Volume XXVI Number 49 December 6, 2002

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La Guadalupana está presente entre los tijuanenses

Por Pablo de Sainz

Desde el domingo pasado, la Catedral de Tijuana, en el mero centro de la ciudad, se llena de celebración para empezar a conmemorar un año más de uno de los acontecimientos más importantes entre los católicos mexicanos: la aparición de la Virgen de Guadalupe a San Juan Diego el 12 de diciembre de 1531.

El altar de la Catedral está bellamente adornado con imágenes de la Guadalupana y de San Juan Diego. Una cascada artificial y papel metálico de color café, dan forma al lugar original donde la virgen hizo su aparición: el carro del Tepeyac. Las rosas rojas están presentes por todo el altar y el resto de la iglesia. Sin duda, un lugar solomne para orar a la Virgen de Guadalupe en su día, el 12 de diciembre.

Desde el cielo una hermosa mañana,
desde el cielo una hermosa mañana,
la Guadalupana, la Guadalupana
bajo el Tepeyac”.

Pero afuera de la Catedral también una gran celebración. Enfrente del templo, localizado en la Avenida Niños Héroes, entre las calles Primera y Segunda, una armoniosa fiesta guadalupana invita a todos los tijuanenses a conmemorar llenos de alegría. Los puestos de comida mexicana ofrecen tacos, pozole, menudo, champurrado, dulces de piloncillo y calabaza, elotes preparados con mayonesa y chile, aguas frescas de todos sabores.

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Un paisaje que recuerde
Maria Eugenia Castillo
Por Mariana Martinez
Me veo muy mexicana, había mencionado Maria Eugenia en su correo electrónico, y tenía razón, con su trenza negra y plata y sus grandes arracadas artesanales, Maria Eugenia Castillo es sin duda una mexicana.

A landscape that remembers
María Eugenia Castillo
By Mariana Martinez
I look very Mexican, María Eugenia had mentioned in her e-mail, and she was right, with her black and silver braid, and handcrafted earrings, María Eugenia Castillo is without a doubt, Mexican.

Method to His Madness — Why Bush is Obsessd With Saddam
By Franz Schurmann
Hardly a day after 9/11, some Internet prankster put up a composite picture of President Bush wearing a big, white turban. At the time it was just a joke in bad taste. But now it seems the Muslim Middle East obsesses Bush and just about all of political Washington, D.C.

Latino Political Clout Strengthens as the Caucus Continues to Grow and Gain Key Positions
SACRAMENTO — A new class of Latino Caucus Members were sworn in today at the State Capitol increasing the Caucus’ numbers and influence in the State Legislature. The new crop of Legislators bring a wide array of perspectives and experience to Sacramento.


Carrying a Torch for Hope
Bearers of Flame From Our Lady of Guadalupe Relay Message to Immigrants in U.S.
In the eyes of Ricardo Juarez, a 35-year-old construction worker, a painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe accompanying runners from Mexico to New York could just as well be the Virgin Mary herself.

December 12: History of the Virgin of Guadalupe
According to the Catholic Church and to millions and millions of Catholics in Mexico and around the world, on December 12, 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego, an Indigenous peasant, in Mount Tepeyac, near Mexico City.

California Youth Violence Prevention Scorecard Released; San Diego County Has High Assault Rate
San Diego County scored in the middle of the rankings in a statewide report released today measuring progress towards preventing youth violence “Choices for Youth: A Public Education Campaign to Prevent Violence Against Youth” issued the report, which grades counties on the state of youth safety and efforts to provide youth with positive choices.

Se Verificó la IV Reunión Nacional de Directores y Organizadores de Festivales Artísticos y Culturales
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana cierra el año 2002 con una febril actividad cultural.

Survey Finds Tepid Support for Vouchers Among Legislators
TEMPE, Ariz.— Vouchers rank last among the education reform options favored by state legislators in a new survey, even among those who favor the school-voucher concept in principle.

UC Awards Funds to the Center for Latino HIV/AIDS Research at San Diego State University
The University of California’s systemwide AIDS research program has awarded $425,000 to support Entre Fronteras, the Center for Latino HIV/AIDS Research at San Diego State University.

San Diego Native Receives U. of Minnesota Graduate Studies Fellowship
Roxanne Ornelas of San Diego is a recipient of a University of Minnesota’s Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Recruiting Fellowship for 2002-03.

New California Cultures Program Examines Golden State’s Changing Economic and Demographic Profile
By virtually any standard, California is one of the most economically and demographically dynamic places in the world. The dramatic and continuing changes in the economy and demographics have also led to a unique set of challenges, including socioeconomic polarization, the erosion of California’s public education system, and work force shortages. In response to these changes and the challenges they present, the University of California, San Diego has established an innovative new academic initiative: California Cultures in Comparative Perspective (CCCP), and has appointed an award-winning scholar, sociologist David Pellow, to lead the new project.

Por Diego Álvarez
En las fiestas, cuide sus bolsillos
Cada diciembre, el frío del invierno hace que entremos en calor con nuestros sentimientos. La época es propicia para todo tipo de manifestaciones de cariño y afecto. Pero muchas personas confunden ese afecto con valor, dinero, dólares, regalos, gastos, publicidad, y todo lo relacionado con que nuestro bolsillo sufra.

Christmas Comes to Imperial Beach December 14, 2002
Admittedly it’s a little ahead of the conventional Christmas date, but Christmas comes to Imperial Beach Saturday, December 14 this year.

Chula Vista Kiwanis Kick-Off New Community Service Partnership
Free Infant Car Seats to Low-Income New Mothers
Chula Vista – The Kiwanis Club of Chula Vista, in partnership with Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista, will kick off an infant car seat give away program today. The Kiwanis Club of Chula Vista will donate 10-15 infant car seats per month to Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista to be distributed to low-income new mothers who otherwise would not be able to purchase a car seat.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Nuestro Verdadero Valor
Una colega argentina, acá en los Christophers, se encontró hace poco con un conocido también de Argentina, que acababa de regresar de Buenos Aires. “¡No vaya!” Le dijo. “Pero si tiene que ir, vaya preparada. Lloré casi todos los días. Los chicos revolviendo la basura, buscando comida. Los vi con mis propios ojos. ¡Los chicos buscando comida en la basura, en Buenos Aires! Nuestra hermosa y limpia ciudad...” Los ojos se le llenaron de lágrimas, y no pudo seguir hablando.


Carlsbad City Council Denies Affordable Housing for U.S. Marines, Mexican Americans and working Poor!
Mayor Bud Lewis along with Councilwoman Ann Kulchin, Julie Nygaard and Councilman Matt Hall voted to cut affordable housing by more than 50% from the City of Carlsbad General Plan! In the process, they will be reducing the stock of affordable housing available to those working families who earn $30,000 or less per year! Those that will be the most affected will be working class Americans, Mexican Americans, Asians, Filipinos, Blacks and all other minimum wage individuals who labor in the secondary labor market, hotels, restaurants, sales people, the agriculture sector, hospitals, schools, and low wage laborers, to name a few.

Invirtiendo en el futuro
Por Serafín A. Zasueta, Ph.D.
Como educador, uno siempre cree que la educación es importante para todos. Durante las elecciones pasadas, me fue muy grato ver que la mayoría de los votantes de California piensa lo mismo. A todos ellos: ¡mil gracias!

Do you want a happy holiday?
By Robert H. Linnell
What a silly question. Of course, everyone wants a happy holiday season. Unfortunately nearly 3,400 of us won’t be here to enjoy the holidays. If we consider the period from Thanksgiving through the New Year, the number jumps to about 5,000. Since September 11, 2001 we have heard a great deal about the lives of the 3,000 innocent people who lost their lives and the devastating effects on the tens of thousands of surviving family members, friends and employers. But here I refer to fatalities from traffic “accidents”, most of which are preventable.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Tiger Woods could make a difference
I can sure understand how frustrating it must be for Tiger Woods as editorialists and commentators pressure him to boycott the Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters tournament because of its failure to welcome women into its ranks. Who wouldn’t want to try to win the Masters three years in a row, something no other golfer has done or even had an opportunity to do?

Tezozomoc Speaks
Tis the time to be Merry, Ya es Christmas time! Some of our gente getting early Gifts Luis Natividad, not knowing that he was going to be offered a job by new San Diego City Councilman Charles Lewis went and ran for the City Council of National City and won! Now he faces a dilemma, The National City position is a part time position not much dinero here. The job offer by Councilman Lewis pays mucho dollars and is a full time position!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Nueva biografía del popular Cucuy de la Mañana
Por Pablo De Sainz
De 6 a 10 de la mañana, mientras se visten para ir al trabajo, mientras conducen su automóvil hacia el trabajo o la escuela, mientras ya están trabajando, miles de hispano-hablantes alrededor de Estados Unidos, incluyendo San Diego, escuchan a un hombre en la radio, un hombre picarón, chistoso, contador de chistes rojos sin censura, poseedor de una de las voces más populares en la radio en español. Ese hombre es Renán Almendárez Coello, un locutor de origen hondureño mejor conocido entre la comunidad hispana como El Cucuy de la Mañana.

Toño Rosario pone a bailar a América con su nuevo disco
Por Pablo de Sainz
El nuevo disco del merenguero Toño Rosario está causando sensación en las estaciones de radio de Estados Unidos que tocan música tropical.

Teatro Mascara Magica’s “La Pastorela Nacer de Nuevo” Combines Humor and Inspiration
Teatro Mascara Magica’s award-winning pastorela is celebrating its 12th anniversary this year and the Mexican-inspired Christmas musical is fresher and more relevant than ever. Where else would theatre lovers see Michael the Archangel, Lucifer, Jerry Springer, Martha Stewart and Spiderman sharing the stage?

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Francisco Zavala
El pasado miércoles 27 del pasado mes de noviembre el Café Literario adscrito a Casa de Cultura Playas Cortijo San José se vistió de gala al presentar en un concierto muy especial al fabuloso grupo de “Los Alabastrinos”, compuesto originalmente por José E. Cisneros (piano), Juan Vejar (Vocalista) y Oscar Martínez (bajo). Interpretaron música de antología incluyendo un gran número de boleros; fue una noche inolvidable.

Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez:
“I Will Be El Salvador’s First World Champion!”
By Fiona Manning
Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez is a certified champion in the hearts of Salvadorians everywhere - with or without a world title to his credit.

Beltran Hopes for Quick Return
By John Philip Wyllie
As the third place San Diego Sockers (6-8) move into the middle third of their 36-game schedule trailing the Milwaukee Wave by three games, they are poised to battle for the divisional leadership. Slowed by injuries out of the starting gate, the Sockers look to get healthy and move up the ladder as the season progresses. The expected return of last season’s Rookie of the Year, David Beltran, should help them substantially as they attempt to close on the division leading Wave.

Becijos Battles Pain to Rank Among County’s Best
By John Philip Wyllie
While Sweetwater High School’s Edgar Llanez captured 2002 Mesa League Runner of the Year honors, a strong Bonita Vista Baron team featuring Ryan Becijos, Abraham Alvarez, Julian Zamora, Michael Valdez, Ryan Groth and Michael Morales claimed team honors for coach Ian Cumming’s cross country squad. For Becijos, the Barons team captain, the season was extended an additional weekend. His fourth place finish in the CIF San Diego Section Division I finals on Nov. 23 earned him a trip to Saturday’s state competition in Fresno. In order to get there, Becijos had to overcome a slow start and battle back through the last three quarters of a mile to move from the seventeenth position to the fourth.

Southwestern College Host the 4th Annual South County Bowl Saturday, Dec. 7
CHULA VISTA – Looking for a little December bowl game action? Look no further than Southwestern College’s DeVore Stadium. Come Saturday, December 7 at 5 p.m., two of San Diego’s leading community college football teams – the Palomar College Comets and the Grossmont College Griffins – will hit the field to fight for the South County Bowl title, which brings prestigious, fame and – of course – bragging rights.

Cox Arena Sold Out For Wildcat-Aztec Basketball Clash
San Diego State hosts top-ranked Arizona Saturday night in a men’s basketball clash that will be seen by a national cable television audience as well as a record crowd at Cox Arena.

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