Volume XXIX Number 34 August 26, 2005

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Jueves de fotografía en los centros culturales de Tijuana

Proyecto Reacciona Mujer con Furia

Por Luis Alonso Pérez

La cultura fotográfica Tijuanense mostró sus dos caras en los centros culturales de la ciudad el pasado jueves 18 de agosto, al inaugurarse simultá-neamente las exposiciones de dos artistas locales: Roberto Córdoba-Leyva y Sandra Bello. Dos generaciones, cada uno representando una estética y un discurso diferente, aportando diferentes elementos a la comunidad fotográfica de Tijuana.

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La Prensa San Diego on KUSI News TV-9

Closely observing the Minutemen
• The San Diego Legal Observer Coalition is recruiting volunteers to document the activities of anti-immigrant group that will arrive at the border on September 16.
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
During this summer, when the so-called Minutemen arrived at the small border town of Campo, located to the east of San Diego, Hugo Figueroa used to read in the newspapers that legal observers were closely watching the anti-immigrant groups.

Latinos Feel Brunt Of Job-Based Insurance Drop
By Hilary Abramson
If every working California adult is “headed over the cliff” for lack of affordable health insurance, as the co-author of a new statewide study contends, then Latinos will be the first to go.



By Herman Baca
Thirty-five years later, I still vividly remember what happened to me personally and politically in Los Angeles, California on August 29, 1970. Thirty thousand Chicanos from throughout the U.S. marched in the streets to protest and call for an end to the war in Vietnam. A war, much like Iraq today, that was destroying our most precious heritage...our youth. On that day, a police riot ensued and Los Angeles Times Reporter Ruben Salazar, along with citizens Angel Diaz and Lynn Ward were killed. Numerous persons were wounded and hundreds were jailed by the L.A. Police and Sheriff’s Department, including national Chicano leader, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales.  

The Billion-Dollar Campaign Unfolds in the North
The Two Tabascans brought their political campaigns to the northern border states this week. Presidential hopefuls Roberto Madrazo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) toured Baja California and Chihuahua, respectively, gathering thousands of their supporters.

Incógnitas En Las Elecciones México 2006
Las elecciones presidenciales del año próximo en México tienen nuevos condimentos que las hacen muy atractivas. Y muy preocupantes.

Por Eduardo Stanley
A distancia, las elecciones del 2006 en México serán como las anteriores, cuando Vicente Fox se convirtió en el candidato que derrotó al Partido de la Revolución Institucional (PRI), después de 71 años en el poder. En gran medida, el triunfo del Partido de Acción Nacional (PAN) en el 2000 ocurrió gracias al apoyo ciudadano que buscaba un cambio. El mensaje del entonces candidato Vicente Fox era “cambio” y un “alto” a la corrupción.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
¿Latinos contra latinos?
A todos nos pasa, y a los periodistas más. Cuando uno solamente lee los reportes de prensa, generalmente lee la información que el periodista entendió, pero rara vez con el producto completo.

El IFE Exige Mas Dinero Para Organizar La Jornada Electoral Mexicana En Los EU
Por: Luis de la Teja
Ciudad de México. El Presidente del IFE, Carlos Ugalde se contradice al afirmar que el Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) requerirá adicionalmente 2 millones de pesos para celebrar los comicios federales, de los cuales destinaran 400 millones adicionales para organizar la jornada electoral en los Estados Unidos. De 11 millones de pesos que acordó con el Congreso, ahora paso a 12 mil 920 millones para organizar la jornada electoral, en todo el país.

A Taste of the Scholarly Life: Undergrads from across the country present findings at UCSD Summer research conference
One hundred-forty-five undergraduate students from the University of California, San Diego; San Diego State University, Yale, MIT and other campuses from across the county gathered at UCSD recently to present findings from in-depth research studies they conducted individually this summer under faculty mentors.

Teachers lauded at Cuyamaca College tribute
Retired executive honors instructors from half-century ago
EL CAJON – Nostalgia touched Cuyamaca College’s convocation this week, the traditional first meeting for faculty and staff to kick off the new semester.

Cal State San Marcos Sophomore First on Campus to Receive CSU Schoettler Scholarship
Gricelda Brito Alva, a sophomore at California State University San Marcos and a resident of Oceanside, has been selected as a 2005-2006 recipient of the systemwide Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students. Each year, California State University selects 15 students from among the 23 campuses to receive the $5,000 scholarship. Alva is the first student to be selected from the San Marcos campus. She will receive the scholarship in two installments during the academic year.

Fundación Tabgha
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
En Tijuana, la sociedad ha aprendido a realizar cosas grandes con los pocos recursos disponibles, ya sea reduciendo, reuniendo, reestructurando, reusando o reciclando. En parte, gracias a la imaginación de las personas, pero en gran medida, por las profundas necesidades económicas de la comunidad. Se ha hecho normal “hacer algo de la nada”.

In the community, for the community
UCSD Community Pediatrics, a division that offers many innovative health programs for minorities, recently opened new offices in City Heights.
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
The best way for researchers and health educators to serve the public is to be near the people they want to reach out.


Hispanics Support Curbs on Immigration!!!
Not exactly breaking news

For some reason, the fact that Hispanics support curbs on immigration comes as a surprise to some. The fact that not all who are labeled as being Hispanic, are in favor of an open border, is again being seen as some sort of new revelation. This information comes from the Pew Hispanic Center that recently released a survey in which it states “…relatively few Hispanics favor increasing the flow of legal immigration from Latin America and a significant minority, concentrated among native-born Latinos, is concerned that unauthorized migrants are hurting the economy…”

National City Spotlight:
Blight Between the Eyes
By Ted Godshalk
It is starting to look like every place is blighted in someone’s eyes. National City, like many other communities, is wrestling with serious redevelopment issues including eminent domain and the determination of blight. The egregious abuse of power by many cities has been well documented by organizations like The Institute for Justice, CastleCoalition.org, as well as the news shows Sixty Minutes and the PBS News Hour. In past columns I have called for the Redevelopment Corporation (CDC) in National City to be dissolved, with the assets transferred to the financially strapped city government. This hasn’t happened yet. Maybe they’re studying it.

Our Kids are Fighting a War that will Settle Nothing
By Ernie McCray
After reading about an 18 year old marine reservist who paid the ultimate price in Iraq, I now more than ever want our young warriors brought home. I mean, excuse me, but 18 year olds dying trying to liberate people who hadn’t asked to be liberated sickens me.

La Hipocresía de Pat Robertson
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Los comentarios Pat Robertson, fundador de la Coalición Cristiana de América y ex candidato a la presidencia en 1988, en contra del presidente de Venezuela Hugo Chávez, rectifica su carácter fundado en la hipocresía y el cinismo. Robertson dice predicar la palabra de Dios, la hermandad de la gente y la paz en la tierra, pero en el fondo es capaz de darle una puñalada al mejor de sus amigos.

Abusos Y Excesos Policiales En San Diego
Por Carmen Kcomt
A raíz de los sucesos que han acontecido en San Diego, específicamente en las ciudades de National City y Vista, me ha llamado poderosamente la atención, no solo la gravedad de los mismos, sino la forma en como se difunde la noticia, y las propias declaraciones de las partes involucradas.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Bullfight story incomplete
I read your article “What is Bullfighting to Americans, and Americans to Bullfighting?” from August 12, 2005 in La Prensa. While you illustrate the standard favorable description of bullfighting, I was disappointed that the complete picture was conveniently covered in your description.

Notas Politicas:
Logan and Sherman communities gather to address the issues affecting their communities
Who: Barrios Unidos Hoy Organizados (BUHO), a new grassroots organization born from the union of Developing Unity through Resident Organizing (DURO) and Grito de Justicia. These two organizations have collectively worked in the neighborhoods of Sherman and Logan Heights for six years. The goal of this organization is to build leaders that are committed to and engaged in making our communities affordable, vibrant, safe, and healthy.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Exposición Los niños Xi’ui de Las Nuevas Flores
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Existe un lugar en el Estado de Querétaro, en lo alto de la Sierra Gorda, donde el ruido, el tráfico y las luces de la ciudad no han contaminado los campos verdes y deshabitados que nos transportan a un México de otros tiempos. A este sitio se le conoce como Las Nuevas Flores, una de las comunidades más marginadas de la sierra, donde no existen los servicios básicos como luz y agua. Un pequeño lugar habitado por 11 familias del grupo indígena Xi’ui, una de las etnias más desconocidas de México.

Filling in the Gap
By Geneva Gamez
Local artist and UCSD student, Shannon Spanhake, tells us about one of her current projects.

Musican Murphy, more at home in Europe
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Having played alongside the likes of such famed and accomplished musicians and performers as Mick Taylor, Billy Joel, and Phil Collins, Elliot Murphy may just be the most unheralded major artist most music fans have never heard of. His music can be described as a natural and minimalist, post-Dylan poetic rock propelled by driving acoustic and electric guitars and harmonica.

La Creadora del Heavy Nopal Astrid Hadad Presentará un Super Concierto en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Todo mundo en la vida queremos sobresalir de la rutina, por lo tanto, con ésta idea creamos cosas diversas en cualquier actividad a la que nos dediquemos, con el fín de que se nos califique como únicos en nuestro quehacer y nuestra competencia, aunque sea enconada y dura, a fin de cuentas se impone nuestra idea creada.

Matando cabos tan solo para pasarla bien
Comedia mexicana investiga nuevas posibilidades bajo la sombra del gigante
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Jaque y Mudo son los mejores amigos desde la infancia. Vestidos con saco y corbata de ejecutivo medio de empresa grande, los amigos discuten que pueden hacer con el gordo inconsciente y semi desnudo que tienen en el excusado de al lado, mientras realizan las labores destinadas a hacerse en excusados.

Por Latino press services
DVD de la semana
Sin City
La última película del conocido Director Roberth Rodríguez está ahora al alcance de los cinéfilos. Para los que no pudieron verla en el cine, Sin City es una película que ha despertado reacciones extremas y opuestas en la audiencia: muchos la consideran excelente y otros lenta, aburrida y llena de “clichés”.

Olivo Off to a Great Start for the Padres
By John Philip Wyllie
A few weeks down the road the Padres may have an interesting decision to make. If all goes as expected catcher Ramon Hernandez will be fully recovered from his recent wrist surgery and will once again be able to play. The question is, will he?

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Professionals In The Afternoon
A pair of Sundays ago, Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana presented an “afternoon of youth”. While the empresa is to be applauded for giving opportunities to young, unknown toreros, the afternoon opened a can of worms that summarizes one of the biggest problems in Mexican bullfighting, today.

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