December 13, 2002


Water to the Imperial Valley is Vital to their existence

Water to the farmers of the Imperial Valley is the lifeblood of their existence. Without it the crops will not grow. Without it, the life-giving element of their existence is gone. Water, to the hundreds of thousands of hardworking Mexicans who daily toil in the searing heat of the Imperial Valley to harvest the lettuce, carrots, melons, and other crops, is the difference between life and death for their families. Water is what transforms a virtual barren desert into a bountiful garden that sustains the lifeblood for millions of people in our country. Without it, America will no longer be the food basket that helps sustain life throughout the continent and in many barren countries throughout the world.

Water to San Diego will go to sustain the thousands of swimming pools that dot our countryside. Water to San Diego means we shall be able to sustain green grass lawns, flowers, bushes, trees, a tropical paradise of growth in our front and back yards in an environment that is by nature desert lands. Water to San Diego means the encouragement for more and more growth. More water to San Diego means more water theme parks which carter to an ever growing tide of humanity that wants to waste and use up the limited water that comes to our area from the Colorado River and from the Northern watersheds created by the snow packs.

Once again our political leadership is demonstrating how short sighted it is in its planning, its use of public lands, its lack of control of growth and how little the care or knowledge about our bio-diversity. They allow themselves to be manipulated by growth advocates, developers and corporate entities that care little about our hemisphere or worry little about our future. What matters to them is the immediate wealth that they can accumulate by exploiting the main water source, the Colorado River.

Nevada, Las Vegas is a prime example of how we waste the most valuable resource in our existence. At the rate we are going, California will soon use all the available water resource in satisfying the ignorant desires for more and more pools, water play lands, to run about in water toys, and to encourage more and more development.

The Mexican people along our borders are dying because the waters of the Colorado River have been siphoned off to the extent that they get no water. Their Colorado River is non-existent.

Greed is difficult to contain. It is time that the use of our diminishing water supplies be placed under Federal regulation. It is unfortunate, but we have been unable to demonstrate that we are capable of taking care of our basic resources that are vital to our existence. The greed for profits seems to somehow overshadow the need for the survival of the human species.

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