December 18, 1998

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The Impeachment Question


Children as Scapegoats

Children always seem to be the scapegoats of the Republican Party.

Over the years, they have consistently voted against or killed legislation and programs that would help children, whether to improve public schools, provide food for hungry children, provide health care for poor children and parents -- the list is endless.

Now the Republicans use children to impeach the President. They use the fallacious, hypocritical argument that children need to be protected from a president who commits adultery, who lies, etc. What about parents who do the same? Children know. What about TV programs the children watch for long hours, which tell them it's okay to lie, to have sex with anybody and everybody, to use guns indiscriminately and kill people if they disagree with you.

Why don't the Republicans worry about the real problems of children and do something about them?

Thomas Martinez
Chula Vista

Why Clinton's Scandal Lacks a Moral Consensus

Is America burning? The fall out of moral ashes created by a Republican majority in the House Judiciary Committee is uniquely American. Can our legal system mollify certain immoral behavior and vice versa. What about equity, proportion? In Clinton's case, is the purported cure, far worse than the disease.

President Clinton is a scapegoat for a large segment of morally insecure and overzealous patriots. Indeed, the shroud of our American flag and the hideous shadow cast upon the Judiciary Committee hearings ought to embarrass any American with a modicum of common sense.

Should the American people and Congress condone the actions by our President, absolutely not. A consensual affair with an unmarried female adult goes against our Christian heritage, most Americans understand that. Misleading or lying to a Federal Grand Jury is a crime, most Americans understand that. Impeachment of the 42nd president of the United States is not an alternative, most Americans understand that.

Does America really believe the moral and legal actions by our President will forever scar our national psyche? Will captains of industry stop their subtle fleecing, albeit legal, of the American consumer? Will child abuse, divorce, spousal abuse, road rage, corporate fraud, incivility, greed, driving under the influence, drug dealers and extortion just disappear overnight? Will Charles Keating and O.J. Simpson go to jail? Maybe those calling for Bill Clinton's head on the chopping block should prioritize their moral concerns.

Most of us ordinary hard-working Americans understand the hyperbole surrounding this scandal. ... Certainly, Mr. Clinton did not intend to violate the incorporeal nature of jurisprudence but rather to shield his personal and private conduct from public view. This is hardly an impeachable offense.

The President of the United States is not above or below the law. This is not the issue. Mr. Clinton's individual morality can hardly atone for our nation's hypocritical and debasing moral standards. If the GOP truly believes in the tenet of individual responsiblity, then it follows that our children will not emulate the President's behavior. Let's ask ourselves, how are we aggrieved, both on a national and individual level. There is something far more hideous and threatening to our republic and that is the unbalanced, disproportionate, and vindictive goal of impeaching the Chief Executive Officer of the United States.

Daniel J. Smiechowski
San Diego


(Editor's Note: The people no longer care about Monicagate. On a whole most people would be relieved, if not happy, just to see this whole thing go away. But the Republicans, who were elected to represent the people, want to drag this whole sorry mess on for as long as the can to justify the huge expense and to push their own personal agendas. For some politicians they have not gotten this much free press where they weren't the target. Monicagate has created a unique opportunity for these politicians to elevate their profile on the back of moral superiority. At the same time the Republicans have been on this crusade for such a long time and exhausted millions upon millions of dollars, were humiliated at the polls, that they have inexorably thrown themselves down the road of impeachment and must see it through.)

Reservations for Homeless San Diegans

There are 10,000 Homeless San Diegans within the County of San Diego. This county has a GNP of $65 Billion a year, half the nations of our small world don't have this GNP to cope with their own social problems.

The Federal Government has given some of the North County Cities monies for housing to house the working poor and the immigrants. Wherefore this money has been raped from their original mission and goal. Two cases in point are: The Escondido California Arts Center that has used HUD monies, $90 million and the City of Poway has a Cultural Center, $25 million which was ear marked for housing. To date the City of Poway doesn't have a single bed for homeless people, this is a non-existent problem for the City Council of Poway.

The City of San Diego, under the Golding administration, has a novel approach for the homeless men, women, and children that are growing in our midst by the hundreds. At this time of the year there is implemented Reservations within the city in the mode of tents that are insufficient to house all the homeless San Diegans. The time span is from December to March and then the homeless San Diegans will be back on the streets again.

Under CCDC and Peter Davis the HUD monies last year, $150 million went for the Gentrification and next year, $100 million will be poured into the surrounding area of the Padres Stadium, parking lots, lighting, streets, ect.

Our SDPD has instituted terrorism with the sanction of Susan Golding and the City Council against the homeless San Diegans. This is done with immunity and impunity, because the political leaders and the religious leaders of this city don't see any advantage to upholding the humane rights of homeless San Diegans.

If Joseph and Mary were to give birth to Jesus in a barn, there wouldn't be three wise men to greet them. Sleeping in a barn in the City of San Diego is a crime. In lieu of the three wise men, there would be three SWAT Cops and a social worker to take Jesus from his unfit Mom.

This begs the answer in America and in the City of San Diego, where are the rights to us?

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego


(Editors Note: Dr. Art Salzberg has been a tireless fighter for the homeless of San Diego.)

Publish Those Stations With Low Gas Prices

Many complaints about high gasoline prices in San Diego have been registered, and unwieldy remedies such as class-action lawsuits have been proposed. I suggest simply that competition be allowed, aided by lists to published by you paper, of the names and locations of the three gas stations with the lowest prices in each zip code.

... Newspaper sales might increase, as the saving on a tankful probably would more than cover the cost of a newspaper.

Leonard J. Gosink
San Diego

(Editor's Note: Sounds like a great idea, but who is going to pay the paper for the cost of printing?)

Big In Sweden

Orale Tezzy!

It has been a while since I have addressed your most honourable tlatonoloc, wass-up, que pasa? estoy en Suecia over here con los Swedes, doing some studying to improve the knowledge ya know. It is a good thing to know you are in the net and that one can keep tabs on the hood. I am always happy to read your very super-knowledge insights that your observations make. I am glad to read you in the Net! Bueno, take it easy Tezzy and you know I got you bookmarked boy....

Julio Cesar Martinez

Anneberg, Sweden


(Editor's Note: La Prensa on the web is blowing up, at last count we were closing in on 200,000 hits for the year. So we can reach our gente, whereever they are was our main goal in putting La Prensa on the web.)

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