August 20, 1999


Viva La Raza,...Viva El U.S.A....Viva El Cenizo Texas! El City Council of El

Cenizo voted to make Español the official language of the City! All City Council meetings will be conducted in Spanish with English translations, by City Ordinance.

Actually the City Ordinance states two things: One, all city business will be conducted in Spanish. Second, all of the city's six employees are forbidden to help the U.S. Border Patrol in catching undocumented immigrants, at risk of getting fired! The town has 1,700 residents virtually all are immigrants, married to an immigrant, or the child of an immigrant!...Ay que los Tejanos... Oh, the town is a hip-hop from the Mexican border and Laredo, Tejas.

NAFTA comes back to bite American exploiters of Maquiladora workers. Las familias of 14 workers killed in a Maquiladora located in Northern Mexico (Villa Hermosa which is 20 miles South of Brownsville, Texas) successfully sued Salent Corp, an apparel manufacturer based in New York, for $30 million in damages! FLASH !!The win sends one big message to all other corporate exploiters THEY CAN BE SUED IN U.S. COURTS FOR INJURIES TO WORKERS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES! (The ever friendly Mexican government sets a maximum of $3,500 that a Maquiladora owner can be sued in a wrongful death case)

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. La Amistad, a Protestant Pentecostal group (mostly Assembly of God members) has joined with the national Traditional Values Coalition (mostly Republican) in opposing all Gay Rights legislation. Pos esta bien except these folks were the foot soldiers for former Governor Pete Wilson in whipping up hysteria on Prop 187 and all the other racist hate filled wedge issues of the past decade.


Dime con quien andas-Y te diré quien eres!


Feeling the heat from Latinos ..Cable net Nickelodeon has established five `fellowship' programs for writers, from culturally and ethnically diverse background

In the networks live action, animated television, and feature film divisions! (Pos does that mean one slot for a Latino, Black, Asian, Filipino & one for an American Indian?????)


It's all in the timing: La Prensa San Diego took an editorial position in its August 13 Friday Edition against Councilman Juan Vargas, San Diego when he announced he was going to run for the 79th Assembly seat. Councilman Steve Padilla, Chula Vista announced on Wednesday August 18th, his intention to challenge Vargas for the 79th Assembly seat, in the Democratic Primary!


Raza Angelinos not to peachy-keen on Assemblyman , Speaker, Antonio Villaraigosa running for Mayor of the City of Angeles. Villaraigosa has been stumbling badly demonstrating his inexperience as a politico. Los politicos tell El Jefito, they don't want to have a Mayor who is going to be in training for four years . Perhaps the Speaker

Should lower his sights and run for the L.A. School Board while he seasons.


Diversity gaining foothold in Catholic church. The Vatican is in the final process of consideration of Mother Henriette Delile for Sainthood. Her cause for can-nonization was first started in 1989. If she is canonized she will be the first U.S. born Black Saint!

Mother Delile is the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family. The Mother House is in New Orleans. Mother Delile was a descendant of slaves. She died in 1862.


En pasando, El Jefe has been informed that La Prensa's story on Rodolfo "El Gato" Gonzales and his Miraculous cure by La Virgen de Guadalupe" has been sent to the Holy See in Rome.


ALOHA Charlie & Angie Vasquez enjoy the beaches of Maui and the big island of Hawaii! National City misses you!


Welcome to San Diego Cuauhtémoc Cardenas. El Jefe de Gobierno de Mexico City who will be here Friday 27th. He will make a public address at Hojel Auditorium at UCSD.

Congratulations to Ray Arvizu, President and CEO of the Phoenix based Arvizu Advertising and Promotions on being named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United STATES Hispanic Chamber of Commerce headquartered in Washington D.C.

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