December 11, 1998


From Uganda With Amore: A Wake Up Call

"My Father's Daughter… Continuing the Dream"

Author: Victoria Wilson Darrah
Publisher: Servant Warriors Publishing Company,
P.O. Box 60047, Pasadena, Ca. 91116-6047
197 pp. ISBN 0-9644039-0-0
$11.95 paper back
Publishing Date: Second printing 1997.

By Daniel L Munoz

Speaking to and listening to Victoria Wilson Darrah, an African woman, is an experience that I will not soon forget. Her soft voice brought a message that resonated deep into my subconscious. As this tall beautiful African Queen spoke to me and spoke about her book "My Fathers Daughter... Continuing the Dream," I became aware that I was in the presence of more than a book writer. Her sad, but piercing eyes, penetrated to the depths of my soul. I felt the powerful emotions of the driving force within her life. I was in front of a very special person.

"I am African," she stated, "which means that I belonged to a tribe (of Uganda). Tribalism was a cancer that was tearing that beautiful continent apart. Uganda alone boasted of people groups which spoke over thirty different languages and many more dialects. One of the two most widely spoken African languages in Uganda was Luganda (the other being Swahili), the language of the Baganda, the largest and most dominant group." Victoria Wilson Darrah was fortunate. She was born into the most powerful and wealthy tribe of Uganda, the Baganda who were the elite's of Uganda. Victoria was raised believing that she was superior to all the other groups.

But the story she has brought to America is more than about Uganda and the wars that overthrew the existing colonial system. And, brought to power Milton Obote and Idi Amin who plunged Uganda into a 21 year nightmare of death and destruction. "My Fathers Daughter" is the poignant story of a daughter who is born and raised by one of the most famous African Evangelist, the Rev. John Wilson. It is a story of a loving daughter who struggles mightily against the devil to sustain her Christian beliefs and of the constant struggles to finally win the battle between the devil and her soul. It is a story of her struggles in America where she faced, for the first time in her life, racism and was dragged down to the lowest dungeons of hell. It is a story of how she received her calling and was tested mightily before she learned that she was sent by the Lord to wake up America.

Her mission field would be North America. She was commanded to save America where Christianity has lost so much ground and Americans have become spiritual paupers… Americans are in the grips of the devil… Victoria Wilson Darrah has come to issue a call to war against the devil! With the spirit of her father and her hard-earned faith that was tested in the hottest forges of the Devil, Victoria is determined to help America save itself.

Victoria is on a Holy crusade to bring peace and reconciliation and to continue her father's legacy.

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