December 6, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Tis the time to be Merry, Ya es Christmas time! Some of our gente getting early Gifts Luis Natividad, not knowing that he was going to be offered a job by new San Diego City Councilman Charles Lewis went and ran for the City Council of National City and won! Now he faces a dilemma, The National City position is a part time position not much dinero here. The job offer by Councilman Lewis pays mucho dollars and is a full time position!

Pregunta: Can Luis serve two masters at the same time? Is there a conflict of interests here? Is it legal for Luis to serve two different municipalities? Where are Natividad’s loyalties? Local Raza politicos think Luis ought to keep one of the jobs and open the other one for another Chicano to be appointed or hired!

Hijole! San Diego City Councilman Ralph Inzunza Jr. didn’t expect to be bitten by the City Ethics Commission so soon. Ethics folks want to look into some questionable violations of the city’s campaign laws that occurred when he ran for Juan Vargas’s seat. Seems Ralphie Baby doesn’t believe they should look at him! Inzunza came under scrutiny shortly after former City Councilman Byron Wear was charged by the Ethics Commission of violating city campaign laws. That little fiasco cost Wear a much-desired seat on the Regional Airport Authority!

Pregunta: When is the City Ethics Commission going to open the Pandora’s Ethics box and investigate the unethical shenanigans committed by City Hall insiders under Mayor Susan Golding during the PADRES AND CHARGERS give away of taxpayers funds?

A big Tezozomoc Abrazo to Socorro Rodriguez-Anderson and the St Patrick Catholic Church Organizing Ministry of Carlsbad, for speaking out against the Carlsbad City Council who voted to approve a regulation which reduced by 50 percent the number of units of affordable housing to be built within the city.

Un Gran TEZOZOMOC Abrazo to Ofelia Escobedo, Connie Trejo, and Frances Jauregui owners of the Carlsbad “Lola’s Seven-Up Market & Deli for putting themselves on the line fighting for affordable housing for all the working poor of the City!

The Tezozomoc Good Citizens Award earned by Julio Ramirez, of the Mexican American Organization, Leo Pacheco, Marsha Edwards and Mark Day, for standing up to the City politicos at Tuesdays Council meeting for ignoring the plight of the working poor, the Mexican immigrant community and all those who need affordable housing!

Our new District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis stumbled coming out of the chute. She kind of shot herself in the foot! Her fund raising efforts were ill advised by her “political handlers”. Campaign is over Mz Dumanis. Get rid of all your campaign staff. It’s over with! Those folks are still in a campaign mode! Surround your self with your professional working staff!

The “message from Garcia” came through! Superintendent Bersin got it and acted! The bolt of lightening came through. Much of the problem with San Diego Unified lay with his hired gun from New York: Anthony Alvarado. Now we all know why they couldn’t stand him. “Blue Print for Success” may have a chance now of succeeding with the parents, teachers, students and most importantly with the community!

PREGUNTA: How many of histories poets, musicians, geniuses, painters, artists, sculputers, singers (operatic or otherwise), writers and yes scientist ever got a degree from a college? Quincy Troupe may not have a degree from some college, but he is a world class poet. Some folks just don’t know it! Creative is not learned it is in our genes….You either have it or you don’t!

In the spirit of Christmas we end Tezozomoc Speaks with a Poem

La Navidad

Era la noche de calma plena
Mostraba el cielo su claridad,
Y a media noche de Gloria llena
Dábase al hombre la enhorabuena
Por ser del Cristo la Navidad.

Baja del cielo, diáfano, hermoso,
Vertiendo un angel glorioso luz
Y a los pastortes, con alborozo
Dice les traigo nuevas de gozo,
¡que hoy en Judea nace Jesus!

Canta en seguida del cielo un coro
Su dulce antífona celestial,
¡Gloria In Excelsis …!eco sonoro
que se difunde con notas de oro

por todo el ámbito terrenal. ..
Llenos de dicha, fe y esperanza
Van los pastores hasta Bélen,
A allí postrados en alabanza
Píos contemplan su bienandanza
Dando al Mesías el parabíen

César Augusto vése ignorado
Y distinguido el casto pastor:
¿el que se exalta se vé humillado
el que se humilla se vé exaltado
por el heraldo del Redentor

Vuelen las notas angelicales
De aquel mensaje de amor y paz,
A las naciones que hoy en fatales
Lides derraman rojos raudales
De sangre y ruina con furia audaz

Séales este glorioso día
Fulgido foco de inspiración;
¡truéquese la hórrida lid impía
en dulces cantigas de alegría
digna y angelica bendición

En santo júbilo estimulemos
Entre los hombres el buen humor;
Nuestras rencillas hoy olvidemos,
Y con los ángeles prodiguemos
Al desvalido bondad y amor

Felipe Maximiliano Chacón
Diciembre 23, 1923
Albuquerque, Nmexr

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