Volume XXIV Number 51 December 22, 2000

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¡Feliz Navidad!

Por Gilberto E. Chávez
Obispo Auxiliar de San Diego

En Rusia vivió hace bastantes años un gran escritor: León Tolstoy. El escribió sobre un hombre ya viejo y cansado de su larga vida. Sus ochenta años de edad, su árduo trabajo y sus enfermedades lo habían debilitado.

El anciano esperaba la venida del Señor para la Navidad y después que se lo llevara al paraíso. La víspera de Navidad, un día muy frío, el viejito se preparaba para encontrarse con el Señor. Limpió su casa y se arregló para recibir al esperado Señor.

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Bay area residents most educated in U.S.
Census finds California Hispanics lag

By Erin McCormick, Tom Zoellner
December 19, 2000 - At a time when Americans are becoming more and more educated, Bay Area residents lead the nation in chalking up college degrees, according to U.S. Census Bureau numbers being released today.

Legislation opens door for people seeking amnesty
By Michael Doyle
, December 19, 2000— Untold thousands of California's residents can seek once more the immigration amnesty they believe was wrongly denied them, under legislation awaiting President Clinton's signature.

Bush Names First Latino Appointment
By James E. Garcia
President-elect George W. Bush has settled on the first Latino appointment of his administration. Texas Supreme Court Justice Alberto Gonzalez will serve as his general counsel.

Bush Announces Three New Cabinet Secretaries
Martinez to Head Housing Department, Veneman to Head Agriculture, Evans to Head Commerce
- President-elect George W. Bush announced three new appointments to his Cabinet. The President-elect designated Mel Martinez, chief executive of Orange County, Florida, to be Secretary of Housing; Ann Veneman, former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, to be Secretary of Agriculture; and Donald Evans, Texas businessman and longtime friend, to be Secretary of Commerce.

Noticias de México...
También reclaman tarifas elétricas justas
Piden seguridad a Fox
Resolver el problema de la inseguridad pública y los altos costos de la energía eléctrica, son los principales reclamos de los mexicalenses con motivo de la primer visita del presidente Vicente Fox a la entidad. En un sondeo telefónico realizado por La Crónica, el 35% de las personas consultadas señalaron la inseguridad pública como el principal problema y un 15% en segundo lugar el asunto de las tarifas eléctricas.


Sweetwater Board Welcomes New and Returning Members; Elects Officers
Sweetwater Board of Trustee election winners—incumbent Robert Griego and new member Pearl Quiñones—officially began their four-year terms at the board's Dec. 11 meeting. First elected in 1992, Mr. Griego has seen major Sweetwater progress during his tenure.

Calpine to Acquire Development Rights for 500-Megawatt Project in Otay
- Calpine Corporation and PG&E Corporation announced today (December 18) that they have reached agreement for Calpine to acquire the Otay Mesa Generating Project in San Diego County. Under the terms of the agreement, Calpine will build, own and operate the 500-megawatt generating facility, and PG&E Corporation's National Energy Group (NEG) will contract for up to 250 megawatts of the project's output.

Market Creek Plaza Proves that Architecture Can Become Art With
Unconventional Design Process
All cultures share an artistic heritage —designs, textures, and patterns unique to a certain people. Through the celebration of art and culture, a thread of commonality, much like the thread of a tapestry, weaves cultures together.

Se Firmaron Contratos de Recursos No Reembolsables Para las Ciudades de
Tecate, Baja California y San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora
El Banco de Desarrollo de América del Norte (BDAN) firmó, esta semana, dos contratos de recursos no reembolsables por separado con las ciudades de Tecate, Baja California y San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. El apoyo no reembolsable que totaliza $9.66 millones de dólares proviene del Fondo de Infraestructura Ambiental Fronteriza (BEIF) del BDAN, fondeado por la Agencia para la Protección Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA).

Hilltop High Students Get Laptops—Thanks to Pacific Bell
Hilltop High School, in the Sweetwater District, now has a way to provide home access to technology for some of its highest-need students—thanks to a $35,000 grant award from Pacific Bell. Scott Alevy, Pacific Bell's Director of External Affairs, presented the contribution at the Sweetwater Board of Trustees meeting December 11.

Diciembre, Mes de Luz y Alegría
Percepción del Ambiente Navideño en Tijuana

Por Paco Zavala
El pueblo mexicano, en especial el de esta fronteriza ciudad de Tijuana, no se amedrenta ante nada, pese a la situación económica que prevalece en todo el país, desde los inicios del mes de Diciembre comenzó a prepararse para esperar el advenimiento de todas las festividades que se celebran durante el mes.

Judge Approves Settlement Against U.S. Bank For Violating Customers' Privacy;
Dec. 31 Deadline for Filing Claims
In June 1999, the Minnesota Attorney General filed suit against U.S. Bank for allegedly violating the privacy of thousands of its customers by selling information regarding them to a telemarketing company.

El Sueldo minimo Aumenta a $6.25 Por hora Comenzando el 1 de enero
Los trabajadores de California que ganan el sueldo minimo veran un aumento al pago a $6.25 por hora comenzando el lunes 1, de Enero, 2001. Esto se consiguió por votación de la Comisión Industrial del Bienestar (IWC) la cual aumentó el sueldo mínimo por 50 centavos por hora por cada uno de los próximos dos anos. En enero1, 2001 el sueldo mínimo sube a $6.25 por hora, y en enero 1, 2002 el sueldo mínimo aumentara a $6.75 por hora.

First Person
Bush Presidency — Young People Express Fear and Rage
By Andre Baca
Say it ain't so, just say it ain't so. Okay I've got my breath back and I'm returning back to reality, after seeing the bold print on every newspaper in town.

College Financial Aid Resources Help Families
Tis the season to be jolly, and for many families with seniors in high school, it's also the season to get busy with financial aid applications for college.

Mi Abuelo Tito
Julianne Puente, nieta del fallecido Tito Puente, nos ofrece detalles acerca de la vida del famoso "Rey de la Música Latina", el artista, padre y abuelo. También envía un mensaje de alerta a la comunidad Latina sobre el peligro de las enfermedades del corazón.

Yuletide On Our Sacred Mountain
By Albert Simonson
"Indian Legends of the Cuyamaca Mountains," is a charming collection of folklore gathered by Mary Elizabeth Johnson from her Kumeyaay friends. They are presented in the blushingly romantic style of a kinder, more sentimental time, in 1914, before two world wars and many social ills had calloused the hearts of Californians.

The Food Page:
Toast the Holidays with Taste and Sparkle!
Whatever the occasion, especially during the holidays when family and friends gather, make guests feel special with an original approach to food and drink. Please the palate of the most discriminating guest with these unique appetizers and sparkling juice punches.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!
We wish one and all a most Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! It has been our sincere hopes that La Prensa San Diego has added to your understanding of our communities.

Supreme Injustice?
By Domenico Maceri
I remember the day I decided to give up my Italian citizenship and become an American. The Italian Consul in New York would not sign the form that would have allowed me to return to Italy for a visit without the danger of being drafted in the Italian army.

How Can I Trust The System?
By Rodolfo F. Acuña
I guess everybody has an opinion about this last election, and I guess the closer that we get to the coronation of George W. Bush, the more difficult it will get to criticize the process. Americans treat their elections much the same way they do sports events-once the game is over-the outcome is accepted, not withstanding bad officiating, they accept the results. However, politics are not sport events and should not be treated as such. The stakes are too high.

El Foro Publico ... The Public Forum
Wasted Vote Won!
The election of the President was kept suspended until the highest court in the land finally decided what should be done, or rather not done, to those ballots where no candidates selection was determinable.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El libro de Hillary Clinton
Por Lourdes Davis
Tan pronto como la famosa primera dama de los Estados Unidos, Hillary Rodham Clinton, anunció que pensaba escribir un libro sobre sus experiencias en la Casa Blanca, varios editorialistas empezaron una verdadera "guerra" de ofertas.

A Call For Papers
Poetic Discourses at Play 2001: Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian and Latino/a Poetry
Honorary Poet: Raul Zurita, National Poet of Chile (2000)

Rothenberg le Pide al Vice-Presidente de la FIFA St. Grondona que Estados Unidos
Sea Anfitrión de la Copa Mundial de Clubes de 2003
Alan Rothenberg, ex-Presidente de U.S. Soccer, ofreció que Estados Unidos sea anfitrión de la Copa Mundial de Clubes de la FIFA en el año 2003. Le hizo el pedido a Julio Grondona, Vice Presidente de la FIFA, durante el 3er Simposio Honda en Los Angeles que organiza anualmente Fútbol de Primera.

Season Concludes with Christmas Weekend TV Specials; Four Division Titles,
Three Playoff Spots Still on the Line
As the presents are unwrapped, playoff positions will be wrapped up.

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