Volume XXVIII Number 50 December 17, 2004

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Big bikes. Big hearts.

Photos and text by Luis Alonso Pérez

You could hear the Harley-Davidsons from blocks away. All over Tijuana biker caravans where cruising their way downtown, proudly showing the name of their club on the back of their leather jackets. Some where riding alone, others with their wives, but they all gathered in Revolución Avenue to support the “happiness Caravan” children event.

More than 7,000 kids happily returned home with a toy, because of the support from motorcycle clubs from southern California and Baja California, especially from the legendary biker club Solo Angeles de Tijuana, which has made this event possible for nineteen years straight.

Bikers started arriving on Revolución Avenue since early Sunday. They all parked their motorcycles on the street, like a big bike exhibition that began under the Tijuana arch and ended in front of the Jai Alai building. Their antennas waved banners with the names of their clubs: Vagos, Jaguares, Aztec Riders, Unknown Locos, Weasels, just to name a few.

Hundreds of families gathered in front of three platforms located all along the street, where they raffled bicycles, little trucks, dolls, teddy bears and many other toys. Dozens of rugged bikers announced the winning numbers and handed out the gifts to children.

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Motos grandes, Corazones grandes.
Fotos y texto por Luis Alonso Pérez
A cuadras de distancia se escuchaban los motores de las Harley-Davidsons. Por toda Tijuana pasaban las caravanas de bikers, mostrando orgullosos el nombre de su club en la espalda de sus chamarras de piel. Algunos montaban solos, otros con sus esposas, pero todos se reunieron en la avenida Revolución para apoyar al festival infantil “Caravana de la felicidad”.

Organizers of “Exposing The Rave” Announce Results of Year-Long Club Drug Campaign
Twelve months and nearly one hundred presentations and trainings later, the “Exposing the Rave” club drug campaign has come to an end.
“We needed to get the truth out about these deadly substances to parents and their children,” said Mary Baum, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Prevention Coordinator for Social Advocates for Youth (SAY San Diego), which together with the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center (The Center), and South Bay Community Services (SBCS), conducted the education campaign on Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol, and LSD.

Christmas Past, Present, and Future
By Heriberto Escamilla
It’s that time of year; when Christians all over the world remember and celebrate the birth of our savior, the human manifestation of God, our creator. To many, especially to children, this season brings happiness. Over the past 2,000 years, the celebration has evolved, incorporating practices from many nations and traditions so that it currently takes many forms. For the young people in the United States, December 25th mostly means Play Stations, CD players, or one of the countless other miracles of our modern times. In less fortunate homes, Christmas means a new shirt, some pants, perhaps more practical gifts. For many adults, the season brings seldom seen relatives together for a day of eating and conversation, watching football games on television, more eating and conversation, perhaps an obligatory visit to the local church, more eating and as the day progresses, perhaps less conversation. And according to my daughter, Christmas is the stress of stretching that last paycheck. To the believers, la noche buena, the silent night has come to mean midnight mass, feeding family, enjoying the company of friends and most of all appreciating the gift of life.


Virgen de Guadalupe day in Tijuana
Photos and text by Luis Alonso Pérez
The tradition most passionately celebrated by Mexicans is, without a doubt, the Virgen de Guadalupe day. She’s called “Mother of Mexico” and every December 12 her children celebrate the anniversary of her appearance to Juan Diego with all their hearts.

Una Parada en el Día de las Lupitas
Por: Paco Zavala
El pasado domingo 12 de diciembre se celebró un aniversario más de las apariciones de la Santísima Virgen María de Guadalupe al ahora Santo Juan Diego en el Cerro del Tepeyac, por allá en la capital de la República Mexicana, hace ya 473 años.

Time for Change and Inspiration
Help needed for Tijuana’s Hacienda la Inmaculada
By Henry Augusto Selva
I was in a band called (DREADtheMIND), which I recently quit not too long ago. Why? You ask. Because I believe my time right now has something greater for me, to do something with a lot more meaning.

A Christmas Gift to Treasure
Christmas 2003 was when Rene Flores finally realized that his life was out of control. He was in the depths of his drug and alcohol addiction and was recently out of jail. His health was shot, his fiance had left him, and he admits, “I broke my parents’ hearts.”

México del Norte
Jorge Mújica Murias
¡Adiós Paisano!
Hace unos días comenzó la etapa navideña del famoso Programa Paisano, dedicado a proteger a los migrantes de las autoridades del país. Y su entrada en vigor está envuelta en varias polémicas. Primero, que al parecer no habrá Paisano el próximo año por falta de presupuesto. Esto coincide con el cada vez menor interés que le ha puesto el gobierno. En el 2000 Vicente Fox se apersonó personalmente en persona en la frontera, pero después le fue bajando de tono y de personal, hasta dejarlo con unos pocos trabajadores. Según Magdalena Carral, comisionada de Migración, “No está contemplado para el Presupuesto del 2005 ni un peso para el Programa Paisano”, lo que obligaría a “cada estado a implementar su propio programa”.

Por Ricardo J. Galarza
La época más maravillosa del año
“The most wonderful time of the year”, como la tradición anglosajona de los Estados Unidos ha caracterizado siempre a la Navidad, en infinidad de villancicos, obras teatrales y avisos comerciales, es en efecto una época maravillosa. Las impresionantes y laboriosas decoraciones en las casas, todas los preparativos relacionados con la Navidad y las infinitas campañas de mercadeo la convierten, sin duda, en la más especial del año. Por estos días, sin embargo, con la sociedad polarizada tras las reñidas elecciones del 2 de noviembre, la actitud frente a la Navidad ha variado un tanto.

Vanity Pounds: Holiday weight gain that is delicious
By Al Carlos Hernandez
There is one thing that irrespective of race, gender, or political affiliation we as Americans have in common. We all gain weight during the Christmas holidays.

Trading Fats for Greens: LEAF Program Offers Healthier Alternatives at Schools
By Tracy Nelson
Who would have thought that middle school students would ever trade snacks and sweets for solid meals and salad bars? The LEAF program made this possible for the students at Memorial and Roosevelt middle schools in San Diego.

Solidaridad Nuevo Nombre de la Caridad
Por Carmen G. Kcomt
Hay una conocida pelicula Norteamericana que en inglés se llama “Pay it forward” empieza cuando el primer día de clases un profesor de ciencias sociales al darles después de presentarse ante los alumnos, niños como de doce años de edad, les escribe en la pizarra la siguiente pregunta: ¿Qué puedes hacer tu por mejorar el mundo?

Old soldiers — and Army Tugs — never die
By J.D. Hawk
It’s old and shrouded in mystery. Former US Army tugboat known only as The LT 1967, now docked at the San Diego Harbor is, to borrow a quote from Winston Churchill, “A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”


Why Nuestra Gente Celebrates Christmas
The celebration of Christmas is part of our culture. Ask any Mexican Citizen, any Latino; ask anyone who is a descendent of the Spanish conquest why they celebrate Christmas. The conquering Spaniards brought the religious concept to the continent of America and other parts of the world.

The Danger in Doing Nothing
By Robert Castaneda
Make no mistake; national leaders within the Republican Party are pursuing the Latino vote with gusto because they know, as does this President that demographics are political destiny. This realization by the powers that be in the GOP and White House paid real dividends on Election Day. Numerous articles have been written and much has been said that the national Hispanic vote for Bush put him over the top. That being said, what happened with the Hispanic vote for Bush in California?

National City Spotlight:
Welcome Changes Lead the Way From Here
by Ted Godshalk
Much of the first two years of this political cycle in National City has been marked with the air of urgency and the appearance of projects being railroaded through the process. Some people, including myself have insisted on changes to this system, which is supposed to protect the public’s right to know about plans and participate in the process. The election of 2002 brought in a mayor, Nick Inzunza, who professes to be dedicated to change. Two new councilmen, Frank Parra and Luis Natividad were also elected. Fideles Ungab, who filled the vacated seat of Inzunza, joined them through appointment. In 2002, with so many new faces, change was in the air.

Oh say can you ICC?
By Larry Stirling
Our hometown heroes, Sempra Utilities, have moved to eject California Public Utilities Commissioner Loretta Lynch from the ongoing investigation of gas-price manipulations during the energy crisis.

Ataques Preventivos no Desarmarán a Irán
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa y Dr. Daniel Barkley
En 1981, Israel bombardeó el reactor nuclear iraqués Osirak cuando se pensó que Sadam Huseín estaba cerca de producir una bomba atómica. Con el asedio nuclear de Irán, se especula que Israel también actuaría de la misma manera; es decir lanzar otro ataque preventivo. Esto, de acuerdo a algunos intelectuales es una alternativa viable para el desarmamiento nuclear en esa región. Sin embargo, un ataque contra Irán reduciría el potencial de los Iraníes pero no lo detendría.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
UDC Fertile Ground for “Kick Backs”
Thank you for your incisive editorial of December 10 in which you outline the redevelopment debacle that is about to descend on the citizens of Chula Vista. Developers throughout the county are salivating at the opportunities to maximize their revenue!

Hola Gente! Tezzy poco busy con Christmas. Pero.... lets see if we can come up with something interesting for my faithful readers...

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

The Story of Felix Navidad
by Victor Payan
Not so long ago
And not very far
Lived a jolly young man
With a lowrider car

Conciencia Artistica
Extensive exhibition on Roy Lichtenstein at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
By Geneva Gamez

If you’re a fan of Roy Lichtenstein’s work, you may be willing to take a trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and check it out, with the holidays around the corner this makes for a nice getaway. Besides having the unique opportunity to experience a beautiful city, you will enjoy of a two-fold benefit because, SFMOMA is the only venue in the U.S. hosting this major exhibition with over sixty-five of Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings, dating from the beginning of his career as an artist to the very last pieces before his death in 1997.

Enseñanzas Sobre el Amor, el Sexo y el Desarrollo Personal en “Un Curso de Amor”
Por: Paco Zavala
Mucho se ha escrito sobre el amor en todos los idiomas habidos y por haber y a la fecha, ha sido lo mismo siempre, miles de planteamientos, de con-sejos, de ejemplos y no se ha podido concretar una fórmula valiosa que ubique a las parejas, para que sus relaciones sean duraderas y “hasta que la muerte los separe”

“Regalo Navideño” Recorre Gratuitamente el Museo de las Californias el Próximo 25 de Diciembre
Por: Paco Zavala
Un gran Regalo de Navidad, otorgará el Centro Cultural Tijuana para el próximo 25 de diciembre, fecha de celebración universal. Esta institución envía una cordial invitación a la población tijuanense y a quien desee, tanto adulta como infantil, para que acudan de las 10:00 am. a 18:15 pm. del propio día 25 de diciembre, para que realicen un recorrido gratuito por el área del Museo de las Californias, aprovechando la promoción del programa “Ven y Conoce tu Museo” y su Sala de Exposiciones Temporales.

Lalo’s Sharp Eye
Two new books take on issues of power, identity, and immigration
By David Steinberg
Two words cut to the chase and explain the nature of Lalo Alcaraz’s political cartoons. Those words are “deliberately antagonistic.” Those two words appear in the introduction to “La Cucaracha,” the title of a collection of Lalo Alcaraz’s political cartoons.

Lo que viene en el 2005
Por Jose Daniel Bort
A continuación ofrecemos un adelanto de los estrenos más llamativos que se presentaran durante el próximo año en las carteleras cinematográficas. A la retahíla de secuelas de películas exitosas que usualmente acapara la programación se le pueden sumar algunas creaciones originales, en especial los nuevos trabajos de Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor y Will Smith.

Contando la vida a través de la Eutanasia
Alejandro Amenabar deja sentir su Mar Adentro
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Su conversación es tan inspirada como sus películas. El cineasta joven más importante de España ha conseguido una vez más la atención del mundo entero con Mar Adentro, su cuarta cinta, en la que llega a un grado de madurez creativa impropio de sus treinta y dos años, y de la que el tema escabroso de la Eutanasia se toca desde una perspectiva profundamente optimista.

Magdaleno Impresses Former and Current Coach
By John Philip Wyllie
Bonita Vista High School’s 2-0 victory in women’s soccer Wednesday evening over 2003 CIF Finalist Granite Hills was particularly satisfying for Baron captain and midfielder, Elie Magdaleno. Magdaleno spent her freshman and sophomore years playing for the Eagles before transferring to the South Bay high school last year. Her goal late in the first half provided the Barons with what turned out to be an insurmountable two-goal lead.

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