December 14, 2001

Tezezomoc Speaks


El Jefe dice no politics until El Nuevo Año! Pero some of this stuff is too good to wait till then. Let me lite up mi Pipa & smoke a little Mota....


La Gente started receiving Xmas cards from an SDSU employee named Denise Ducheney. Shows this Half-gringa half Hispunnnnnic standing in front of the Tijuana Estuary. Horale Homies what has the estuary and Xmas have to do with anything? Unless it has to do that the estuary carries all the CACA from Tijuas and Xmas never ages...Same-o -Same-o with the wanna-be candidate Denise . . .


PREGUNTA: Now that Denise Ducheney is running fulltime for political office, is she still getting a fulltime paycheck from SDSU????? They do have the custumbre of backing losers.


Superintendent Ed Brand and his Board of Yo-Yos stuck it to the majority of the student body (Mostly RAZA). Out of the thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of CHICANO STUDENTS who have attended the Sweetwater School system, these want to-be Gringos ( Board of Education) couldn't find one single Chicano or Chicana to include in their new HALL OF FAME! Not a single one was worthy of inclusion! Que insulto para nuestra Gente. El Jefe mighty caliente over this slam.


Sweetwater Union High School District will install its first alumni hall of famers tonight (Friday Dec. 14). Este Indio will not be there.


Who is the SNAKE that cut the head off a dead rat and put it on the door step of Mayor Shirley Horton? Shades of La Mafia. La Chota de Chula Vista is investigating. Cats cleanly slice the heads off rats before the eat them, human snakes don't.


Susan Davis (d) cast the decisive vote on giving President Bush Fast Track Authority SE VENDIO! (Anti-Mexican American, anti labor, anti-environment, anti-women). DAVIS MIGHT AS WELL PUT A GUN TO OUR HEADS. What is a small (d) democrat? That's easy: A democrat who cares less about the working class people, who only cares about herself and the next election. It usually signals a politico who is about to become a republican. Davis eager to recast herself as a ultra-right wing republican now that her district has been redrawn to include more republicans than Democrats.


Bored with television? The San Diego Unified School Board has decided to televise its brawls. This is going to be a ratings bonanza! Maybe if we elect Madonna, it will be worth watching! Now TV audience will have a chance to listen to Trustee Ed Lopez...See if they can figure out what in H—l he is talking about!


Bueno hasta La Otra...y Gracias for your letters!

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