came into the world. All time prior to the birth of Christ became known as B. C. (Before Christ).

A year of surprises and a year hope
By Enrique Davis-Mazlum
A year of surprises. Mexico was the example of clean elections, democracy and change. Millions of Mexicans have placed their hopes on one man and that is President Vicente Fox. After 71 years Mexico has elected a President who does not come out of the PRI (Institutionalized Revolutionary Party) and comes from a party of opposition. President Vicente Fox was sworn in on December 1st 2000.

Tezozomoc speaks
Feliz Año Nuevo, Gente! Another year another peso. Muchas memorias, lots of fun, worries, and buenos tiempos. La Prensa San Diego has been happy to have been able to bring you all the news as seen through our special prisms of our CULTURE, focused by our BROWN EYES, and through our EXPERIENCES and HISTORICITY.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El Cine de Oro Mexicano
Introducción y Ficha de El Indio Fernández
La cultura televisiva de México ha condicionado a muchos mexicanos a considerar cualquier película nacional en blanco y negro como perteneciente a la Época de Oro. Siendo puristas, los verdaderos "años dorados" corresponderían a los coincidentes con la Segunda Guerra Mundial (1939-1945).

Premio Lo Nuestro Adds 13 New Categories To Award Ceremony
In its on-going drive to continue strengthening the already significant influence of the nation's longest-standing Latin music awards, Spanish-language Univision Network has added 13 new categories to its annual "Premio Lo Nuestro A La Música Latina."

Ricky Martin se Abrirá Paso en el Cine y la TV de Estados Unidos
El estelar intérprete Ricky Martin ha firmado un contrato de representación con United Talent Agency, empresa que immentera desarrollar su carrera en el mundo del cine y la televisión, de acuerdo con la revista Variety.

El Destacado Diseñador de Carrozas Raúl Rodriguez se Incorpora a la Transmisión
del Desfile de las Rosas en KMEX-TV/Univisión
KMEX-TV, Canal 34 recientemente anunció los presentadores para la transmisión especial del Desfile de las Rosas 2001 en Pasadena el próximo 1 de enero del 2001.

Empieza la Cuenta Regresiva Hacia el Desfile de las Rosas en KMEX-TV
Con menos de una semana para que empiece el año 2001, KMEX-TV, Canal 34 ya se ha preparado para la edición número 112 del Desfile de las Rosas 2001 en vivo desde Pasadena, California el primero de enero del próximo año.

Luis Fonsi to be the "Half Time Heartthrob" at the Orange Bowl
Universal Music Latinos's Luis Fonsi will be performing at the collegiate football, 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl halftime show. Fonsi, the newest Latino pop sensation, will entertain the crowd with the Spanglish version of "Love Me Or Let Me Go" on January 3, 2001 at Miami's Pro Player Stadium which will air live on ABC.

Mexican National Soccer Team Partners With Telemundo to Provide U.S. Fans
With Unlimited Access to Games
The Mexican National Soccer Team (MNST) announced a broad partnership with U.S. national Spanish-language television network Telemundo to broadcast all of the Mexican National Team's exhibition and official games. The partnership is expected to help strengthen the Team's path to the 2002 World Cup and bring US fans closer to the Team.

Showtime Championship Boxing comienza el año nuevo con cartelera de
campeonato mundial
Joel Casamayor hará la cuarta defensa de su título peso super pluma de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo (AMB) cuando se enfrente al ex-campeón de las 130 libras de la Federación Internacional de Boxeo (FIB) y actual contendiente No. 8 peso super pluma de la AMB Roberto García por Showtime Championship Boxing el sábado 6 de enero del 2001, desde el Texas Station Gambling Hall y Casino en Las Vegas, Nevada.

After A Wild Season, It's Wild Card Weekend!
"It's playoff time! Come on, now…show me something!"

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