August 27, 1999

Gov. Davis Adept at Playing Wilson's Wedge Politics

At a time when Latinos and all other Minorities were fighting pitch battles for their children's education, we now discover that Governor Davis was playing Wilson type brand of `wedge' politics with the Mexican and Latino communities being the sacrificial goats.

In a move engineered with then Governor Pete Wilson, Davis agreed to retain former Orange county politician MARIAN BERGESON on the State Board of Education in spite of the pitiful record that she had accumulated as a legislator. As a soldier of Pete Wilson's hate-filled wedge politics, she had been attacked frequently by Mexican Americans and Latinos for her insensitivity to their plight under the Pete Wilson regime.

Pete Wilson's appointed Marian Bergeson as his Secretary of Education two years before his term was up. Outrage was expressed by educators, White Anglo Americans, and minorities, Latinos, Mexican Americans and outraged parents who saw her appointment as a means for Wilson to continue his undermining of the State Board of Education.

With the election of Governor Gray Davis, the opportunity to remove one more anti-education politician was seen. Her confirmation to the State Board of Education would have to be confirm by the State Senate. A 2/3rd vote of the Senate is needed to confirm her appointed.

Unknown to loyal Democrats was that Governor Gray Davis had played his own version of "WEDGE" politics by cutting a deal with the outgoing Governor to retain Marian Bergeson on the State Board of Education as part of an "appointment trading deal"! He willingly sacrificed the education of Latinos, Mexican and Black Americans and all other minorities to further his own personal agenda!

The Senate in committee voted her nomination out to the full floor in spite of heavy lobbying by Mexican, and Latino groups. (The fix is in?)... It now goes before the full Senate for a vote.

Either way, Governor Gray Davis is rapidly doing what the Republicans couldn't do by themselves... DRIVE MEXICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, AND ALL OTHER MINORITIES OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

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