Volume XXVI Number 51 December 20, 2002

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¡Feliz Navidad!

Gilberto E. Chavez
Obispo Auxiliar de San Diego

En estos tiempos de preparación para la Navidad vemos en la vida diaria momentos de luz y de oscuridad. La luz de día y de los brillantes focos que decoran las casas y los arbolitos nos traen gratos recuerdos. Esas luces sirven para iluminar la noche y resplandecen en el ambiente y sus alrededores llenando de alegría.

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First Person
Its going to be a sad . . sad
Christmas in Bethlehem
by Hector Carreon
Los Angeles, Alta California - December 18, 2002 - (ACN) Christmas, as many here in America seem to have forgotten, is to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus in a manger in the “Little Town of Bethlehem.” Christmas in Bethlehem used to be a joyous occasion, that is until the Jewish Army rolled in their military tanks into Manger Square and declared that the most holy of Christian celebrations was cancelled.

Bush’s Fatwa — Assassination Orders Trample American Justice
William O. Beeman
President George W. Bush has issued orders to the CIA authorizing assassination — without further White House approval — of a group of individuals designated as terrorist leaders. This amounts to an American “fatwa,” and should alarm the American public.

Report Shows That Latinos Share Distinctive Views and Attachment to Heritage
WASHINGTON, DC – A comprehensive new survey of Latinos in the United States reveals an array of attitudes, values and experiences that is distinct from non-Hispanics. Latinos take different views than non-Hispanics on what it takes to be successful in a U.S. workplace, and Hispanics overall show a strong attachment to the Latin American nations where they or their ancestors were born. While Latinos generally take a positive view of life in the United States, many express concerns about the moral values Latino children are acquiring here.

Health Plan Cost Cutting Becoming Discriminatory
Analysis of California’s Health Care Crisis Shows Hispanics at Greatest Risk
WASHINGTON, D.C. — A report released today (December 5) by The Latino Coalition Foundation (TLCF) shows the rising price tag for health care means Californians will pay more for even fewer care options. The report – A Gathering Storm in California Health Care – details how shifting health care costs to employers and consumers threatens Hispanics’ access to insurance and quality health care services. California’s changing managed care system and its 11 million Hispanics provide a model of previously unanalyzed national trends.


Poor Forgotten as ‘Digital Divide’ Still Gapes
By Paul Lamb
Since the demise of the dot-coms we have heard less and less about the ”digital divide” — that late-1990s buzzword for the gap between technology haves and have-nots. Has the technological playing field truly been leveled, or are Americans too worried about unemployment, the stock market and a war with Iraq to give a digital damn?

Pacheco Hace Conocer Reporte Sobre las Tendencias Laborales de California
Advertencia: sin trabajadores más educados nuestro futuro no está garantizado
SACRAMENTOEl lunes, el asambleísta Bob Pacheco, republicano de Walnut, dio a conocer el reporte High Growth Industries and Highly-Educated Workers in California que documenta los cambios económicos de California. El reporte examina las tendencias laborales de empleo en los últimos cuarenta años y nos da una advertencia relacionada a los cambios demográficos del estado y los modelos de educación.

Los Regentes recortan el presupuesto de la UC para el 2002-03
Aprueban un aumento de la colegiatura de $135 dólares comenzando en la primavera del 2003
Haciéndole frente a un creciente problema presupuestario estatal, la Junta de Regentes de la Universidad de California aprobó hoy (16 de diciembre) recortes adicionales al presupuesto universitario en áreas no relacionadas con la enseñanza, así como un aumento de la colegiatura de $135 dólares por trimestre que entrará en vigor esta primavera.

Stars Shine at Sweetwater’s Alumni Hall of Fame
Amid the soothing sounds of a string quartet and the stirring beat of a jazz band, the Sweetwater District Alumni Hall of Fame recently honored 13 distinguished graduates who have gone on to successful careers in the arts, athletics, law and business.

Darnall Elementary Student Wins Assemblymember Kehoe’s 5th Grade Essay Contest
In recognition of Red Ribbon Week, Assembly-member Christine Kehoe (76th District) invited every 5th grader in her district to participate in an essay contest on “The Importance of Living a Tobacco-Free Life.” After reading all of the essays, Kehoe announced the winner at an assembly at Darnall Elementary School on Monday.

Southwestern Community College District Swears In New Trustees
Salcido and Aranda Join Southwestern College’s Governing Board
CHULA VISTAThe Southwestern Community College District swore in two new trustees to the Southwestern College’s Governing Board during its December 11th meeting.

County Board of Education Seeking Applicants to Fill Fourth District Seat Representing Inland North County
The San Diego County Board of Education is seeking applicants from the North Inland region of the county for a seat on the board that would represent that area.

Energy Department Partners With the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute
WASHINGTON, DC — Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham today announced an increase in funds to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute (HFSI) that will benefit more than 1,000 students in colleges and universities throughout the Nation. Students in states with high Hispanic student populations —California, Florida and Texas— will receive the largest share of funds.

Happy Holidays!
Even though California is facing unprecedented fiscal challenges this holiday season, I would like to remind my fellow Californians about the importance of finding the time to give of our time and resources to help the less fortunate.

Un collage de tradiciones navideñas
Por Pablo De Sainz
Aquí en La Prensa San Diego seguimos presentándoles artículos sobre diferentes tradiciones decembrinas en la frontera y en México. Ya anteriormente publicamos crónicas sobre el Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, sobre la celebración de las posadas y sobre el divertido teatro de las pastorelas.

“¡Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino…!”
Las piñatas navideñas
Por Pablo De Sainz
Les tengo una noticia que quizá decepcionará a muchos: las piñatas navideñas no se originaron en México.

El Simbolismo de las Piñatas
El simbolismo de las piñatas, representa al diablo quien atrae al hombre con placeres superfluos, la persona vendada es la fe que es ciega y se encarga de destruir al espíritu maligno y el palo encarna la virtud que vence la tentación. También se cree que la piñata representa las tres virtudes teologales: la fe, la esperanza y la caridad.

How to Make Puerto Rican Pasteles
This is a lot of work, but worth it for the holidays
By Francisco Sola
Parrandas is Christmas caroling Puerto Rican style. Friends gather late in the evening to go from one house to the next singing traditional songs. The parranderos must surprise the unsuspecting friend and wake them with their music. The home owner has already given plenty of “hints” that he is prepared to receive a parranda. The parranderos gather outside the front door and at a signal the musicians play and the rest sing. At each house they stop for a while and party, then they go to the next house. Often the members of the house join the parranda and it grows in numbers during the evening.

Marketing to Hispanics - en Español or English?
Virtually every immigrant group arriving in the United States has adopted English and forgotten its native tongue. Will the pattern hold for the U.S. Hispanic population? Research shows that it will, although continued immigration and Spanish-language media could slow the process. The findings hold significant implications for corporate marketers and their strategies.

The New York Times Launches a Weekly in Mexico
The New York Times launched a Spanish-language supplement of the newspaper on November 23 inserted in the four Mexican daily newspapers owned by Grupo Reforma: El Norte in Monterrey, Reforma in Mexico City, Mural in Guadalajara and Palabra in Saltillo.

Angelides Announces Nearly $12 Million in Tax Incentives For San Diego Projects
SACRAMENTOThe California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC), chaired by State Treasurer Phil Angelides, voted today to award $11.9 million in federal tax incentives to six commercial revitalization projects in San Diego. These awards represent the first to be made under recent Federal legislation as well as State legislation sponsored by Treasurer Angelides and authored by State Senator Dede Alpert (San Diego).

El Soporte Informativo Para Millones de Hispanos
Si Bebes y Manejas, Pierdes
En esta época del año hay muchas ocasiones para celebrar y existe una tendencia de centrar esas fiestas alrededor del alcohol, lo que abre la puerta a manejar ebrio, que es ilegal. Tristemente, los choques automovilísticos son la principal causa de muerte entre hispanos del primero a los  44 años de edad. En el 2001 más de 17, 000  personas perdieron la vida  en este país y aproximadamente 275,000 resultaron lesionadas en choques automovilísticos relacionados con el consumo de alcohol. Por lo tanto, estar consciente de estas estadísticas es muy importante a la hora de planear las celebraciones de fin de año.

Calling All Local Heros
Do you know a hero? Someone in your community who is building a neighborhood center for needy kids, developing recycling programs for their schools or helping save the life of a perfect stranger?

Carlos Bejar Hired as Emergency Services Manager for Chula Vista
To respond proactively to the current security and safety conditions as well as potential natural disasters, the city of Chula Vista has created the Office of Emergency Services (OES) and hired Carlos Bejar to fill the job as manager.

Tax Planning Can’t Wait — There is very little you can do after December 31 to lower your tax bill for the current year
WMNS — Don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about strategies to reduce your 2002 tax liability. By starting now, you may be able to keep more dollars in your pocket. This article, written by the experts at William Blair Wealth Management Services, provides some tax planning tips to help you make informed decisions to reduce your tax bill.


Jesus Was Seeking Asylum
The story of Jesus Christ, as narrated during the Christmas season, resonates with today’s immigrants as they flock to Los Estados Unidos (USA) seeking escape from the oppressive Rulers of their lands. They see the Holy family as asylum-seekers on the run from King Herod, who wishes to destroy Jesus Christ who had been heralded to become “The King of the Jews.Mary and Joseph were forced to flee Bethlehem with their son Jesus and seek asylum in Egypt after King Herod ordered the massacre of all Jewish boys two years old or younger.

Returning the Gleam of the Golden State
By Assemblywoman Pat Bates
 There are many self-evident truths in California government; taxes are too high, government is too big and the state budget is teeming with waste. This statement about California government is depressing, no matter how accurate. These truths have finally caught up with California and the state now faces a budget deficit that might be as large as $30 billion over the next 18 months. Over the past two years the economic crisis has grown to what appears to be unmanageable levels. Now that the state has reached what hopefully is the apex of the current budgetary crisis, the Governor is ready to react.

Tezozomoc Speaks...
Cinco días más y luego Jingle pelotas!! Then, here comes de man: Santa Claus!!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

“Los Cuervos” y David T. Messick
Por: Paco Zavala
En una de nuestras visitas rutinarias por las instalaciones del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California (ICBC), nos encontramos en una de sus salas de exhibición con una impresionante panorámica de 51 cuadros en los que destacan únicamente una figura “el cuervo”.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
¿Cómo será el próximo año 2003? pregunta clásica en estos días, sin repuesta. ¿Por qué? En este año las cosas no fueron tan bien para algunas gentes, algunos sectores, algunos países y algunas áreas mundiales. Pero, lo que si decimos es, que deseamos que el próximo año 2003, sea de buenaventura, felicidad y progreso para todos.

Donnie Edwards-Best Defense Foundation Awarded $8,000 Grant From NFL Charities
The Donnie Edwards-Best Defense Foundation will receive an $8,000 grant to help children who face obstacles on a daily basis and to provide assistance and support to the Hispanic community, NFL Charities announced today.

Raiders Launch Spanish-Language Web Site
The Oakland Raiders are proud to announce an exciting new technological expansion of Raiders.com that will allow more Raider fans to interact with the Team of the Decades. Raiders en Español - a Spanish-language version of the team’s official web site - will be accessible to Spanish-speaking fans via www.raiders.com and by visiting www.raidersenespanol.com.

Joel Casamayor: “Revenge Is Sweet!
By Fiona Manning
Former WBA 130 pound champion and reigning IBA champion Joel Casamayor faces longtime friend (and sometime sparring partner) Yoni Vargas on ESPN2 on December 2O in Miami, Florida.

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