August 29, 2003

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Is the City of Chula Vista Open to Diversity?

Today Wednesday Aug- 27 -03, I finally received from the City of Chula Vista Finance Department public information requested about 2 months ago containing the names of the top 30 paid contractors who have gained/won contracts with the City of Chula Vista.

The top paid contractor for fiscal year 2002 was Highland Partnerships Inc, receiving $6,453,206.42. For the 2003 calendar year ending June-30-03 the top paid contractor was Cass Construction receiving $6,371,939.26

I did not get an answer from the City of Chula Vista on whether any of the more than 40 listed companies are or are not ethnic minority owned and I believe this omission was deliberate.

I plan to call the City and see if they can answer how many if any of these large contract payments were made to minority owned companies or businesses. By looking at the lists it appears to me very very few were.

Please remember the City of Chula Vista was asked more than 2 years ago by members of the community and fine community groups to make available to the public bi-annual disclosures regarding the number of contracts awarded to minority owned business. If you see the lists I received today you’ll probably get an idea of why this modest request for openness and transparency was and still is needed and why it should be approved and implemented by the City leadership immediately. Keeping facts away from the public dose not help improve equal opportunity practices and does little to encourage a municipal culture that’s open to the rich and colorfull benefits of diversity.

Virgil Pina
past Chairman City of Chula Vista
Human Relations Commission.

The Old Double Standard

Why is California’s budget crisis the fault of Gray Davis, while our national budget crisis is blamed on a sluggish economy? Was the bust of the “dot com” boom the fault of Gray Davis? Did Gray Davis overcharge California for electricity?

In the recent budget deal in California a deficit of $38 billion has been reduced to $8 billion. At the same time, our national budget deficit continues to soar while Congress and the President increase spending and cut taxes.

If anyone needs to be removed from office, it is George W. Bush for his mishandling of the federal budget. George Bush is lucky that there are no provisions for a recall on the federal level. The equivalent is impeachment. As we all know, impeachment is reserved for high crimes and misdemeanors. Recalls should be reserved for the same; we have yet to hear

a single accusation of an actual crime against Gray Davis. A vote of yes on this recall is a vote against democratic government.

Richard McDole
San Diego

Fox News, KKK, Bustamante, and MEChA

Wednesday, August 27th, on Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Brit Hume, there was a guest who with the full aid and support of Brit, made the outrageous and slanderous charge that Cruz Bustamante belonged to a racist group akin to the KKK while in college and he had yet to denounce this group. What is this group, you ask? It is MEChA. A group of Hispanic student activists dedicated to instilling cultural pride in young Hispanics. This group has been around since the 70s so there is NO EXCUSE for the outrageous charges of racism!

I want you and your readers to know the depths to which the “fair and balanced” Republican mud slingers will sink to. This is what Republicans truly think of Hispanics all the while they attempt to woo them with a few words of Spanish spoken in a hick Texas twang. The right wing hates Hispanic people so much that they want to vilify any institutions they create to uplift themselves. This on top of gutting the entire social service net they depend upon (a necessity now that they have spent the entire national surplus on an imperial war machine and straight into the pockets of Halliburton).  

I hope that you will let your many Hispanic readers know what a dirty, underhanded and thoroughly foul tactic the Republicans are using to smear a good Hispanic candidate in their quest to steal another election that they could never win under normal conditions.

Steve Gonzales
San Diego

My Way Of Looking At It

Considering that the Democrats have elected to attack President Bush it would be well for those of us who understand that freedom and the American way of life from time to time requires us to defend ourselves to speak out. It is crystal clear or it should be that if not for the fact that President Bush elected to attack the terrorist rather than wait for them to hit us again and again that our lives and the safety of our families would be much less than they are today. The situation is much more serious than one would think.

Consider that you are bombarded each day by this pathetic complaining by Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt and Graham over the lack of weapons of mass destruction or the so-called purchase of uranium to build nuclear weapons by Saddam. They do this because they have no plan to offer except to negotiate with terrorist!

The record is very clear and well documented that Saddam would have continued to build up his arsenal to attack his neighbors and eventually he would have become a serious threat to us at home through direct action or through economic blackmail through control of oil. We have troops in harms way and this continual undermining of the defense of our nation by the Democrats is dangerous and needs to be addressed. Those of us who support the defense of our nation need to do much more than roll our eyes at this continuous attack on President Bush, it is time to show those who would tax us into oblivion and have our every function in life directed by some federal agency that the game is up and we the people are taking over.

Terrorist will never stop until they are eradicated from the very core of our lives. Until then we are just victims. Stand up America; do not shame those that have sacrificed everything for our freedom only to run from terrorist and dictators. We are at war and it is time to stand with our President. Time to stand up for America.

Phillip Hurbace
Las Vegas

Arizona Governor Napolitano’s Trip to Visit President Fox to Discuss Pilot Guest Worker Program Goes Without Discussion. Why?

All Americans deplore the senseless jeopardy Mexicans take risking their lives coming into the United States to find employment and to participate in opportunities America offers its residents.

It is primarily employment that is the huge magnet that draws Mexicans to put their lives in jeopardy by having to cross into the United States along the Arizona Mexico border which is where the desert awaits to claim lives of those that walk across its vastness. If the desert fails to stop these workers, American employers anxiously await the incoming flow of Mexicans to fill low paying jobs that otherwise would go unfilled.

Governor Napolitano of Arizona proposes to make Arizona the site for a pilot program to allow Mexicans to enter into Arizona with out benefit of protection, benefits or opportunity to become American citizens. Napolitano wants to bring Mexicans into Arizona to work much without benefits or access to opportunities available to other American residents.

The Mexican worker proposals put forth by the Arizona congressional delegation have many constraints and treat Mexican workers much like slaves. At least the congressional delegation proposals provide for employment anywhere in the United States and considering many Mexicans have already found work throughout the United States.

President Fox has called undocumented workers “heroes” as contributors to Mexico’s families by sending back part of each paycheck to provide for their families left in Mexico. One can only conclude, Fox withheld discussion with Napolitano because he thought it would be a futile discussion with Napolitano.

According to Napolitano, she has been a proponent of a guest-worker program between the United States and Mexico, yet to date, there are no details of any proposal forth coming from her that could be used to influence guest worker plans now being explored in Washington. One, by Senator John McCain and Representatives Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe, all Arizona Republicans, would add two categories of temporary three-year worker visas, which migrants would have to obtain before applying for residency.

Another plan, advanced by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, would give migrant workers a limited “blue-card” visa that would allow them to stay for three years, then get expedited residency consideration. Limitation on type of work and an absolute barrier to make sure these workers return to Mexico and not stay in the United States where they can apply for citizenship is the primary foundation for each of these proposals.

Each of the Washington proposals require Mexicans to return to Mexico to apply for residency consideration in the United States. Considering the bureaucracy of the new Department of Homeland Security, waiting for paper work would be a kiss of death for any residency consideration as the Mexican patiently waits unemployed in Mexico for the paper work to arrive in Mexico.

Since Napolitano supports these proposals indicates she has no understanding on what drives Mexicans to risk their lives. The job is certainly important but the draw also includes the desire to become an American citizen as afforded others that come to the United States with work visas. Napolitano is no sincere friend of Hispanics and appears more interested in a photo opportunity for Arizona publicity. Napolitano’s visit to Fox was cordial but President Fox recognized the trip for what it was, a superficial approach to yesterday’s one day headlines back in Arizona.

Jon Garrido, President
American Hispanic Coalition
Scottsdale, Arizona

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