Volume XXVI Number 35 August 30, 2002

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Farm worker supporters rally for the passage of the UFW bill

Four days after 5,000 people rallied at the state Capitol to conclude the farm workers’ 165-mile, 10-day “March for the Governor’s Signature,” local supporters of the UFW bill rallied outside Gov. Gray Davis’ San Diego office on Front street, urging the Governor to sign SB 1736.

SB 1736 is the United Farm Workers-sponsored bill granting field laborers mediation and arbitration to win union contracts when growers drag out negotiations. The governor received the bill on Monday.

The demonstrators, including Christina Chávez Delgado (pictured to the right), granddaughter of César Chávez, want the governor to sign what the UFW consider the most important farm labor bill since 1975. That year saw passage of California’s pioneering law granting farm workers the right to organize.

Even though farm workers at 428 companies voted in secret-ballot elections to be represented by the UFW since 1975, only 185 growers have signed contracts with the union. Thousands of farm workers didn’t win union contracts because growers dragged out negotiations for years, sometimes decades. “What good is the right to organize if farm workers don’t get contracts?” asks UFW President Arturo Rodriguez.

“SB 1736 would finally fulfill the promise of the original 1975 law establishing the farm workers’ right to organize,” Rodriguez concluded.

The mark up Hwy. 99 during the searing heat of the Central Valley summer was part of a UFW campaign to also included Capitol vigils to get the governor to approve the bill.

Michael Giorgino, Republican, Brings Hope in the 40th Senate District
By Daniel L. Muñoz
Michael Giorgino will be the first one to admit that running for the new State Senate seat came about because he just happened to be a member of the Republican Executive Council. Belatedly, he found out that the Republican Party was not going to field a candidate to oppose Democrat Denise Ducheney for the newly created 40th Senate District. This meant allowing Ducheney to walk away with a free pass to the 40th Senatorial Seat. This was too much for the former Naval Commander who still carried within him the Naval tradition that “You don’t give up the ship without a battle”! So he did, what one does in the Navy, “he volunteered” to bring the battle to the Democrat Ducheney.

A Latin American Pope? Si…
By Mary Jo McConahay
As frail John Paul returned to Rome from an emotional journey to his native Poland that carried the scent of good -bye, the question of who will succeed him rises more strongly than ever. The answer may come as a surprise. For the first time in history, the next pope could come from Latin America.

California State Legislature Adopts Goals for Racial and Ethnic Inclusion
Encourages Californians to Engage in Dialogue about Race and Inclusion
Sacramento – The California State Legislature has adopted an historic resolution establishing goals for racial and ethnic inclusion in California. SCR 103 declares California’s “Principles of Inclusion” as the Legislature’s common aspiration for all Californians and as its guiding principles. The Resolution’s authors, Sen. John Vasconcellos and Assm. Sarah Reyes, hope its introduction will initiate public dialogue about one of California’s most profound and pressing challenges in the new millennium: racial and ethnic inclusion.


In Bad Company — Death-Penalty Nations Marked by Extremism
By Andrew Reding
African American and rights groups are calling on President Bush to condemn the decision of an Islamic court in Nigeria to affirm a death sentence by stoning for a woman convicted of adultery. But the president is in an awkward position, having recently ignored requests from 17 foreign governments — including a direct appeal from his friend the president of Mexico — to ask the state of Texas to suspend the execution of a Mexican citizen.

Adriana Alcaraz, Latina in the Spotlight
By Raymond R. Beltran
So, imagine that you’re a border town girl from Tijuana, Mexico. You bring with you the beauty of a young Latina, The light skin face hiding behind the shadows of dark wavy hair, and pieced together with a blossoming trade mark smile and dark brown eyes sparkling with ambition.

LULAC Announces New Action Against NBC
WASHINGTON, DC - In a major decision by the nation’s oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization, the actions against NBC and TELEMUNDO are being steeped up and expanded to include advertisers and a call for a federal probe.

Paige anuncia $15.3 millones en nuevas subvenciones para Universidades Hispanas
Las subvenciones mejoran los programas e instalaciones, amplían acceso
El Secretario de Educación de los EE.UU. Rod Paige anunció la entrega de $15.3 millones en nuevas subvenciones para ayudar a 33 Instituciones al Servicio de los Hispanos (Hispanic Serving Institutions o HSI, siglas en inglés) para mejorar los programas académicos, servicios estudiantiles e instalaciones, incluyendo laboratorios y salones de clase. Para principios de septiembre, unos $70.7 millones adicionales serán otorgados a 157 HSIs para financiar la continuación de subvenciones existentes.

City College - One of only 16 national recipients to receive the $100,000 Hewlett-Packard Mobile Wireless Classroom
On Wednesday, August 21, the San Diego City College MESA (Math, Engineering and Science Achievement) Program officially became one of only sixteen national recipients of a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Wireless Mobile Classroom.

Kellogg Program Seeks to Increase Diversity Among Health Professionals
A $3.6 million program announced today by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will develop new approaches for increasing the diversity of America’s health professions workforce.

Scripps to Create Breast Health Outreach Program
$200,000 Grant to Aid in Equipment and Education for the South Bay
Breast cancer is the leading cause of new cancer in the United States and early detection is critical in combating the disease. Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista has been awarded $200,000 from the Henry L. Guenther Foundation in support of a unique and innovative Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP) providing women in the South Bay with a better opportunity in the fight against breast cancer.

La Investigación Contribuye a la Seguridad Alimentaria
Por Richard Atkinson
Desde mucho antes de los ataques terroristas del 11 de septiembre, la seguridad del abastecimiento nacional de alimentos ha sido de gran prioridad para quienes producen y regulan la distribución de alimentos. Puesto que la mayoría de nuestros alimentos se producen en campo abierto, proteger los cultivos y animales de contaminación o infecciones causadas por algún individuo es un reto constante.

La Voz Del Pueblo
(The Voice of the Community)
For the immigrant worker who had not been paid for weeks and did not know his rights, help was one phone call away last week, thanks to Radio-KRCD-FM in Los Angeles California.

La Columna Vertebral
Por Yhamel Catacora
Entre los ricos y el resto del mundo
(“Más que los actos de los malos, me horroriza la indiferencia de los Buenos” Ghandi, M.)

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Más Allá De La Valentía
Fue un aviso que jamás se me ocurriría publicar y menos aún contestar:

Community Notes:
Port to Seek Additional Community Input on South Embarcadero Enhancement Plans
The Port of San Diego will seek additional community input on enhancement plans for the South Embarcadero area during two days of afternoon and evening public workshops beginning in early September.

Wash Away Water and Energy Bill Worries
Energy and Water Efficient Appliances Save Money
By Luis Generoso
Most people agree doing the laundry or washing the dishes is not a lot of fun. But, you can take steps to reducing your utility bills while you’re accomplishing these household chores. It won’t make them more pleasant, but it will keep them from being expensive, and may even save some time.

Destructive forces at work within the college of the “Jaguar”
The Americas, before the Spanish conquest, was the home of the mighty Mayans, warriors, builders, and readers of the heavens. They struggled to develop a mighty nation across the lands that we now call the Americas. It is fitting that the College, which now sits astride the rolling hills of the Otay Mesa, should be the new symbol of pride, accomplishment and learning. From the ancient roots of the Mayans, Toltecs, and the Aztecs, there now raises a learning center dedicated to bringing honor and respect to the descendents of our ancient forefathers.

City School’s Test Scores Don’t Tell the Whole Story!
Proponents of the Blueprint for Success have been under heavy pressure for the past four years from the initial firing of 600 teacher’s aides, to the manipulation of test scores to-show improvement where there wasn’t any. But they were giddy with joy over numbers released this week showing gains in the test results, feeling vindicated for their dogmatic loyalty to the Blueprint.

Beware the “Motherhood & Apple Pie!”
By Mike MacCarthy
Whenever I hear politicians or bureaucrats lecturing voters on how we “just have to go along with what they propose because it’s “an emergency” or a “win-win” situation, or “motherhood, apple-pie, and the American way,” I immediately get nervous.

By Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante
We observe a little known anniversary this month, one that should be an opportunity to celebrate bi-national brotherhood but is instead a dark moment of shame and guilt. Sixty years ago, in August 1942, our country was reeling from the sudden, unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor eight months earlier.We were mobilizing an enormous army for a two-front war and rapidly converting civilian assembly lines to produce the materials of war. Hundreds of thousands of American men and women had left their jobs to volunteer in the defense of our nation.

Por Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante
Este mes observamos un aniversario poco conocido, uno que debería ser una oportunidad para celebrar una hermandad entre dos naciones, pero que es sin embargo un momento obscuro de culpabilidad y vergüenza. Hace sesenta años, en el mes de agosto de 1942, nuestro país se recuperaba del ataque inesperado a Pearl Harbor. Estábamos movilizando un ejército enorme para pelear una guerra en dos frentes y convirtiendo rápidamente cadenas de montaje civiles para producir los materiales necesarios. Cientos de miles de hombres y mujeres americanos dejaron sus trabajos para ser voluntarios en la defensa de nuestra nación.

Environmental Correctness Threatens Costa Rican Economy
By Juan Carlos Hidalgo
Abel Pacheco, recently inaugurated as President of Costa Rica, kicked off his administration by declaring a new era of “peace with the environment.” But his first “peacemaking” decision looks more like a declaration of war against jobs and economic recovery in a nation that badly needs both. His ruling forbids drilling and mining projects that promised new possibilities for hundreds of unemployed Costa Ricans in depressed areas of the country.

Political Notes:
Politically Correct Washing Machines
Commenting on AB 1561’s approval, Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy (R-Arcadia) said, “coming soon to your laundry room complements of Sacramento politicans – a government inspector to make sure you have a politically correct washing machine.”

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
A Republican Response to Congressman Bob Filner
Congressman Bob Filner, recently, attempted to portray President G.W. Bush as unresponsive to the needs of the U.S. Hispanic population, on the contrary if he would only check his facts he would find that not only has the President been inclusive in his staff selection but also has had the warmest relations in many years with our partner to the south, Mexico.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

9/11 Memorial Exhibition Gives Chance for San Diegans to Reflect
In remembrance of those who perished in the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, The Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) will be presenting a memorial photographic exhibition titled Without Borders: Transcending Terror from September 1 through October 13, 2002, and giving a chance for visitors to record their memories and reflections in an inclusive book presented for public use on the day of September 11, 2002.

Programan Cursos en las Casas de la Cultura de Tijuana Playas y Altamira.
Por: Paco Zavala
Efectuando un recorrido rutinario por los centros culturales en Tijuana, visitamos las Casa de la Cultura con sede en Playas de Tijuana y en la Colonia Altamira, enterándonos de que a partir del próximo lunes 2 de septiembre iniciarán clases ambos centros culturales.

By Francisco H. Ciriza
Maná Revolución de Amor
While the seventh release by Mexican pop/rock superstars will do everything it’s hoped it will do on the charts-it may even do wonders for WEA’s sales as its front offices are hoping for, Revolución de Amor, is a less than spectacular effort.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El Centro Cultural Tijuana se vistió de luces, pompa, elegancia y glamour al presentar el viernes 23 y domingo 25 la Opera de Giacomo Puccini “Madama Butterfly”. La sala teatral estuvo a su máxima capacidad , el dilecto y melómano público tijuanense que asistió a esta puesta en escena operística premió a los artistas que participaron con nutridos y largos aplausos, el respetable abandonó la sala con un agradable sabor de boca en las dos funciones. Las opiniones no se hicieron esperar unas buenas, otras malas pero a final de cuentas se logró cristalizar el objetivo principal, presentar una verdadera función operística en esta ciudad que desde hace tiempo ya se deseaba.

Ecuador is a tiny country with a huge cultural legacy. The San Diego Museum of Man will pay tribute to this Andean country’s rich history and cultural accomplishments with a new exhibit, “Ecuadorian Pottery Traditions,” opening Saturday, September 7 and continuing through May 4, 2003.

De La Hoya VS. Vargas: Bad Blood
Boxing’s “Golden Boy” Battles “Ferocious” Fernando
“Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya will put his WBC Super Welterweight title on the line against rival “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas’s WBA Jr. Middleweight title as the two world champions settle their differences in one of the most anticipated and heated match-ups of the year. De La Hoya vs. Vargas: BAD BLOOD takes place Saturday, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Gomez Gears Up for Aztec Football Season
By John Philip Wyllie
There will be a lot of new faces on the field when the SDSU Aztecs play their first home game on September 14. That is why new head coach Tom Craft will be counting on established veterans like Raul Gomez to lead the Aztecs out of the depths of the Mountain West Conference as they try to improve upon last year’s 3-8 record.

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