August 20, 1999

Self Defense or Annihilation?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment II to the Constitution
of the United States of America


It is difficult to admit that perhaps one has been wrong. It is an act of cowardliness or weakness not to face up to that reality. Such is the case in the much debated issue of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution—the right to keep and bear Arms—that was ratified on December, 1791. Our Editorial position has been, in the past, in opposition to the right to bear Arms. That Editorial stance was an emotional response to the unending assaults by the media upon our senses that highlighted each shooting, killing, or maiming of our citizens by irrational citizens, be they angry, drug-laden, psychotic, gang-bangers, thieves, or just outright murderers.

As our means of communication has improved and increased, without question, the country and the world has in fact been placed at our doorsteps, whether we wanted it or not. It may be that, percentage wise, there were as many shootings and killings of our citizens, of any and all ages, in the 1700's - 1800's or 1900's. We just where not aware of the killings. We did not have media reporting from the next hamlet or town much less the entire nation. Now it is instantaneous. It may well be that we have reached a saturation point of our senses and are in sensory overload and unable to rationally analyze the impact of what the logical outcome would be of disarming the law-abiding populace.

It is now evident that the police forces of this nation are unable to protect each and everyone of us at any given time. The United States Armed Forces are prohibited by our same Constitution from acting against internal armed forces such as the KKK, the White Aryan Nation and, in times past, the Black Panthers. The National Guard can only be used in case of a natural disaster during peace time. An outright assault by psychopaths, upon ourselves, families, schools, businesses, homes, etc., we have to depend on the police. We are at the mercy of the armed thugs.

The problem remains who defends us until the police come? Outlawing guns is no answer. The "Outlaws" in our society will always be able to get guns, one way or another. Australia tried it and saw their citizens being slaughtered left and right by the `outlaw' members of their society. They are now in the process of making the bearing of Arms legal again!

The recent racist motivated shootings, in Granada Hills, of Jewish children was the final straw. The gunman stated that the Jewish Recreation Center was not his original target! He chose it as a target of opportunity because his intended target, the Museum of Tolerance of West Los Angeles, was too well protected by civilian armed guards. He went to the Recreation Center BECAUSE IT WAS TOTALLY UNPROTECTED! Would he have dared to attack if there had been armed parents on security detail?

It may be that to protect our liberties it is necessary that everyone possess arms. What should be controlled is the kinds and types of weapons that may be sold to the population at large.

The equation must be changed... We cannot survive with only the "madmen" having weapons and all we have is our fists!

Let us not act in haste and further decimate the ability and the right to defend our lives. We must retain the right and liberty to live our lives free of the fear of the "madmen".

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