Volume XXVIII Number 48 December 3, 2004

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Alvarez Selected California Spirit of Sport Award Recipient

By John Philip Wyllie

For most high school students, getting called into the vice-principal’s office is something to be avoided at all costs. That is because at many schools, vice-principals handle disciplinary matters. When Bonita Vista High’s Abraham Alvarez got the call last week, he was summoned for a very different purpose. Vice-principal Dennis Rasmussen had the pleasure of telling Alvarez that he had been selected from among all the athletes in California this fall for the prestigious CIF Spirit of Sport Award. The Spirit of Sport Award recognizes one student-athlete each season for his or her exemplary sportsmanship, school and community service and leadership.

It is easy to see why the Mexican-born Alvarez was selected. Currently ranked number one in his class, Alvarez owns an astronomical G.P.A of 4.78. A G.P.A. of 4.0 would be a straight “A” average, but due to the difficulty of the many IB classes he has taken, grades received in those classes are weighted. Thus it is possible, as Alvarez has shown, to exceed what is essentially a perfect G.P.A.

The son of a Mexican physicist and a biochemist, Alvarez would like to become a surgeon. The list of universities he has applied to reads like a Who’s Who of the top American institutions of higher learning.

“I’ve applied for early admission to Harvard and I am in the process of applying to UCLA, Berkley, and UCSD. I’ll also apply during the regular admission period to Yale, Princeton and Stanford. Harvard is probably my first choice,” Alvarez added.

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La Virgen de Guadalupe
By Heriberto Escamilla

There is no doubt that la Virgen de Guadalupe is not just a symbol, but that she truly is Mexico; she has been present at most of the significant events that have shaped the country’s modern growth and development. When the padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla incited the Meztizo army against the Spanish oppressors, it was the Virgen, emblazoned on a high-flying banner that led the way. Years later, when Felix Hernandez assumed the first Mexican presidency, he appropriately renamed himself Guadalupe Victory. When the humble Benito Juarez separated church and state, the only religious holiday he dared not touch was December 12th, when Mexicans all over the world celebrate the patron saint’s appearance. And in 1862, when General Ignacio Zaragoza was charged with resisting the French advance to Puebla, it was on the hills of Loreto and Guadalupe where he successfully made his stand.

Tijuana’s new boss: Who is and why did Jorge Hank win the elections?
By Luis Alonso Perez
There’s a new boss in Tijuana, and he wants everybody to know it.

Salud y Manipulación Política
Cómo el movimiento Pro-Vida está aumentando notablemente su influencia en el electorado norteamericano
Por Eduardo Stanley
El aborto es una operación quirúrgica destinada a interrumpir un embarazo. Cuando se realiza en condiciones médicas normales, no es considerada de alto riesgo y con limitadas posibilidades de consecuencias postoperatorias.


Many plans for San Ysidro
The two member-elect for the School District’s Governing Board talked with La Prensa about their plans for their term
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
On December 9, Raquel Marquez and Paul Randolph will become the newest members on the San Ysidro School District Governing Board, taking the places left by Ernestine Jones and Luis Figueroa, who served on the board for 16 and 8 years, respectively.

Muchos planes para San Ysidro
Los dos miembros electos de la Mesa Directiva del Distrito Escolar hablaron con La Prensa acerca de sus planes para su periodo.
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
El 9 de diciembre, Raquel Marquez y Paul Randolph se convertirán en los nuevos miembros en la Mesa Directiva del Distrito Escolar de San Ysidro, tomando los puestos que dejaron Ernestine Jones y Luis Figueroa, quienes sirvieron en la mesa directiva por 16 y 8 años, respectivamente.

Jorge Huerta Appointed to Two New Posts at UCSD
Marye Anne Fox, chancellor of the University of California, San Diego, today announced the appointment of Jorge Huerta, professor of Theatre, to the new dual post of associate chancellor and chief diversity officer.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
La lana para el 2005
O lo corrigen y me dan lo que pedí, o se los reboto por la vía legal. No lo dijo así exactamente, pero eso propone Vicente Fox para “negociar” el presupuesto federal del 2005 que los Diputados Federales le rebotaron y del que le recortaron miles de millones de pesos.

Por Diego Alvarez

En las fiestas, cuide sus bolsillos
Cada diciembre, el frío del invierno hace que entremos en calor con nuestros sentimientos. La época es propicia para todo tipo de manifestaciones de cariño y afecto. Pero muchas personas confunden ese afecto con valor, dinero, dólares, regalos, gastos, publicidad, y todo lo relacionado con que nuestro bolsillo sufra.

Hábitos Saludables para la Época de la Gripe
Por el Dr. Steve Black, MD, según lo dicho a Peter Micek
Como cada año, al llegar el otoño las noticias empiezan a hablar de la gripe. Este año la escasez de la vacuna tiene a muchas familias preocupadas, pues no saben si sus niños y familiares ancianos obtendrán la protección que necesitan contra la enfermedad. Vacunarse contra el virus de la gripe es una manera importante de evitar la enfermedad, pero hay muchas maneras de combatir el virus antes y después de que uno se enferme.

Southwestern College Helps Students Pay for College; Reminds Students to Apply for Financial Aid
Chula Vista — Registration for spring semester at Southwestern College (SWC) is underway and College officials want students to remember one important thing: Don’t forget to apply for financial aid.

!Ojala todas las mujeres fueran feministas!
Por Carmen G. Kcomt
Feminista, sinómimo de: Mujer inteligente, que conoce sus derechos, y lucha por ellos, que no depende de la referencia de otros – llámese marido, esposo, jefe o patrón - para existir. Contrariamente a lo que la mayoría cree, el Feminismo es una corriente que se encuentra dentro de la ideología progresista al igual o a la par que otras que luchan por los Derechos Humanos como son; Las que luchan contra el racismo, la xenophobia, la homofobia, el sexismo, y como tal, el Feminismo asume que todos los seres humanos, mujeres y hombres somos iguales, que nos corresponden los mismos derechos.

Latino Author Claims “Left Behind” Doctrine Fans Flames of Political and Religious Conflicts
Several authors of theology books, including a former Latino radio-television talk show host and news reporter, today tossed a theological gauntlet at those who promote the Left Behind doctrine, claiming it is not biblical. The Left Behind doctrine teaches that born again Christians will be secretly caught up to heaven seven years before Jesus Christ returns back to earth, thereby escaping a period they call “The Great Tribulation.” The doctrine also claims the turmoil in the Middle East is the unfolding of Bible prophecy.

A better Christmas for all the community
Several San Ysidro organizations are having food and toy drives for needy families
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Although sometimes the rest of the county sees San Ysidro as the “Ugly Duckling” of San Diego, this border community has much to offer, and as proof, San Ysidro has come together to make this Christmas a better day for needy families.


The Election of Mike Aguirre, Dawning of a New Era?
The election of Mike Aguirre, as District Attorney for the City of San Diego, has the downtown establishment types a bit uneasy as he prepares to take the oath of office December 6th. The problem is that they don’t see him as part of the “good old boy system”. He is an outsider of sorts and is seen as a far different City Attorney as opposed to the long line of compliant city attorneys of the past.

The Devil’s Work
Bush’s Minority Appointments
By Liaquat Ali Khan
The Bush administration is making history in hiring minorities to perform high-profile jobs. Colin Powell was the first black man to head the State Department, Condoleezza Rice the first black woman to be the National Security Advisor, and soon Secretary of State. Alberto Gonzales, if confirmed by the Senate, would be the first Hispanic to be crowned as the United States Attorney General. The induction of these and other minorities into what has been a game of white monopoly is bewitching in that it tells the world that President Bush values both equality and diversity and that racial prejudices, actively wired in American power grids, are falling apart. No longer are Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians confined to dirty jobs, such as cleaning private quarters of the white establishment. See, says the Administration—now sons and daughters of the people of color are being actively recruited for leading the world.

National City Spotlight:
Community Development for the Community
By Ted Godshalk
The National City Spotlight column’s purpose is to examine issues in our community that require deeper thought than is usually given in the popular media. Difficult days lie ahead for those of us who live and work here. We face issues like increased housing costs, lack of social and municipal services, rapidly expanding government debt, unresponsive and secretive government, attacks on the quality of our lives and our environment from noise, pollution, and traffic, and the over commercialization of many aspects of every day life. This bi-weekly column will discuss these issues and others.

A Hanging Right Here in America’s Finest City
By Ernie McCray
Nothing in life has bothered me more than what’s happening to Jerome Silvels, a young black man who has already had one trial and faces another for a murder he neither committed or knew was going to be committed.

Frenesí del Mercado
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Mientras ojeaba las últimas noticias de la prensa escrita cotidiana, especialmente la sección de negocios para informarme de los resultados económicos del Día de Acción de Gracias, mi niña de ocho años me preguntó: “¿Por qué la gente gasta tanto dinero?”. Pregunta simple pero contundente y tuvo a varios economistas clásicos –Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Carlos Marx, John M. Keynes, entre otros— filosofando para descubrir el entorno de la naturaleza del gasto y del dinero.

Debtor Nation
By Robert B. Reich
The holiday buying season is upon us. You might as well spend your cash now because the dollar is dropping like a stone in international currency markets. It’s dropped nearly 30 percent since 2001, and is now at a record low. Even without the recent dour pronouncements of Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary John Snow, the greenback is likely to fall further. And the reason is simple: We’re living beyond our means. American consumers are deep in debt. The nation is importing more than we’re exporting. Most importantly, the federal budget deficit is out of control.

El Presidente Bush made a trip to Mexico to sooth al Presidente Fox who is beginning to feel poco escamado. Time getting corto en “Los Pinos.” El PAN seems to be losing ground. Word out of Los Pinos is that Governor Schwarzenegger insulted al Presidente. The Guv had tiempo to go to the homeland (Germany), had a cup of Tea with the Japanese, in Tokyo, shared a cup of Camels milk with the King in Jordan, he even toured Israel checking out the ancient digs....Pero, he had no time to eat Tacos with el Presidente Fox!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Teatro Máscara Mágica’s La Pastorela de los Inmigrantes Spreads Humor and Inspiration at the Old Globe
The Old Globe will present Teatro Máscara Mágica’s (TMM) acclaimed production of La Pastorela de los Inmigrantes by Max Branscomb, directed by William Virchis, to play in the Cassius Carter Centre Stage December 10 – 23.

Holiday Calendar of Events:
Southwestern College Presents La Posada Mágica
Holiday Production on Stage Dec. 10-12
Chula Vista — The Southwestern College (SWC) School of Arts and Communication is proud to present La Posada Mágica, its holiday production. The musical will open Dec. 10 and run through Dec. 12.

Feria Artesanal y Fiesta Guadalupana
Instituto de las Américas, 9 de diciembre, 2004
La Jolla — El día 9 de diciembre el Instituto de las Américas será sede de una exhibición de cerámica mexicana libre de plomo cuyas piezas estarán en venta. Celebraremos también la Fiesta Guadalupana, evento religioso —festejado el 12 de diciembre en México— en honor a la Virgen de Guadalupe, reconocida como emperatriz o patrona de las Américas. Gracias al Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), la exhibición contará con fotografías de David Alemán, fotógrafo Bajacaliforniano quien ha capturado en sus imágenes el fulgor y variedad de la Fiesta Guadalupana.

Special Holiday Activities Scheduled at Recreation Centers in Chula Vista
Visits from Santa, winter crafts and gifts, and a special day camp are among the holiday activities for youth planned at Chula Vista’s recreation centers during December. In addition, several centers are offering special daytime or evening activities for children, giving their parents time for their holiday shopping or gift-wrapping.

Conciencia Artistica
Momentos y expresiones de un México capturado por el lente de Mariana Yampolsky
Por Geneva Gamez
El Museo de Arte Fotográfico (Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) de San Diego presenta una extensa exhibición de fotografías que nos dejó la gran fotografa Mariana Yampolsky, quien tomó un apasionante y fiel interés en la vida rural, social, política y cultural de México por más de la mitad de un siglo.

Culture Clash en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Tres hombres sobre un escenario vacío y una bandera gigante de Estados Unidos como fondo, fue lo único que el grupo Culture Clash necesitó para hacer que un teatro entero se riera y reflexionara sobre la diversidad en la sociedad americana.

The San Diego Latino Film Festival: Call for Entries
By Geneva Gamez
The Media Arts Center San Diego’s internationally recognized San Diego Latino Film Festival, soars into a second decade of impressive and exhilarating new activities, special events and initiatives for the upcoming year.

Acercándose a la realidad
Closer delinea las dinámicas de vida en los años 2000
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Películas como El graduado y ¿Quién le teme a Virginia Wolf? ejemplificaron las claves de la vida en pareja durante las pasadas generaciones. Closer (dirigida por el mismo director de aquellas dos obras seminales, Mike Nichols) intenta decodificar lo que sucede actualmente, con nefastos resultados para los amantes de hoy en día.

Clausura de la Muestra Nacional de Teatro
Por: Paco Zavala
Las espectativas que se persiguieron al organizar la Muestra Nacional de Teatro en Tijuana, deja magníficos resultados en todos los aspectos en que ésta se desarrolló.

Mexico’s Valderrama Preparing for Historic Match vs. USA
By John Philip Wyllie
When Mexico squares off against the United States in Women’s soccer Wednesday night (live on ESPN 8:00 p.m.) fans at Carson’s Home Depot Center will be seeing a lot more than just an international friendly. They will be witnessing the end of the era. Wednesday’s game between the two regional foes will mark the last time that pioneering stars Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and July Foudy will don the U.S. colors. Long-time defender, Joy Fawcett, who also starred in the inaugural 1991 Women’s World Cup, will join them in retirement following the game. Due to an injury however, her role Wednesday night will be limited to sideline cheerleading.

Eastlake’s Versatile Romero: A Star in Two Sports
By John Philip Wyllie
Despite the fact that the Eastlake Titans (7-4-1) ended their season on a sour note last weekend, their 2004 campaign as a whole was a good one. South Bay teams rarely fare well against their North County counterparts in CIF competition and the Titans 17-0 shutout at the hands of the fourth-ranked Torrey Pines Falcons was just the latest in a long line of set-backs suffered by South Bay football teams.

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