August 30, 2002

LULAC Announces New Action Against NBC

WASHINGTON, DC - In a major decision by the nation’s oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization, the actions against NBC and TELEMUNDO are being steeped up and expanded to include advertisers and a call for a federal probe.

“We are very disappointed that NBC TELEMUNDO have left us no alternative but to seek redress through stronger, increased pressure and we are resolved not to relent until they change their treatment of Latino employees,” said Hector Flores, President of the League of Latin American Citizens, LULAC

The LULAC National Executive Board voted unanimously to immediately notify all national and local advertisers of NBC and TELEMUNDO and the lack of Latinos on national news programs on NBC. LULAC requested that NBC address these specific issues by July 31st, a deadline the network failed to meet.

“Now several weeks later and only after we sent them more letters demanding answers, they told us they will not release any data and deny that there’s a problem. It is clear that they are not being forthright about the intimidation tactics at TELEMUNDO and they choose to ignore the reality we see on NBC every day by the absence of qualified and experienced Latinos of all nationalities,” said Flores.

Another action included within the resolution calls for an investigation by the U.S. Labor Department, Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) that oversees the employment practices of government contractors.

“We are requesting that the employment and promotion practices of NBC and TELEMUNDO be audited by the OFCC since they are wholly-owned subsidiaries of General Electric, one of the largest defense contractors in the United States. Also, they make enormous profits from taxpayer-funded advertising while ignoring the federal labor laws which govern them,” Flores added.

LULAC also authorized action by the LULAC state and district leaders to immediately notify local NBC and TELEMUNDO station mangers that they will stage pickets and other public demonstrations in markets throughout the United States. The initial cities include Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

“I don’t think NBC can afford to continue ignoring us when we show up outside the TODAY SHOW studios with signs telling Middle America what’s going on. I don’t think Katie Couric or Matt Lauer would enjoy that anymore than their Latino colleagues enjoy what they are having to endure right now,” concluded Flores.

LULAC is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group and advances economic development, fair housing and employment and educational opportunities for Latinos. The organization has more than 700 councils throughout the United States and seeks to work with Latinos of all nationalities.

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