December 14, 2001


San Ysidro Under Economic Duress!

The San Diego community of San Ysidro finds itself trapped in an economic predicament not of its own making. When San Diego acquired the community of San Ysidro by attaching itself to the area by a bit of political shenanigans that made a mockery of our democratic political system, it was a political rape of the people who lived within the boundaries of the independent community of San Ysidro.

The political oligarchy of that time projected a plumb line that tied San Diego City to San Ysidro. It then extended a mythical extension under the waters of the San Diego Bay to the San Ysidro boundary lines.

With that outrageous act completed, the San Diego political establishment, unthinkingly made themselves politically fiscally responsible for the former unincorporated community of San Ysidro. For better or worse, San Ysidro was now a community of the City of San Diego whose growth, development, and responsibility would be on the shoulders of the Mayor and the City Council. All economic, social, and political gains from the incorporation of San Ysidro into San Diego City proper would accrue to the benefit of the city. By the same token, the City of San Diego was now bound to honor its commitment to the residents of San Ysidro. It is their duty to provide for their fair share of the city's budget, have Council representation, and receive their fair share of State and Federal funds granted to the City of San Diego. In short the "community" of San Ysidro is politically and legally a part of San Diego.

On December 10 the San Ysidro Business Association, and members of the business community, who are suffering severe economic dislocations as a result of the Sept. 11th terrorist attack on New York City, went before the San Diego City Council asking for immediate relief. In order for San Ysidro to survive, it must be able to provide jobs, income and have economic viability they informed the Council.

The Mayor and the City Council gave the petitioners a paper declaration admitting that the area was in a state of emergency, which had been caused by the September 11 terrorist attack. The Federal government increased security at the border crossings and brought the normal flow of Tijuana residents to a small trickle. The client base of San Ysidro has been severely limited. This loss has placed the business community and the residents in dire straits. Without sales, stores are closing, employees are being laid off, taxes won't be paid and bankruptcies will increase placing the entire economy of the San Ysidro community in extremist and impact strongly on the City's income. The Mexican buyer spends from 2 to 4 billion dollars in South San Diego community complex.

Though the City Council unanimously supported the emergency declaration, it did not take any action to bring immediate financial assistance to San Ysidro! The declaration does not provide for any spending by the city nor does it require any action by the city!

One cannot help but notice the differences between the City's actions to throw our tax monies to build a baseball stadium for a wealthy owner, and their reluctance to assure the economic survival of a working class community of San Diego.Would the city fathers be as quick and willing to write off the communities of La Jolla, University City, Tierra Santa?

Though Congressman Filner and City Councilman Ralph Inzunza are content to just make noise, as elected officials and Democrats, they fall far short of the mark. Once again the Republican members of the City Council again demonstrated how shallow and meaningless are their prostrations that their Party is the Party of inclusion.

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