December 23, 2005

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An Open Letter to Nick Inzunza, National City Mayor

December 19, 2005

Mayor Nick Inzunza
1243 National City Blvd.
National City, CA 91950

Mayor Inzunza:

The Committee on Chicano Rights (CCR), an organization that has fought since 1970 for the human, civil and constitutional rights of persons of Mexican ancestry demands in no uncertain terms that you;

• Resign your position as Mayor of National City, and politics!

You have crossed the line. In published revelations it has been reported that you as a “slum landlord,” subjected poor people to live in inhuman conditions, with rats, cockroaches, vermin, no toilets, running water, etc., and utilized your public elected paid position to make millions from questionable real estate deals.

• This is no different than what corrupt Mexican politicians have historically done to Mexico’s poor people, and what all American ex-Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham was convicted for.

Without question or doubt the revelations are una disgracia (disgrace) y una verguenza (shame) to the total community, and especially to persons of Mexican ancestry.

After politically posturing that you are for the poor and dispossessed, you hypocritically exploited poor people for personal financial gain.

By exploiting poor people you have convicted yourself (don’t blame your wife), and disgraced our people, the entire community and yourself!

You have now lost all moral authority to govern or lead.

We urge, before you are possibly indicted or (?) to do the only honorable political thing left, RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

By resigning you might spare yourself, your people and National City, (the poorest city in San Diego County) further embarrassment, ridicule, and humiliation!

History waits,
Herman Baca, President

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