August 24, 2001



NOTA PARA LOS POLITICOS: Gloria Torres State/National President sent la palabra out that " For all intents & purposes MAPA as a statewide organization is dead!" Gloria just realized what local ChiPols haven known for a number of years; MAPA is no more than a local Chapter organization without any statewide control or governance! Vatos can't take having a woman tell them what to do and Democratic members don't want Republicans in their organization.


PREGUNTA: Porque (why) not come to the realization that Raza politicos de Califas need an independent statewide organization that shares their particular political outlook. Stop trying to be everything to everybody. You're either fish or fowl (democrats or Republicans). Look at the gringos, each political bent is serviced by their own group.


NOTA: If you don`t like being either Democrat or Republican then form your own party!


MEMO to EDUCATORS: Is it possible there is a correlation between BAD performance in our schools with year-round schedules? (YOU EVER TRY TO STUDY IN THE MIDDLE OF A HOT SUMMER DAY?) ... IF YOU THINK SO, DROP el Jefito a nota on it.


PHEWWWW... Sure glad the apolitical (?) Redistricting fandango is over with. Live with it or sue! Really, now does it matter who your city councilman is? Within two months of being elected to office they will belong to the folks with the big BUCKS... And they could care less about the residents in the district... Just look around... DO YOU REALLY THINK THE COMMON EVERY DAY WORKING PERSON WANTS WHAT San Diego HAS TURNED INTO????


REDISTRICTING COMMISSION SCORE BOARD: A for effort on a hopeless task. F grade to the UNION-TRIBUNE FOR THEIR OBVIOUS EFFORTS TO CONTROL THE OUTCOME TO SUIT THEIR AGENDA. F grade to councilmen (woman) Ware, Inzunza, Fry, & Stevens, for their obvious efforts to control the outcome of the Commission's work. (That's why they took redistricting out of your hands in the first place!)


QUOTE: Sometimes politics is too important to leave it in the politician's hands!


NOTA to DEEP THROAT, who sent El Jefito the information on Sweetwater Union High School District. It is a policy of La Prensa San Diego not to print information of the type you sent without the signature of the writer and where he can be contacted. Please call me at 619-231-2873. Need the smoking gun (i.e. evidence). Your identity will be protected.

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