December 12, 2003

From Fernando Suarez del Solar in Iraq:

Hello everyone:

All is as well as can be. I was finally able to go to the place where my son Jesus had his accident, a very lonely place near where there used to be an Iraqi National Guard base. I was able to stand in the exact spot where Jesus fell. I placed the crucifix that my wife gave me in the ground and prayed, asking that wherever he is that he help us find peace. I took some earth, which may still hold Jesus’ blood, for my return trip so that I can plant a white rosebush in a park in Escondido and place a sign that says: “For peace and brotherhood between two fraternal nations—USA and Iraq—in memory of Jesus Suarez del Solar Navarro and all the fallen in Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

It was a painful experience. I wept, yes, I wept out of control and I asked my son’s forgiveness for the times I was a bad father, for the times I punished him unjustly, and I know that from that marvelous place he now inhabits he responded that he loved me very  much. I lost strength and the friends who were with me came to my aid and held me up, they all wept with me. The press was there and they turned off their cameras and wept too and prayed that my son’s soul rest in peace.

Finally, my spirit calmed itself a bit. I now have more energy than ever because I am convinced that the energy my son left in that place has been transferred to my body and that he will be with me, nearer than ever, always protecting me.

I will tell you about other activities later. Thank you for your invaluable support, thank you, and receive  greetings from all my travel companions. 


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