December 27, 2002


Feliz Año Nuevo!

As we anticipate the arrival of Year 2003, it is the time when one reflects on the year past. El año pasado comes to the forefront of our thoughts as we think of the past year 2002 and of the events in our lives that have brought us happiness, joy and hope for the future. Al mismo tiempo, at the same time, our thoughts bring to the forefront events that we are now sorry ever came about, hurts that unthinkingly were inflicted without thought. For these, we beg forgiveness.

We are completing 26 years of publishing La Prensa San Diego without missing a single deadline. This is a record that we are very proud of. Throughout this time, the effort has been to bring to life the stories, commentaries, observations, opinions, and photos that reflect a part of what our daily lives are. Our efforts at all times were to inform, educate, and to provide a prism through which our daily lives could be seen by the world and at the same time provide a prism where our community could see into the lives of the communities outside our daily existence.

Have we succeeded in eliminating discrimination, racism, and hatred? To some degree, tensions between racial groups have diminished. There are more intermarriages between the races, cultures are blending within the American continent, and little by little the petri dish of cultures is slowly evolving into a culture that is distinctly AMERICAN i.e. not totally Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Irish, Black, Oriental, or Italian, French, Arabic nor Mexican. America is evolving into its own distinctive Culture that is a combination of most every racial group that immigrates to The United States of America.

La Prensa San Diego is proud to be a part of this ever-evolving process!

Despiértame temprano Madre mía este Año Nuevo,
Quiero mirar nacer el día donde habrá Paz en mi Alma y el Mundo.

Feliz Año Nuevo ~ Happy New Year
To All

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