December 17, 2004

Time for Change and Inspiration

Help needed for Tijuana’s Hacienda la Inmaculada

By Henry Augusto Selva

I was in a band called (DREADtheMIND), which I recently quit not too long ago. Why? You ask. Because I believe my time right now has something greater for me, to do something with a lot more meaning.

Much Respect to those beings I held musical positions with, but I want to travel this Earth we all live on. I want to follow my heart and that is education of my mind to the full potential the creator has given me. The Creator for me is energy of super natural level existence beyond words can explain.... so don’t take it religiously. Also I was studying in the library the other day and what did I realize... The only humans in there were my fellow Asians (mostly), some whites, 1 black, and about 1 Indian (and not Native American). I WAS THE ONLY BROWN SKINNED LATINO IN THERE!! That gave me even more strength to carry on with College, especially since I come from a poor economic background and am the only member of my immediate family to attend college.

So with that I’ve committed myself to LEARN and PURSUE, LIVE and Experience! If my life allows, I want to head towards my PhD in Philosophy. But to get to the real reason of this story: PLEASE READ ALL OF IT!!


I recently visited 2 Orphan Homes in Mexico that NEED serious help. This trip that only cost 20 bucks went to help pay for the Charter Bus that the TINY TEAR FOUNDATION provides. The TINY TEAR FOUNDATION is an Org. that adopts orphan homes in Mexico and helps them out for the welfare of the children.

This trip motivated me to follow my heart and become an ACTIVIST for the rights of the oppressed and forgotten. The specific home I’m trying to help is called HACIENDA la INMACULADA and is located in Tijuana.

This HOME is also a safe Haven for battered mothers and children seeking shelter from their abusive husbands (fathers). This trip deeply impacted me in a way like no other and now I cherish everything I have and give thanks everyday I’m alive and breathing. I only wish you all could experience what I’ve seen and where I’ve been.

For a long time I’ve been asking the question, why do these kids’s deserve to live this way? The only reason I could think of is because the WE the people have forgotten the meaning of LOVE for thy neighbor (fellow man) and have confined ourselves to the world of materialism, which these kid’s (I’m glad) don’t even have a clue about.

You arrive and they don’t care whether you wear Armani of 200 dollar Nikes, all they care about is if your there to play with them, hug them, feed them, show them love that there world doesn’t offer. THAT SHOULD BE THE MEANING OF LIFE, not spending your money on empty products with the bloodstain of Capitalism.

That’s why I’m here to ask for everyone’s help. If you can donate a little something to at least bring a smile to these kid’s face for one second. That will not only gives them hope, but hope to their mothers, and especially the head of the orphanage. The following is a list of things needed:

-Baby diapers Sizes 3 & 4 (Medium or Large)
-Baby wipes
-Baby oil
-Baby powder
-Vicks Vapor Rub
-Tylenol or any other type of safe medicine for children.
-Flour specifically for tortillas
-Vegetable oil
-Canned Soup (the kids love this stuff)—
-Powdered milk
-Pancake mix
-Rice and beans
Cleaning supplies:

-Clorax bleach, pinesol, brooms, mops, bath soap, dish washing soap, Tide or any clothes washing detergent, fabric softener for the kid’s school uniforms, tooth paste and anti -perspirant for the teenagers.

If you have old useful blankets, shirts-sweaters for kids (teens), heaters, toys!!!! Anything you think would be useful and help out, we, at the Tiny Tears Foundation would really appreciate it.

Now most of us are barely getting through with bills and our “hard” lives, but if you only knew how these kids are living you would understand. These kids have so much love and no one to give it to. The next trip is December 19th, 2004. I’m not asking for much, just a little love from your heart. But no matter who decides to help, all i know is that they at least have me to help them no matter if I’m poor.

So I thank you all for reading this and I hope the higher Creator blesses all of you and your families with joy and happiness. We are all one on this earth, and if one is hurting, then we all are hurting.

Much Respect
-Henry Augusto Selva

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