December 17, 2004

Hola Gente! Tezzy poco busy con Christmas. Pero.... lets see if we can come up with something interesting for my faithful readers...

Para mis Cuates de Brawley... Sorry guys, the team lost by 3 points. Don’t worry the “Wild Cats” will be back! By the looks of it, half the town was in Qualcomm Stadium cheering the team on! No se dejen! There’s always next year!

Tezzy had it right... We said weeks ago, from the Getco, our Girl, Councilwoman Donna Frye would kick butt against our lackluster Mayor Dick Murphy. Hell of a way to start out a term as a “strong Mayor”??? Throw it in Dick; you have stated in the past that you really didn’t want to run. Quit now and save FACE! Will consult with “ROMA” see what’s in the tea leaves for our next Mayor (0000000) Donna Frye!!

Memo to new City Attorney Mike Aguirre: Check it out. The 000000 are computer signals to the machine... They are not instructions for the Voter... We can’t help it if the computers were not programmed to read writing! The Humans said whom they wanted by printing/writing Donna Frye’s name in! By the Right Wing logic... We also voted for a STRONG MAYOR form of government, ergo: Only a strong mayor is allowed to win! Any hack politico, or non-politico, knows we have a pussycat for Mayor! So Dick loses on both counts!

Susan- Thanks for correcting Tezzy for stating that Chula Vista City Councilman and the Mayor will give themselves a $750 raise by placing themselves on the new “Urban Development Corporation.” Which, we called a “sleazy pay raise” for the Mayor and of Chula Vista City Council for giving themselves a raise without the approval of the voters. According to the record... Our Con artist also voted to holding two (2) meetings a month which means the taxpayers of Chula Vista will be paying for each Councilman $1500 per month and the Mayor will get $3,000 for each month that he is the Director of the UDC! Of course, the Mayor and city council are on a full time job already... Question is -- isn’t this double dipping into the public purse?

Pregunta: How come Libertarian Richard Rider hit on the U/T for dumping Columnist James Goldsborough because he was a Liberal thinker? He wonders why they don’t run his columns? Señor Rider the U/T perhaps read the election results for their Party and notes that they haven’t carried California in decades. Este Indio thinks that when you go down for the count you don’t want to be further to the Right than they already are! Personally, Tezzy really liked Goldsborough. The U/T needs more, not less writers of his ilk. Big mistake on their part.

Por qué? You don’ see CHRISTmas in this years celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ? You folks really think we ARE CELEBRATING Christmas only as a commercial event? I could care less how much money the merchants are making. Take CHRIST OUT OF Christmas and its just another RIPOFF season for the Merchants.


Well Gente Tezozomoc prays that sanity will come back to America. If you don’t know who or what you are... There is little hope for America.

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