December 24, 1998

Episcopal Community Services Battered Women's Shelter Announces Capital Campaign, First Major Contribution From Pacific Bell

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) announced the launching of their Battered Women's Shelter Capital Campaign. This campaign will raise $250,000 for San Diego's long-term shelter for battered women and their children. The ECS announcement was made in conjunction with the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce's "Business After Five" event, co-hosted with Pacific Bell. At the event Manny Aguilar of Pacific Bell presented ECS with its first major contribution.

Manny Aguilar, Director of External Affairs for Pacific Bell, said, "Our goal is to give to community organizations which contribute to the success of people reentering the workforce after overcoming obstacles. Julian's Anchorage epitomizes that outcome."

More than a shelter, Julian's Anchorage provides mothers and their children a place to heal from the wounds of abuse and violence while regaining self-esteem and independence. Upon graduation from the 18-month program, a vast majority of the women have learned job skills and joined the workforce. Together with their children, they are ready to start a new life with dignity.

Hundreds of battered and abused women seek shelter in San Diego County everyday. ECS administers San Diego's long-term residential program for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence. The capital campaign program provides weekly counseling, parenting classes, conflict resolution, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, employment training and household financial management to women with the courage to flee abuse in the household. The Pacific Bell contribution to the ECS Battered Women's Shelter is a call to action for other corporate support of this troubling subject for San Diego.

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