August 26, 2005

Cal State San Marcos Sophomore First on Campus to Receive CSU Schoettler Scholarship

  Gricelda Brito Alva, a sophomore at California State University San Marcos and a resident of Oceanside, has been selected as a 2005-2006 recipient of the systemwide Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students. Each year, California State University selects 15 students from among the 23 campuses to receive the $5,000 scholarship. Alva is the first student to be selected from the San Marcos campus. She will receive the scholarship in two installments during the academic year.

Alva, a 19-year-old graduate of Oceanside High School, is a first-generation college student. She and her family came to the U.S. seven years ago from Gerrero, Mexico. At the time, she did not speak or write English. When Alva was 12, her mother died of cancer. From then on, she and her two younger sisters were raised by her two older sisters.

Now a second-year math major at Cal State San Marcos, she tutors in math and English and maintains a 3.78 grade point average. To qualify for the scholarship, students must have a visual impairment. Alva is nearsighted and uses glasses for reading. Qualifying students must also have a GPA between 2.8 and 4.0. According to Alva, her goals are to complete her undergraduate degree and then enter the credential program in the College of Education. Ultimately, she plans to be a high school math teacher.

“This scholarship award will help me pay some of my college expenses such as part of my college tuition,” said Alva. “It will allow me to focus academically rather than to stress out a lot about money. Most importantly the Schoettler Scholarship will contribute to my goal of getting a college education.”

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