Volume XXVIII Number 49 December 10, 2004

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Scripps Memorial and Scripps Mercy merge for better health, theirs and the communities

By Luis Alonso Pérez

When Chula Vista patients visit the 4th and H Street Scripps hospital they may not notice that some small changes have occurred, like, that it is now named Scripps Mercy instead of Scripps Memorial. But this is only the beginning of a series of changes that will be happening at the hospital since Chula Vista and Mercy merged to become one hospital.

Chula Vista’s Scripps Mermorial will now be called Scripps Mercy

The California Department of Health Services initially approved the merge of Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest and Scripps Memorial in Chula Vista, under one license and one name, on October 1st. They will now be known as Scripps Mercy Hospital, with two campuses, South and Central.

Chula Vista has been part of the Scripps health care system since 1986. “Actually it joined for the same reason” said Tom Gammiere, Chief Executive for both campuses. “The hospital was struggling financially and had to find a partner”.

When the south bay hospital first joined Scripps it was a more of a structural change, in terms of the administrative aspects of a system, but not as clinical opportunities.

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Unidos por la comunidad: Scripps Memorial y Scripps Mercy se unen para mejorar la salud en Chula Vista
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Cuando los pacientes de Chula Vista visiten el hospital Scripps de la calle cuarta y H, tal vez podrán percibir que han sucedido algunos cambios. Algunos podrán notar que ahora se llama Scripps Mercy en lugar de Scripps Memorial. Pero éste solo es el principio de una serie de cambios que sucederán desde que decidieron unirse para formar un hospital.

Museum of Art ofrece devolver la pintura que se informó había sido robada de una iglesia en Hidalgo, México
La Junta Directiva del San Diego Museum of Art ayer votó unánimemente por apoyar la eventual restitución de una pintura mexicana del siglo XVIII, Expulsión del jardín del Edén. La acción de la Junta Directiva abre el camino para la devolución de la pintura a oficiales del gobierno mexicano quienes han investigado si esta obra, adquirida por el SDMA a finales del 2000, es en efecto la misma que más tarde se descubrió había sido robada de una pequeña iglesia en Hidalgo, México, ese mismo año.

Bush VS. Berry – Battle Over Future Of Civil Rights Panel
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The clash between President Bush and Civil Rights Commission chair Mary Frances Berry over when Berry’s term expires is more than a head bump between two strong-willed public officials whose views on civil rights differ wildly. It’s about what the rights panel should be about, and how tightly its commission should be under the thumb of the White House.


Gambling on Social Security: Would young people fare better under Bush plan?
By Chris Otts and Rebecca Trela
WASHINGTON – Like many young workers, Libby Bibings, 23, has given only a fleeting thought to saving for retirement. But if she doesn’t start soon, she admitted, it may be too late.

Stop spending and save for retirement
People are bombarded daily with messages telling them to spend their money. University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) is a voice encouraging them to save, and offers a variety of tools to help them do so.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Nuestro terrorismo
Normalmente no nos meteríamos con temas como el de San Juan Ixtayopan, Tláhuac, donde la población linchó a tres policías el mes pasado, pero hemos caído en la provocación. Ésta vino en el mensaje semanal de Vicente Fox a los mexicanos en Estados Unidos, cuando prefirió hablar del linchamiento sin que a nosotros nos incumbiera. Dijo Fox que lo hacía porque la situación era “muy bochornosa, muy vergonzosa”, y “algo que nos apena y es algo que merece una intervención directa, rápida y eficaz de parte del Gobierno Federal”.

Hong Kong Company to Develop US$1.2 Billion Port in Ensenada
Hutchison Port Holdings, part of the Hong Kong conglomerate Cheung Kong Group, will invest US$1.2 billion in a new port in Ensenada over the next ten years. According to an article in the Tijuana newspaper Frontera the port would be similar to the one in Long Beach, California and would be the primary port of the Asian Pacific.

On the edge of the line: The documental photography of Roberto Córdoba-Leyva
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Fotos by Roberto Cordoba-Leyva

“I guess you’re lucky, I don’t usually carry this around” said photographer Roberto Cordoba-Leyva during his interview. He reached into his backpack and took out a stack of books, in which he has published some of his work. The first one he looked through was a large book printed in Spain, then he pointed into a picture and started talking.

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez (D-Los Angeles) named his leadership team for the 2005-06 Regular Session.

SACRAMENTO –Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez (D-Los Angeles) named new chairs to the Assembly’s committees for the 2005-06 Legislative Session.

Por Beverly Luyles, traducido al Español por Karina Flores-Hurley

Seguro Médico y Buena Salud Para Miles de Niños Latinos
Todo niño se merece buenos cuidados de salud. Sin embargo, el 30% por ciento de los niños Latinos viven sin seguro médico -comparado con un casi 20% de los niños afro americanos y 13% por ciento de los niños blancos no Hispanos. En el 2000, hubo 12.3 millones de niños Hispanos menores de 18 años viviendo en los Estados Unidos -el grupo minoritario más grande del país de acuerdo a la oficina del censo.

Colds, Flu in La Casa?
Here’s some handy hints to get well soon
With the nationwide flu vaccine shortage this year, more than half of Latinos say they are concerned that someone in their family will come down with the flu, but only 21 percent of those surveyed described themselves as “very knowledgeable” about steps they could take to avoid the flu, according to a new survey of Latino consumers.

Centros Comunitarios de Salud: Donde la Comunicación Cuenta
Acabo de decidir aceptar un nuevo trabajo en un hospital en San Francisco. Lo más difícil de la decisón ha sido decirles a mis pacientes que ya no voy a trabajar en la clínica comunitaria de salud en Oakland donde he trabajado por muchos años.

Grossmont College to Award Pins to 35 New Nurses Dec. 17
Pioneers Accelerated RN Program for International Medical Graduates
The health care community has a Dec. 17 appointment with Grossmont College to receive a crucial transfusion of new nursing blood. On that day, Grossmont’s innovative “Welcome Back Program” will graduate the first 35 members in a special effort to infuse international medical professionals into the American health care system to help alleviate the critical shortage of qualified nurses. The event will be noted by a “Pinning Ceremony” on campus at 5 p.m. in room 220.

Programa de estudios de posgrado de UCSD en micro finanzas y desarrollo en telecomunicaciones para ayudar al México rural
Como parte de los esfuerzos del gobierno de los Estados Unidos para ayudar a desarrollar la infraestructura en telecomunicaciones y mejorar los mecanismos de financiamiento de pequeñas empresas en el México rural, se han creado siete becas para que estudiantes mexicanos asistan a la Escuela de Estudios de Postgrado en Relaciones Internacionales y Estudios del Pacífico (IR/PS) de UCSD. Las becas también buscan apoyar estudios de campo en las regiones rurales de México e involucrarse en trabajos de investigación en el Centro de Estudios México-Estados Unidos de UCSD.

Algunas Notas de la Ciudad de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Parece un sueño, hace unos días respirabamos aires panistas, hoy respiramos aires priístas, pero ¿Cuál es la diferencia?


Chula Vista Mayor/City Council Removing the Public from Redevelopment Process!
The City of Chula is one of the fastest growing cities in California, and as such it has had to face many growing pains. The east side of the city, over the past ten years, has been transformed through unprecedented housing development. Every undeveloped piece of land has been changed into mega-housing tracts. There are few undeveloped lands left for the time being, but there are specific plans for those areas.

Obstinación de la Iglesia Católica
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
El reciente acuerdo de la Iglesia Católica de pagar $100 millones de dólares a 87 fieles religiosos en el Condado de Orange soluciona una parte del problema, no la encara desde sus raíces. Al dejar el sistema intacto, manteniendo sus reglas del juego, especialmente continuando con el voto de castidad y el celibato, el problema de abuso sexual contra menores, se mantiene latente en esta institución religiosa.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Extraordinario Texto en “El Amante”
Por: Paco Zavala
El Amante, es un pequeño texto de lectura, pero en su contenido se encuentra la energía y el dinamismo de las grandes obras literarias.

Conferencias y Exposiciones Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
La Dra. Teresa Fernández de Juan, Investigadora del Dpto. de Estudios Culturales del Colegio de la Frontera Norte, impartió el pasado 1 de diciembre, en las instalaciones del Centro Cultural Tijuana, la conferencia “Desde la violencia conyugal: investigaciones sobre el papel de la autoestima y de la musicoterapia como alternativa de ayuda”.

Christmas Calendar of Events
Rosarito Beach Celebrates ‘Navidad’ With a Big Fiesta
Summoned by the Secretary of Tourism of Rosarito, various organizations have united to bring about what will be the second installment of the Mexican Christmas Festival which will take place from December 10th to 19th in various venues within Rosarito, Mexico, with events that include the great food, culture and Mexican traditions.

Cuban-American Rapper Pitbull Exhibits Versatility, If Not Originality
By Francisco H. Ciriza
While it may be difficult for many to see past his contemporary rap/hip-hop look and demeanor, Cuban-American rapper, Pitbull, does possess a deeper individual identity. His music is meant to be played loud which only serves to amplify the often misogynistic lyrical content and to boost the all ready apparent cocky attitude, but there is also a tendency to hear some fresh sounding beats and a style that may actually more original than most in this genre.

Inculcando la música en las nuevas generaciones
“Sobre los rieles” es una labor de amor entre padres e hijos
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Ya no se imaginaban Daniel y Alfredo Esquivel, cuando formaron el Grupo “Los rieleros del Norte” junto a Pemo González, allá en los predios de Pecos, en Texas, que después de 22 años y 31 producciones discográficas, iban a estar haciendo música junto a sus chamacos, que han seguido la tradición de sus progenitores.

Definiendo sustancia
Ocean’s 12 trata de sobrepasar a su antecesora
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Ocean’s 12 es casi tan divertida como su predecesora, pero sufre un poco de “secuelitis”. Los cineastas han dado casi en el blanco de la diversión, pero todavía se siente que la primera parte fue definitivamente mejor.

As soccer legends retire, they reminisce about careers
By Ivy Meagan Smith
Laughter, friendship and competitiveness are what women’s soccer legends Mia Hamm, Juile Foudy and Joy Fawcett said they’d miss the most as they prepared for their last game as teammates.

Former South Bay Soccer Rivals Unite for Mexico
By John Philip Wyllie
One time rivals Lina Valderrama (Bonita Vista High) and Jessica Romero (Castle Park High) found themselves on the same side of the ball Wednesday night for a historic game in Carson California. Valderrama and Romero were in Mexico’s starting lineup at the Home Depot Center for a 5-0 defeat suffered against the United States Olympic Gold Medal Team.

Southwestern College Names Mike Pompa Head Football Coach
Chula Vista — Southwestern College’s Physical Education Professor Mike Pompa got an early birthday and Christmas present. Pompa, who turns 58 December 23, has been appointed SWC’s new Head Football Coach. The appointment becomes official starting spring term 2005.

Pirates roll over Trojans
by Ivan Orozco
As Castle Park’s players listened to team captain post-game speeches Friday night, defensive coordinator, Bing Dawson, approached John Mena and Oscar Espinoza and kissed them on the back of their heads.

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