December 23, 1999

Venezuela Appeals for Help

The following was released by the Embassy of Venezuela:

Venezuela suffers today a serious emergency caused by the worst torrential rains in 100 years. This catastrophe has so far left 100,000 people homeless, has caused more than 100 deaths, and has produced more enormous material losses. In addition, countless people are still missing.

Our country is experiencing one of its most difficult hours; domestic resources are insufficient to face this calamity. We need the help and the solidarity of the international community to keep the damage from becoming even greater.

The most urgent supplies required to face this disaster are: bed linens, blankets, waterproof boots, medicines, antibiotics, saline solution, surgical equipment and supplies, disposable baby bottles, canned food, portable houses (that can be assembled), tents, portable toilets, sleeping bags, disposable diapers, industrial kitchens, camping kitchens, camping refrigerators, and camping lamps.

We urgently appeal to your humanitarian aid. To send your supplies, call the following institutions:

-- Venezuelan General Consulate, San Francisco, 415-512-8340; or

-- The American Red Cross, 800-257-7575.


-- Oceanside: Infosearch Wireless, 1935 South Coast Highway, (760) 433-4448.

-- Sabre Springs: Vasquez Marshall & Associates, 13220 Evening Creek Drive, Suite 117, (858) 513-2290.

-- Tierrasanta: Home Plate, 6030 Santo Road #G, (858) 576-9631.

-- Clairemont: Tropical Star Restaurant, 6163 Balboa Ave., (858) 874-7827.

-- Morena: Andres Market/Restaurant, 1249 Morena Blvd., (619) 275-6523.

-- Chula Vista: Office of Julio Armenta, Marienela Zamudio Palacio, 815 Third Ave., #214, Chula Vista, (619) 470-3388 or 420-4470.

The people of Venezuela will be forever thankful for your cooperation.

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