Volume XXIV Number 50 December 15, 2000

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Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center empieza excavaciones para la construcción de su edificio de consultorios médicos

CHULA VISTA - Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center empezó las excavaciones el 6 de diciembre para su nuevo edificio de 50,000 pies cuadrados localizado en 751 Medical Center Court. Greg Cox, Supervisor de la Ciudad de San Diego, y la Alcaldesa de Chula Vista Shirley Horton, acompañaron a Michael W. Murphy, Presidente y Director General de Sharp HealthCare, Chris Boyd, Director General de Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center (SCVMC); Larry Cunningham, Presidente del Consejo de SCVMC, y el Dr. Philip Bajo, Jefe del Cuerpo Médico de SCVMC, en la ceremonia de inicio de la construcción.

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Activists urge border solutions
By Tim Steller
and Ignacio Ibarra
December 11 - More than 600 activists from around the United States and Mexico found broad agreement during a weekend conference in Tucson that the border region must be de-militarized, immigration laws reformed and economic globalization humanized.

DGA Annual Report on Women and Minority Hiring Reveals Bleak Industry
Record for 1999
Directors Guild President Jack Shea today (Dec 13) released the Guild's annual report on women and minority hiring, commenting that "the report reveals that industry employers have consistently failed to hire women and minorities in numbers that demonstrate any true commitment to the encouragement of diversity in the directorial team."

Farmers welcome plan to boost work force
By Reed Fujii
December 6 - Farm-worker groups and the agricultural industry both support compromise U.S. legislation that could increase the farming work force by granting legal status to many undocumented workers and expanding a visa program to allow in additional foreign workers.

Presidential Race First in Modern History Where Political Parties Spend More
on TV Ads Than Candidates
The 2000 election is the first in the history of the current regulatory regime where more television advertising dollars were spent by the major national political parties than by their chosen candidates, according to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice and Prof. Kenneth Goldstein. The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee together spent $79.9 million on television ads in the 2000 presidential campaign, far more than the $67.1 million spent by the campaigns of Gov. Bush and Vice President Gore, the study says.

Noticias de México...
Admite Gore derrota
Va Bush a la Casa Blanca
El presidente electo de Estados Unidos, George W. Bush, agradece la ovación de sus simpatizantes, tras pronunciar un discurso a la nación, en Austin, Texas.


In Search of the Real Santa Claus
by Albert Simonson
I'm not so sure about reality, and it's all my big sister's fault. She had a certain smartypants attitude. The worst part is that she was usually right.

Hispanic Television Network y MVS Televisión se asocian para desarrollar y
distribuir programación original en castellano dentro de los Estados Unidos
— Se crean nuevas oportunidades de ganancias para ambas compañías Hispanic Television Network, la tercera mayor red de televisión en castellano del país, dio a conocer hoy una asociación estratégica de programación y capitales con el gigante de la televisión mexicana, MVS Televisión.

Hablemos en Confianza, se Lanza Iniciativa Hispano/Latina Para Disminuir
el Abuso de Drogas
La Administradora del Servicio Administrativo de Abuso de Sustancias y Salud Mental (siglas en inglés, SAMHSA), Dra. Nelba Chavez, anunció en Los Angeles, California, Hablemos en Confianza, la iniciativa desarrollada para mejorar el diálogo entre padres, madres e hijos Hispano/Latinos, sobre los peligros del abuso de drogas.

Hacer Ejercicio Sólo a Veces Puede Ser Peligroso Para Su Salud
Las personas que hacen ejercicio "sólo de vez en cuando" tienen un aumento pequeño pero definitivo en su riesgo de tener un ataque al corazón que podría ser fatal, comparado contra aquellas personas que hacen ejercicio más regularmente, de acuerdo a un estudio reportado durante las Sesiones Científicas 2000 llevadas a cabo en la ciudad de Nueva Orleans por la Asociación Americana del Corazón.

Hispanic Scholarship Opportunities:
New DaimlerChrysler Online Guide to Hispanic Financial Aid Helps Put Students on Information Highway to College

Nueva Guía en Internet de DaimlerChrysler Sobre Asistencia Financiera Dirige Estudiantes Hispanos "Rumbo a la Universidad"

Scholarship for Service

Anheuser-Busch Sponsors Scholarships for Conservation

The Dolores Huerta Scholarship for Graduate Studies at SDSU

San Diego Veterans Center and Museum to Open New Computer Center
San Diego area veterans will now be able to access a dedicated computer center to work on resumes, perform Internet job searches and send and receive e-mail, thanks to the efforts of County Supervisor Ron Roberts and the San Diego Futures Foundation.

The Food Page:
A Sweet Approach to Traditional Holiday Favorites
During the holiday season, gift-giving is on everyone's mind. One of the best gifts is a holiday meal that all friends and family can enjoy. This season, bring something to the table for everyone! Cooking and baking holiday favorites with sugar alternatives, such as Equal sweetener, is a simple way to reduce calories and carbohydrates, especially important for those with diabetes or weight concerns.


Bush Won, America Lost
Like many of our fellow citizens, I feel no elation or joy that the election is over. It really didn't matter who won or who lost. What hurts and pains the most is that our nation is in a perilous situation. Our most cherished institutions, that have made this nation the best in the world, have been ignored, bypassed, and rendered meaningless by fraud, deceit, greed and the dangerous grasp for power by dangerous unprincipled men. America has met its worse enemy and it is US! We stand naked and exposed for the fraud that we really are.

What is to Come Politically in `01
By Julio C. Calderón
When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2000, we will not watch the new year unfold in celebrations starting in the South Pacific. I will not be stationed at the California Office of Emergency Services. The powers of our nation and state will not be waiting for the disconnection of the world's computer systems; the sudden release of missles; or the collapse of world markets.

It's Time to Junk Law That Equates Political Spending With Free Speech
by Jennifer Rockne
The new Congress will include a record number of women — yet they still hold only 13 percent of House seats and 25 percent of Senate seats.

Don't Count Me Out
By James E. Garcia
I'm feeling a little disenfranchised.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Give A Book This Christmas
Tired of walking the Malls looking for that perfect gift? Search no more, give the gift that will be treasured forever: a BOOK! Drop into your nearby book store, browse a little then select that book that will transport that child, teenager or adult into a world beyond their reach. Such a book is:

Calendar of Events...
"La Pastorela de Esperanza"
Teatro Mascara Magica celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, but the Mexican-inspired Christmas musical is fresher and zestier than ever.

Carmen Estrella
Compositora que triunfa en festivales de canciones

Por: Paco Zavala
Con la inquietud de encontrar siempre noticias que hablen o digan algo o mucho sobre la superación de los seres humanos, en cualquier terreno, nos encontramos con sucesos que marcan el asombro al enterarnos de ellos.

Cierre de Fin de Año en la Casa de la Cultura Tijuana- Altamira.
Por: Paco Zavala.
El IMAC (Instituto Municipal del Arte y Cultura), la Casa de la Cultura y la Delegación Municipal Centro, tienen el honor de invitarlos a su tradicional Posada Navideña en las instalaciones de su edificio de la Colonia Altamira, en Tijuana, B.C. este Viernes 15 de diciembre a partir de las 17 horas.

Celebraciones y Cultura Decembrinas en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Los accesos a la cultura en todo su esplendor en la ciudad de Tijuana, están anunciando una serie de festividades y celebraciones con motivo de la próxima Navidad y el advenimiento del tercer milenio que está a unos cuantos días para darle la bienvenida.

Emilio Tejeda: Cantante del Pueblo!
Como la mayoría de los cantantes hacen demostración de sus aptitudes e inquietudes como cantantes y exponentes del folklore mexicano a muy temprana edad, así empezó Emilio Tejeda, "La Voz Bravia de la Nueva Era".

Mexico's Quinones Impressive in 3-2 Loss to U.S.
By John Philip Wyllie
Coming into Sunday night's game with the United States, Mexico's fledgling women's national soccer team had been outscored 41-0 by the defending Women's World Cup champions. The fact that Mexico had never come close to winning and not scored a single goal in the team's five previous meetings no doubt weighed heavily on the mind's of Leonardo Cuellar's young players. This made Sunday's hard fought battle, a 3-2 decision in favor of the United States, all the more surprising.

Quiet Confidence
Junior college transfer is quietly becoming a star for the Aztecs

Cool, calm and collective.
That phrase is how junior guard Al Faux describes himself. He doesn't say much. He lets his game do the talking for him.

Six Playoff Spots Still Open As Week Kicks Off With Two Saturday National
TV Games

Six spots remain up for grabs with two weeks to go.

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