December 23, 1999


Santa Is Coming! And Tezzy still isn't finished with his shopping list! Bueno it's still dos días (two days) before he delivers the goodies.

Santa don't forget our top local city Barrister, CASEY GWINN, San Diego's own "Poncio Pilato." Give him a Bible to read. Perhaps he will learn that "he can't wash his hands off" the PADRE BALLPARK DEAL." He is now so eager to spend hundreds of dollars of the taxpayers city funds to hire lawyers to fight against the citizens. They are making efforts to get out of the stupid agreement that the City got into, with his advice and consent as the City Attorney! He forgets a MOU is nothing but a piece of paper. It is not a contract. Before he nails the citizens to the cross sends him back to Roma. Bring San Diego a real lawyer. They need one badly.


Santa CLAUS bring to all the so called Editors, hidding in the warrens and dark corners of the Union Tribune, their own personal plaques emblazoned with the following statement:

"Our paramount responsibility is to provide news and information that is accurate fairly reported and untainted by diminished credibility from any source whatsoever." (Now where did I read those words???).


(Pssssssst Mrs. Helen Copley, about the cozy relationship between the Chargers & Padres organizations and the Union Tribune??? The cozy relationship between your newspaper and the Mayor of San Diego, the former City Manager McGrory, the Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate/Busineses Elite's of the city??? How about a relationship with the CITIZENS of the City and County of San Diego… Now there is an idea!


Wow Santa, your bag is going to be full this year!


Oh yes, por favor bring the District Attorney Paul Pfingst his own personal copy of the California State Bar "Rules of Professional Conduct." Perhaps it will help him in the conduct of his office and improve his relationship with the State Attorney General.


(Santa, between Gwinn and Pfingst acting as Mayor Susan Golding's private Attorney, the "PEOPLE" have no one representing them and their CITY!)


Most of all SANTA bring the gift of love, happiness and health to the many, many people who work 365 days of the year unnoticed in behalf of humanity. They, of course, will get their just rewards from the Heavenly Father when the time comes for them to join him.


¡Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas!


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