August 23, 2002


Detention of Middle-Easterners Brings in Doubt Who We Are.

Detention, as being carried out in the war on terrorism, by the Bush administration, is an affront to our sense of Americanism! But, as GWB and the boys deep in the dungeons of the CIA, FBI, and the State Department have forgotten or chose to ignore, WWII and the detention of the Japanese out in the desert encampments brought home just how dangerous life can be in America if you are the wrong color, wrong language, hold different religious values, and dare to oppose the U.S.A. The Japanese detained were not slant-eyed evil Asians from Nippon! They were American citizens!

Chicanos well remember the roundup and detention and finally expulsion of thousands of MEXICAN AMERICANS during the 30’s! Then it was the war on poverty. We hid in the orange orchards so the Migra, Cops, Sheriffs Deputies, and the whole police state apparatus would not find us. Nevertheless they went after us and took our people to the border in cattle cars. No Civil Rights came into play then. That we were born in America and had every right to be in the United States, it made no difference to the Blue shirts of that day.

If you wonder why today’s American Gestapo can herd humans like cattle into filthy pens in Cuba, and elsewhere, and torture them. Look to our not so pure past. These so- called war prisoners, from America’s undeclared war with the Middle-Eastern nations, are provided none of the protections of the international courts, the Geneva conventions, the United Nations much less our own Constitution. These atrocities are occurring solely on the ground that the Administration has a feeling that they did something wrong. However there is no proof, No middle-Eastern nation has declared war on our nation. No war tribunals have been held. You have to have a war between sovereign nations in order to have protection from these institutions. There has been no condemnation of any acts that are supposed to have been carried out. They have no proof except they happen to be of the wrong color, speak a foreign tongue, and dress differently. How long will it be before, we the people of these United States are herded into the dungeons of the FBI or the CIA to disappear for ever like the victims of the Communist revolutions in Russia, China, and the actions of Gestapo, Nazi Germany?

We were proud to be Americans. Now we are not so sure. Everything that made this country different from the rest of the world is being destroyed to the point that we don’t know who or what we are. Are we a peace-loving, humanitarian, nation that holds as it core values the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Are we a country that holds a belief in God and the Christian faith? Or, have we now sunk to the lowest level possible for a nation of human beings?

It is time that WE THE PEOPLE condemn the perilous course that the current leadership of this country has taken. Too much is at stake here to leave it in the hands of the current leadership structure. The fate of our country is at stake.

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