August 26, 2005


Hispanics Support Curbs on Immigration!!!

Not exactly breaking news

For some reason, the fact that Hispanics support curbs on immigration comes as a surprise to some. The fact that not all who are labeled as being Hispanic, are in favor of an open border, is again being seen as some sort of new revelation. This information comes from the Pew Hispanic Center that recently released a survey in which it states “…relatively few Hispanics favor increasing the flow of legal immigration from Latin America and a significant minority, concentrated among native-born Latinos, is concerned that unauthorized migrants are hurting the economy…”

The White Racist, anti-Mexican forces, is running with this tidbit of information, as if it validates their position and proves that they aren’t racist! Then to put an exclamation point on their argument, they raise the specter of Cesar Chavez who opposed the use of migrants as scabs, by the farm owners, in their efforts to destroy their Union. The Racist conveniently twist the words of Cesar Chavez to make it appear that he was a rabid anti-immigrant!

The use of the terminology “Hispanic” to label all those who are descendents of the Spanish Conquest is an effort to lump millions of diverse peoples with different origins, languages, and cultures and attempt to affix negative behaviors, attitudes, in a word affix a negative culture that has no basis in fact.

That there are differing opinions within the so called Hispanics groups is not surprising as every such subgroup has its own culture, identity, and differs in interpretations of what it means to be an immigrant as it does on every other aspect of their daily lives.

Perhaps the real question that should be raised is what fears are imbedded within the so call American “White” cultures? Why do you have German towns, in which “Dagos” (Italians) dare not be caught within the unmarked boundaries? Or why do the Irish populations live in fear and dare not be caught in the Italian & German towns in the Eastern seaboard areas? Aren’t we all “AMERICANS”???? Just what does it mean to be an American?

The use of the term Hispanic is a term created by the mostly White power structure to assign social, political, terminologies which have in the main create negative connotations and notions of inferiority. To be defined is to be controled by those who want control over your lives. It is so much easier, for the power structure, to deal with Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Brazilians, etc., etc., to lump them all in one box and deal with all the various issues under the moniker of Hispanic. To deal with each ethnic group as an individual entity signifies power and respect.

To put us all in one box diminishes who we are. So when a survey comes out and states “Hispanics support this or that,” who are they talking about? Cubanos see the world much differently than Mexicans. And, we can say the same about Puerto Ricans and Brazilians and very other ethnic group that comes under the umbrella of being a Hispanic. An identity empowers you when you know who you are and what you are. A lack of a positive identity places you under the control of those who have the power to define you!

In general, Mexican-Americans believe in controlling the U.S./Mexico and the U.S./Canadian border. The difference between the reasoning for Mexican-Americans in controlling the border differs dramatically from the reasoning for the Minutemen, who want to control the border. The difference is that the Mexican-American community sees the border issue as an employment issue; they see the border issue in humanitarian terms. As the Pew report rightly stated, “…an overwhelming majority of Hispanics expresses positive attitudes toward immigrants”.

The second issue with the Pew report, which is the part that the anti-immigrant forces have focused onto, is the second part where they went to Mexico and asked the residents if they would go and live in the United States if they had the means and opportunity, and of course the responses were positive. This portion of the survey puts the focus of the immigration issue squarely on the back of the Mexican community and further fuels the racist attack against the Mexican American community as the sole focus of the immigration issue. The immigration issue is much broader issue than a Mexican issue. It includes the Filipinos, Iranians, Japanese, Europeans, Chinese, Africans, etc. Ask any group of people whether they would prefer to live in the USA or in their own land which has no resources for survival.

The survey, by the Pew Hispanic Center, sheds little light on the immigration issues and only serves to fuel the racist, ant-immigrant segment of our country to further attack the Mexican American community with their hatred.

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