August 28, 1998

Padre Ball Park Will Go Down In Flames!

In the best of times, selling the voters to subsidize the construction of a new ball park, when it is perceived as not being needed, would be a hard sell. Throwing the Ball Park issue before the voters this November 3rd just about dooms it to defeat. The glut of Bond Initiatives this November from local to state bonding issues will be enough to make property owners and taxpayers leery of adding more taxes to their already overburden tax load.

The main culprits in this scenario have been the rush by municipalities to finance all their pie-in-the sky programs using lease bonds and as one writer points out Hocus-Pocus i.e. not really taxes plans that all have one achilles heel: the public purse is ultimately responsible to pay off the bonds and other incurred bills if the lease bonds fails, or the Hocus-Pocus taxes that are not taxes, such as the TOT, do not cover the owned debt.

School construction bonds are cluttering the ballot this year. It seems that not one single school district in San Diego County, or for that fact in the entire state, was able to maintain the facilities for carrying out their main function: EDUCATING. While school buildings went without repairs, money always seemed to be available to raise teachers and administrators salaries, to increase non-teaching administrative staffs, while there never seemed to be funds for libraries, books, art, music, or to teach the basic 3 R'S IN OUR SCHOOLS. there always seem to be money to squander to send more and more teachers and administrators to "in-service" training... surprisingly all being held in the best vacation cities in the country. Class sizes were reduced at an enormous cost to the taxpayers. The results schools kept graduating more and more functional illiterates. The list goes on.

The voters now recognize that the black-hole that they have poured millions of dollars into is indeed bottomless... YET THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN PALTRY AT BEST.

It will indeed be a difficult time to approve millions and more millions more for football stadiums, baseball parks, conventions centers, and all other entertainment spending when all around us we see the evidence of the failure of the lack of civic leadership in our area.

Seniors on fixed incomes, property owners, businesses, the working poor (half of the working force in San Diego earn $24,000 dollars per year!), make a powerful voice and a large vote to stop the raid on the public purse that is quickly leading America to the same economic hole that Russia, Japan, China, Europe, the Pan Asian Nations are all being sucked down into.

The time may have come to stop this nonsense and work to conserve our economic resources.

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