December 1, 2000

Tezozomoc Speaks

Pobre de Juan Vargas, el nuevo chivo de la asamblea, he hasn't even been sworn in and "las Rucas del SouthBay" are already trying to pull him down "like a crab" off a barrel. The South Bay Chavas don't take offense lightly. How dare he call them and their front groups as NOBODIES! I know you ladies are new at this political game but try and remember You don't get mad just get even...!! MAAC Project, MAPA etc not really a heavy-duty political base!


Jones wopped Lopez for the Sydro School Board seat. The count is in and 4th termer Ernestine Jones flat out took Saundra Lopez. Lopez had her chance once before and blew it!


Fran Zimmerman, San Diego Unified School Board Trustee, solidified her victory over the Chamber of Commerce patsy (Dubrick). Your business types best stick to the bottom line and stop messing with people's lives. Remember THE PEOPLE are the ones that go to your stores. If your master plan for our children's education fails, it just might affect your bottom line! It will be our responsibility as a member of the 4th Estate to let the folks know who put Ottinger, Lopez & Bersin in office!


Que pasa Julia, agencies calling saying your phone is out of business! La Frontera died, is El Sol now also gone? Let el Jefito know. Getting awful lonely around here. Keep this up and El Jefito liable to sell out.


4th of December will see new Mayor Dick Murphy sworn in along with Scott Peters, Toni Atkins, Brain Maienschein, and Jim Madaffer, all new city councilpersons. In case you didn't notice there are no Hispunnnnnics in this list. Thank God, after the Vargas tenure, we need a rest. Hey Dick... Who is going to be your "Hispanic Liaison with the community?????"


Amigos de los MECH-istas... The SDSU MEChA folks will celebrate 30 years of Chicano Studies at SDSU! All you MECHISTAS join in the fun on December 8, at Montezuma Hall, Aztec Center betwixt the horas of 5-10 p.m. Oh, forgot it is also the 30th Anniversary of MEChA. Now for how much lana it takes to go Chanclear: Students: 15 bolas! Older vatos & chavalas it will cost 30 bolas! This will cover the tab for the Benefit Reception and Banquet. La lana will go towards scholarships.


PREGUNTA: How come no Raza were selected as ELECTORS from San Diego County???? Democrats selected: Craig Roberts, San Diego, Kristie Mann, El Cajon, Thor Emblem, Escondido, & Ron Oberndirfer, El Cajon. Guess the Democratic Party in San Diego is made up of Right Wingers, and a bunch of losers. 750,000 Mexican Americans in San Diego don't mean much in San Diego... I guess.

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