Volume XXV Number 35 August 31, 2001

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America's Silent Emergency: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

By Yvette tenBerge

Americans have long believed that the commercial sexual exploitation of children happens mostly to infants and adolescents in distant countries. These words conjure images of the infamous red light districts of Bangkok, Thailand or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ­ places that we want to believe exist anywhere but in our own cities, towns and neighborhoods.

Panel of researchers, human-service and law-enforcement leaders at the bilateral conference on sexual exploitation of minors.

According to the results of an extensive, three-year study conducted in the United States, Mexico and Canada, however, tens of thousands of children throughout North America are the victims of juvenile pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking each year.

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Blood for Coal
By David Bacon
- Every summer, supporters of human rights in Congress seek to derail the huge budget for Plan Colombia. This July, however, the military aid the US has been sending to one side of that country's civil war wasn't the only reason Colombia wound up in the middle of Congressional debate. The heated controversy surrounding the administration's energy policy, passed in the House on July 31, laid bare a growing economic reason why the U.S. is being drawn into that conflict. And it's not drugs. It's coal.

The New Face of Farm Labor - Indian Teens from Mexico, Guatemala
By Mary Jo McConahay
— A soft-spoken 17 year old named Eduardo is the new face of the labor force that puts American food on the table: a teenage Mexican Indian.

Latino Strategy Could Backfire
Legalizing Illegals May Lead to Democratic Domination
By Allan H. Ryskind
August 27, 2001 - How far will the White House and some of its eager pro-immigrant Republican allies go to try to capture the Hispanic vote? The short answer: We don't know yet.


Eliminar el acoso en nuestras escuelas
Para eliminar el acoso, primero debemos ponernos de acuerdo en no tolerarlo.
Por: Bob Chase
Tan pronto comienza el año escolar algunos padres de familia, lejos de pensar en calificaciones de las pruebas estandarizadas o la calidad de los maestros, estarán más bien contemplando el problema milenario del acoso entre estudiantes en la escuela.

Bullyproofing Our Schools
To eliminate bullying, first we must agree not to tolerate it.
By Bob Chase
As another school year begins, some parents will be thinking not of standardized test scores and quality teachers, but of the age-old problem of bullying.

Política de Intolerancia Total en San Diego City Schools
La Mesa Directiva de Educación ha aprobado la siguiente Política de Tolerancia total que se aplica a los alumnos de escuelas intermedias (grados 6-8), secun-darias (grados 7-8 ó 7-9) preparatorias (grados 9-12 ó 10-12):

Zero-Tolerance Policy in San Diego City Schools
The Board of Education has approved the following Zero Tolerance Policy that applies to students in middle school (grades 6-8), junior high (grades 7-8 or 7-9) and high schools (grades 9-12 or 10-12):

Back to School Means Checking Child's Shot Record
Children Need Proof of Several Immunizations Before They Can Attend School
With school starting soon, parents have lots to get done like buying back-to-school clothes and school supplies. But there's one vital step parents must take if they want their children to start school on time: make sure kids meet the school shot requirements.

Línea Informativa directa Para Padres en Operación del 27 de Agosto al 7 de
Los padres que se sientan confusos, preocupados o ansiosos de obtener ayuda respecto asuntos relacionados con el principio del año escolar pueden llamar a Línea Informativa Directa para los Padres de San Diego City Schools.

Parent Information Hotline to Operate Aug. 27 - Sept. 7
Confused, frazzled or otherwise anxious parents can get help regarding their beginning-of-the-school-year concerns by calling the San Diego City Schools Parent Information Hotline. The hotline will operate weekdays from Monday, Aug. 27, through Friday, Sept. 7, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The first day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 4 The hotline will not operate on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 3.

Los Padres de Familia y Los Maestros Como Socios
Por Bob Chase
He aquí una prueba de sorpresa para los padres de familia al inicio de un nuevo año escolar. ¿Cómo percibe usted su rol en la educación de su hijo? ¿Será usted:

La Columna Vertebral
Por Yhamel Catacora
Cerrando las brechas en la salud mental
¡No estoy loco! Es la típica respuesta que damos u obtenemos cuando sugerimos o nos sugieren una visita a un psicólogo o a un psiquiatra. Es que inmediatamente relacionamos a esa visita con el diván de Freud y también con las camisas de fuerza, la cárcel, ¡el manicomio! Y tantos otros productos de nuestra creativa imaginación, o de nuestro poco conocimiento de este campo.

Mexico starts radio outreach program for migrants
- Some 23 million Mexicans living in U.S. will be able to get closer to Mexican authorities by means of the radio program "De Paisano a Paisano," which started transmissions through the Internet from Mexico City on Friday.

BC's High-Risk Border-Crossing Zones
Raúl Ramírez Baena, the head of the Baja California Human Rights Office, told Tijuana's Frontera newspaper that Mexico will force migrants into more dangerous, less-traveled areas and into the hands of human traffickers by declaring high-risk zones along dangerous parts of the US-Mexico border. He also said that Mexico should not do the US's immigration dirty work.


Labor Day : The Day of The Worker
"Labor Day" was set aside over a hundred years ago as a special holiday to honor the men and women whose labor and hard work were a major contribution to the growth and success of this nation. Over the years there has been a tendency to denigrate the role of the working people of this country and to diminish their importance in our society.

KPBS Public Radio/Television Ignores San Diego Minorities
It is indeed unfortunate that KPBS/Channel 15 and KPBS/FM89.5 are suffering shortages in their yearly budgets. Being over a million dollars shy of meeting your operating expenses should ring alarm bells in the heads of the managers of the KPBS system. KPBS has not been able to show, since the 1998-1999 operating year, any substantial increase in funds. Expenses somehow always seem to outstrip income.

Zasueta's Dream, the right dream for Southwestern College?
While community colleges are bemoaning the recent loss of $126 million in the budget signed by Governor Davis, Southwestern College under the direction of the board of trustees and Superintendent Serafin Zasueta, are currently in the midst of a spending/planning frenzy the likes of which are unprecedented in local community college circles.

Governor slams community colleges
Millions cut from Grossmont-Cuyamaca College District
Gary P. Kendrick
Governing Board President
Grossmont- Cuyamaca Community College District
I am appalled at the Governor's budget actions and his blatant disregard for community college students. His total vetoes of $554 million included $126 million, nearly 23%, from community colleges. As a fiscal conservative, I believe in careful budgeting, but this was not only overkill, it was irresponsible.

Making Community Colleges Whole
By Assemblyman Bob Pacheco
As a child, I worked alongside my father, who immigrated from Mexico, as a migrant farm worker picking cotton throughout the Southwest. While toiling in the fields, I dreamt of going to college, learning a trade, and providing for my family. Unable to afford the costs of a University of California or a California State University, I enrolled at East Lost Angeles Community College, where I earned an Associate of Arts degree.

Que Esperan los Mexicanos.
Por Paco Zavala
México es un hermoso pais, dueño de una historia impresionante, dueño de una cultura ancestral y moderna, con el reflejo constante desde tiempos inmemoriales de manifestaciones artísticas propias, con la riqueza de sus mares, rios, lagunas y lagos, asi como también de sus valles y montañas, con una riqueza del subsuelo indiscutible, con un don de gentes de sus pobladores al margen de cualquier duda, con una educación mesurada y digna, con una instrucción escolar en la que cada día y cada año se fortalece más y más en sus juventudes, en su progreso y su futuro, esto podriamos decir es un pequeño bosquejo de lo que es este hermoso pais.

Immigrants: "Them" Is "Us"
By Domenico Maceri, PhD
"Pretty soon there will be more of them than us," my neighbor told me, with serious concern. "Us" meant native-born Americans.

Homily by: Father Louise Fischer
The following question was posed by a student to God: Why didn't you save the school children in Littleton, Colorado?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Cine Mexicano 2001 To Screen Mexico's Highest Grossing Film Ever
By Francisco H. Ciriza
The third annual Cine Mexicano, brought to San Diego/Tijuana area moviegoers by Media Arts Center San Diego, will be screening Mexico's highly acclaimed comedy, Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas next month.

Thalia Demuestra Una Vez Mas Su Amor Por Mexico...
Ahora "Con Banda" ... Botas Y Sombrero!!
Un nueva historia de `Amor a la Mexicana', pero una misma Thalía que ama con locura sus raíces patrias y los sonidos autóctonos de su Tierra. La multifacética estrella, está realizada con su más reciente producción de éxitos al estilo banda.

Calendar of Events
by Berenice Cisneros
Composite Cars
Sunday, September 2, MCA La Jolla (700 Prospect St.) The cars of today were once clay models on a designer's worktable. Spend the afternoon with clay modelers from Nissan Design America, view their animated computer designs, and design your own automobile with clay and model car pieces.

Oceguera, Nanez Celebrate WUSA Championship
by John Philip Wyllie
The fledgling women's professional soccer league or WUSA as it is known, brought its inaugural 2001 season to a climatic close on Saturday with a highly entertaining match featuring the Bay Area CyberRays and the Atlanta Beat at Foxboro Stadium outside of Boston. Among those CyberRays receiving congratulations after their come from behind victory, one ultimately decided by penalty kicks, where a pair of stalwart defenders from the Mexican national team, Gina Oceguera and Lisa Nanez.

Debuta La Noche Dominical De Futbol Americano Por ESPN Deportes El 9 De
El 9 de septiembre marcará la patada inicial de la Noche Dominical de Futbol Americano en ESPN Deportes, el bloque de ESPN de 52 semanas de programación deportiva exclusiva en español los domingos por la noche. La transmision inaugural de LA NFL DOMINCAL por ESPN es la primera de 16 de la Central Tennesse Titans y los campeones de la division del Este Miami Dolphins.

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