December 18, 1998

American Servicemen Are Sacrificial to Republican Political Fecklessness!

War once again has its way of interrupting the games men play. It is quite clear that committing the armed forces of the United States into hostile action against a perceived enemy of the country that all other games that are being played out for personal or political motivations must be set aside. Once the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces has committed the country, all petty considerations and issues pale in comparison to the National and international interests.

America's sons and daughters are now the "point" man for the country. Their lives are on the line. They need to go into battle knowing that their country is behind the effort they are making in the country's behalf. In particular, they must have the assurances that the Commander in Chief is fighting with them in all his capacities and abilities. Petty bickering, making political points and efforts to undercut the Commander in Chief can only mean that lives will be lost on the battlefields… Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen will die their bodies splattered all over the battlefields because politicians at home are more concerned over who or whom the PRESIDENT SLEPT WITH! No deaths will occur in the hollowed chambers of the Congress because of this betrayal. Vietnam demonstrated the price that would be paid for political cowardliness, ineptitude, ignorance, and lack of support for the Commander in Chief.

The killing fields of Vietnam are still littered with the bodies of those that paid the price: OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS AND FATHERS OF THOSE CHILDREN. Few politicians paid the ultimate price. They sat in the comfort of their easy chairs of their congressional offices playing political games with the lives of Americas children. Veterans, military personnel, their families, and the hundreds of thousands of widows, mothers, fathers left alone in the world will not forget the cost of political fecklessness. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN 1998! OUR CHILDREN WILL NOT BE GIVEN UP AS CANNON FODDER TO THEIR POLITICAL GAMES.

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