August 21, 1998


Sorry to say it Gente but El Presidente's pecadillos, that has all the dope heads, LSD veterans, marijuana -mota users along with all the 60's losers forget that the President only reflects what our society has turned into in the last 30-40 years. I can hardly wait for the next book that exposes all these "holier-than-thou idiots that are the main callers to the right-wing waco talk show hosts...Hummmmmm, I wonder how many of those that are throwing rocks did the same when General Ike was having fun with his private driver? Didn't seem to bother his running the country. Nor did it keep President Kennedy, from bringing about his Camelot while he dilly-dallied with La Monroe probably in the same closet that Pres. Clinton and Monica.


Rey Monzon, candidate for the Chula Vista Elementary School District, dropped a nota politic to Tezzy saying he changed his mind and is going to run for the 1st district seat rather then the 5th. Current 1st district Trustee is not running for reelection.


Memo to pols running in November: the peak age for voting were between the ages of 55-74.....So, if you want to win, go after the people that bother to vote! Why do you think Trustee Ruth Chapman, Sweetwater Union High keeps winning even though she is in her 90's...Bad news for anyone under 60 running against her.

"prime beef!"

Lt. Gov. Gray Davies KICKED BUTT. STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL LUNDGREN was sweating real sweat in Fresno. The Right-wing voting record of the Governor Pete Wilson along with his anti-people votes in congress made a real target for Gray Davies to attack. The U/T kind of failed to say, what was obvious to all that saw the Fresno debate, the A/G, Lundgren had his butt kicked.


Texas Republic Governor George W. Bush spoke at the National convention of LULAC Gov. Bush did the usual thing; spoke some Spanish, told them how much he loved bilingual Ed., and how he wants to warm up to Mejico. What he didn't tell them is that he is behind the move to turn the Mexican and Mexican American communties of the Sierra Blanca into nuclear waste dump. That will really warm things up!...Only place in the entire state of Texas they can find to bury Nukes....where all the raza lives at!! Gracias Republicans.


In closing La Hermandad Mexicana Nacional based in Orange county has been ordered to pay the government $4.3 million dollars that was suppose to go to their basic adult-education.

Along the same lineas; State LULAC has been ordered to repay $400,000 back to education officials for failing to properly audit funds given to them for education. LULAC has also been stripped of any funding for the coming fiscal year.


You will notice TEZZY is getting more political. As we get closer to the elections this will be the case.

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