December 11, 1998


"Fourteen Days Before Christmas"

Es tiempo… It is time for mamacitas with the ayuda of all their hijas to begin making los TAMALES! It is the Christmas season! Soon all our casitas will be filled with the aroma of la masa, stuffed with carne, soya de res, puerco o pollo, flavored with chile and ajos all wrapped up in corn leaves. The raising aroma of the tamales as they are steamed cooked is sure to make todos, all of us, lick our chops in anticipation of Christmas Eve.


For the Wee Ones... For the young ones, don't forget Tamales Dulces. Sweet Tamales. For all our NORTE AMERICANOS just eliminate the carne (meat) substitute sugar (azúcar), piña (pineapple), and sprinkle raisins rolled in masa (specially prepared for tamales), steam cook and watch the kids! They will eat them as fast as you make them.


If you blow it, call La Prensa's specialist in Tamale cooking: MARIA at 231-2873. She is pura CACHANILLA!


No olvide... Don't forget what CHRISTMAS is all about. "El Nacimiento:... The birth of JESUS CHRIST. Ponga, put, the CHRIST into CHRIST-MAS. Good way to get into the spirit of Christmas is to go to the Celebration and Parade in honor of La Virgen de Guadalupe that takes place this Sunday Dec. 13. (See our notice on this event).


Bring a little Christmas charity to Señor Spanos. Give the citizens a Christmas gift by eliminating the onerous charger ticket support plan that is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. We know we didn't have the smartest Mayor and City Manager when they entered into this ticket FOOLISH TICKET SALE AGREEMENT. But it is we, Joe Lunch, THE FANS that are suffering from their incompetence.


Please bring sanity to our elected officials and stop the insane approving of tract after tract of ticky-tacky housing that is destroying America's (used to be) most beautiful city. You keep building and the hordes will come! Please stop catering to the insatiable greed of every two-bit developer in town.


Bring to our political leaders some REASON and UNDERSTANDING OF WHY THEY ARE ELECTED! Remind them that they are not hired to seek ever more and more ways to entertain the mobs. Check out our charter and remind yourself of what you are elected for. Nowhere does it say that you folks are required to entertain the benny-boopers, nor the jaded Baby Boomers, nor the dope-heads that are being attracted to San Diego. We use to be a city where we could raise our families in tranquility… No more.


Pues, you get the picture.

(Don't forget, dice El Jefe, Dec. 15, & 22 will be the final deadline to place your Christmas greetings or sales pitch in La Prensa. La Prensa will publish on the 18th and 24th of Dec.)

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