Volume XXIII Number 52 ~ December 30, 1999

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"Faces of San Diego" Presents the Largest Family Photo Album

A first-of-its-kind initiative called Faces of San Diego 2000 is collecting old family photographs from San Diego County County residents to create a virtual historic photo album. The Faces of San Diego 2000 photographs will be displayed on various websites and unique public venues throughout the millenial year.

Honorable Mention. Catarino Pyan (second from right) paying a visit to childhood friend Luz C. Villa, Pancho Villa’s widow, at her home in Chihuahua, Mexico, circa. 1958. Great-great-uncle of Angelina N. Talamantes, student at Mesa Jr. College, is part of “Family History” exhibition.

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Latino Media Council Request FCC Hearings on Concentration of
Ownership in Broadcasting Industry
The National Latino Media Council (NLMC) has requested that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hold public hearings on the growing competition and concentration of ownership in the broadcasting industry.

The Real Y2K Problem - Two Million Prisoners In 2000
By Vincent Schiraldi and Jason Ziedenberg
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Once we dust off our keyboards and realize our computers still work, Americans will have to deal with the real Y2K problem facing this country. By Valentine's Day of the year 2000, America will achieve the dubious distinction of having more than 2 million of its citizens behind bars.

La Cruz Roja Americana Envía Insumos de Emergencia a Damnificados
en Venezuela Efectivo, frazadas, paquetes de higiene y otros
Washington — Un equipo de siete técnicos especialistas en respuesta para desastres de la Cruz Roja Americana fue enviado para que se adjunte a la respuesta multinacional de los derrumbes de lodo e inundaciones que han matado a más de mil y sacado a miles de personas de sus hogares en Venezuela. El equipo incluye expertos en evaluación de daños y análisis de necesidades, logística y comunicaciones.


John C. Guerra Makes a Difference in the Lives of Children
Basking Ridge, NJ — Receiving a scholarship to attend high school did more than secure an early education for John Guerra; it changed his life. That scholarship created what Guerra describes as a turning point in his life, affording him opportunities he never would have known otherwise. He credits his high school education for shaping the person he is today, and for sparking his life-long commitment to children's educational programs.

Veterans Dealt 'Catch 22' Blow by Court; American Legion to Continue Battle
WASHINGTON -- In a legal move that leaves veterans seeking a fair disability hearing by the Department of Veterans Affairs in a "Catch 22" situation, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit refused to grant the motion that would have stopped a recent VA change in procedures that severely impacts veterans.

MiraCosta Students Complete 450-Hour Volunteer Tutoring Project,
Sign Up For Second Stint

It's not like Eddeille Boado and Deborah Spillane don't have anything to do. Both are fulltime students at MiraCosta College. And Spillane has two daughters. But as participants in MiraCosta's new AmeriCorps/Reader Leaders Project, they each made the commitment to spend 450 hours tutoring kids in reading at local elementary schools. And as the first students to complete those hours, they were honored in a special graduation ceremony Dec. 17, at MiraCosta's Oceanside campus.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Yhamel Catacora
Con Paso Firme Hacia el 2000
Al son de un ritmo muy latino, 1999 transcurrió como un suspiro. Pero al contener el aire para respirar el aclamado año 2000, es importante reflexionar, pensar en lo que se fue y sobre todo en lo que está por venir.

Latinos and the Millennium
By Dr. Jimenez-Safir, Psicologa
As we look forward to January 2000, we also need to look back upon this past year.

Sugerencias para cumplir las resoluciones de año nuevo
Houston — Las resoluciones de año nuevo son más fáciles de cumplir si conoce su patrón de comportamiento.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney, Director of The Christophers
En Las Manos de Dios

Tal como lo indica el calendario, hemos llegado a un nuevo alto en el camino de nuestra vida — el año 2000! Un buen momento para hacer una pausa y reorganizar nuestro recorrido hacia el futuro.

Planning Group Elections Just Around the Corner
Interested in serving as a member of one of San Diego's Community Planning Groups? Now may be the time to start your own planning.

Reward Offered for Information on Taxi Driver Assaults
A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for robbing and assaulting three Yellow Cab taxi drivers since December 18.

Low-Income Workers, Families Can Get Free Eye Exams
Sacramento — Low-income workers and their families in California can sign up now through January to receive free eye care through a program called VISION USA.

Entertaining Entertaining
The scene A simple, sensational gathering of favorite people, fun, food and festivity!


Adios 20th Century, Hello 21st Century!

Things Aren't Bad in the US

By Domenico Maceri
"Why are the people of Mexico coming here if things are so bad" a reader wanted to know.

A New Year Finally Means Something

By Raoul Lowery Contreras
I eagerly look forward to the coming new year. I speak for Hispanics, in general, and Mexican Americans, in particular.

New Years' Thoughts From Our Readers
We asked our readers for their Year-End thoughts on the out going 1990's and/or on the New Year 2000. These are their thoughts.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Poets Corner

Oyamel González
La primera noche que te amé fue porque tus ojos los formó una laguna azulada de agua dulce.

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros

CVP Music Video Network and Online Holiday Concert Series To Offer
Broadband Option in Microsoft Windows Media Format
Columbia Records' website will now offer broadband programming, in conjunction with the launch of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media Broadband Guide, and distributed by iBEAM.

Fundraiser to help support the Centro Cultural de la Raza!
Join us for an evening of Culture Clash to help raise funds for the Centro Cultural de la Raza.

KMEX-TV Recibe el Nuevo Milenio con Cobertura en Vivo del 111avo
Desfile de las Rosas

Los Angeles — KMEX-TV, Canal está afinando los detalles para su cobertura del 111avo Desfile de las Rosas, en vivo desde Pasadena, el 1 de enero del 2000.

Raul Rodriguez Estará en la Carroza del 21st Century Insurance Durante el Desfile de las Rosas
Duarte, Ca — El diseñador de muchas carrozas premiadas durante el Desfile de las Rosas, Raúl Rodriguez, estará a bordo de la carroza del 21st Century Insurance en el 111avo desfile a celebrarse el 1ro de enero del 2000, en Pasadena, Calif. Raúl es un personaje muy carismático y colorido que se siente tan cómodo como en su propia casa entre la pompa, el magnífico espectáculo y el aura fascinante que envuelve al Desfile de las Rosas.

San Diego Boat Show Launches Into 2000 With More Boats, New Products...
and Twiggy, The Water Skiing Squirrel
Squirrels hardly come to mind when thinking about water recreation, but that will change as the 2000 San Diego Boat Show drops anchor at the San Diego Convention Center and Marriott Marina Jan. 6, 2000. Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel makes her West Coast debut at this year's San Diego Boat Show.

La Copa Oro y la Ronda Clasificatoria Para La Copa Mundial Son Sólo Parte
del Intenso Calendario de la Confederación Para el 2000
El nuevo milenio está casi por llegar y ya el año por venir está repleto para los equipos que pertenecen a la Confederación con eventos desde el mes de Enero hasta el mes de Diciembre.

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