August 20, 1999

Zero-Tolerance For Weapons and Drugs at Schools

A zero-tolerance policy for weapons, fighting, and the possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco continues at all San Diego City Schools campuses for the 1999-2000 academic year. The policy affects students in middle school (grades 6-8), junior high (grades 7-8 or 7-9) and high school (grades 9-12 or 10-12).

The policy includes an immediate five-day suspension and recommendation for expulsion in the case of any student:

• Bringing weapons on a campus, participating in violent acts, or fighting one time and causing serious injury.

• Fighting for any reason for the third time during the school year.

• Furnishing or selling drugs or alcohol.

• Using or possessing drugs or alcohol for the third time during the school year.

• Using tobacco for the fourth time during the school year.

The policy defines a weapon to include a pistol, replica pistol, starter pistol, dirk, dagger, any size or type of knife, razor, slingshot, explosive, taser, stun gun, racket, brass knuckles, BB or pellet gun. In addition, any object used in a threatening manner, even it if is not normally considered a weapon, will be considered a weapon under the zero tolerance policy.

Schools will keep records of student violations for physical violence, weapons and controlled substances, including suspensions and expulsions. The information will not follow a student after graduation.

A student violating the zero-tolerance policy will receive an alternative educational placement for the period of any expulsion approved by the San Diego City Schools Board of Education. In addition, a student who violates the state penal code by bringing a weapon to campus, using a weapon in a threatening manner, or causing serious bodily injury to another person may be charged, arrested and taken to a county juvenile detention facility or to county jail.

For additional information, please call the City Schools Placement and Appeal Office at (619)293-8420. The City Schools web site is:

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